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    What is this?

    A channel to mark the ages, or at least to give insight, advice, and an opinion about the games I play.

    • Reviews with The Good The Bad The OMG!
    • First impressions with Gaming Theater.
    • Full game coverage with Now Playing.
    • Holo Call, I dig into the game industry/events. Lots of talking.
    • Skill Shot, achievement based videos. Want to know a way to earn that precious golden trophy, these videos will show you the way!
    • Play Till You Die! Me and friends last as long as possible before swapping control.

    I continue to improve my channel and your experience with every lesson learned! Having volunteered as a writer for Guild Wars Insider and GAMEBREAKER.tv.com while still going to work in the afternoon.
    Tack on college to become a Radiology Technician, I still find time to play, record, stream, and discuss games.
    While games are my passion/hobby I still see movies, actively enjoy working out, chilling with friends/family, and avoiding Murphy's law.
  1. Bioware leads have been working on a secret project rumor to be revealed at E3. Could be "You have been chosen"...
  2. Somehow I thought you mean't weather, like watching an environment have different seasonal changes. I will now sit in the corner for that thought. Carry on.
  3. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Today I give you the review for The Long Journey Home. From Daedalic Entertainment, team known for Deponia and Silence. While they mostly focus on point and click adventures, this time they are taking a chance with a space faring simulation game similar to FTL. Let me know your thoughts on the game and as always, catch you next time!
  4. At the moment I am pretty sure the side characters might be better than the villain lol
  5. I am still waiting for actual game play. We got a lot of pretty videos but no game play. Until then, reserving my judgement.
  6. Love theory crafting, especially in video games. For me, I saw the scrolls as something David made not the Engineers. As to why the Engineers did not attack, may be it has to do with the idea of the ship David used was of the same make and model of an Engineer. They could be a species that has no in fighting or the idea of their own ships attacking is far removed. Hell may be someone went on a bathroom break and forgot to set the auto turrets to shoot on sight. To the idea of why would a person sacrifice themselves if it's not for a military achievement, for science or for the rush. Knowing that your body will take a planet from zero to hero. It's not too hard to think a being would kill themselves to allow their race to observe the effects. In a controlled environment, away from their own planets or ships. Scary idea but may be we are the accidents. What the Engineers used was an attempt to see the effects of a new biological weapon or just a new form of a drug. Lastly, I remember reading an interview with John Logan discussing the ins' and outs' of the alien origin. From what I got, this is the definitive take on the alien.I know we saw Scott say that Promethus is not a prequel to Alien but I am not sure if that holds true now. If it does, it feels like we are seeing another George Lucas coming in to rewrite the past.
  7. We have been given so little information about the sequel that expecting the game to come out this year felt foolhardy. Yes some publishers are getting better with announcing then releasing but Rockstar never. If they need time to make the experience better, go for it. You haven't shown us enough to begin with. Next year will hopefully be massive info dumps up until release.
  8. Oh common Shagger, you just gotta get good lol ;)-
  9. I saw that the game is currently hitting 50% off sales if folks have any interest in saving money.
  10. During the conference did anyone get the vibe of "hey guys we are finally doing what other games are doing"? I am curious how Bungie plans to solve the issues with the first title but damn if what they said doesn't sound like an expansion pack versus a new game.
  11. prey

    Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Today I give you the review for Prey. This is a title similar to System Shock, Bioshock, Dishonored and a little bit of Prop Hunt. For this review I played the game on Playstation 4. Had a number of bugs and really felt torn by this title. Have a look at the review and let me know your thoughts on the game!
  12. This. lol. Look it sounds like you don't enjoy these types of games from the get go. No matter how I discuss my point, you won't enjoy it. That's fine. Yes I made a small mistake with the zone but my comment on what you could have done still rings true. As to your instincts, there is a thing in this world called a feint. :)-
  13. First the area you are in is typically late game. It's an area that you ether have the skill to overcome or the gear/level to overcome. Yes Demon's Souls allows players to choose whichever starting zone they want to go for. This can and most likely caused frustration for players who don't grasp the idea of "try another zone". Some will say that the game gradually gets harder from zone one to zone five, you were in zone five. You could also buy healing items (different variety of grass) from vendors. As to their attack animation, they are designed to be a challenge and an enemy not to be taken so lightly. Meaning some enemies need to be pulled one at a time (body pulling or range attacks). They do have a substantial weakness, the mace. Any blunt damage will destroy these guys fairly easily. It sounds like your idea of fun isn't with the Souls games or games like it.
  14. I would counter your statement. Grass farming in Demon's Souls is fairly easy to do. Typically any enemy that will drop it once will always drop that if your willing to do a few kill runs. In fact that's one of the primary changes made by From Software between Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, reduce the number of available healing items. It can get bad in Demon's Souls where you max all the different variety of healing grass and nothing is dropping you. The other thing is the game allows for back stabs to be fairly easy and easier than Dark Souls series. Did you bother with back stabbing? I take it you don't enjoy the Dark Souls series to begin with lol.
  15. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Today I give you the review for What Remains of Edith Finch. This atmospheric walking simulator is a cut above most in it's genre. Making it a special little game if you haven't heard of it. Check out the review and let me know your thoughts!