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Wade D McGinnis

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    What is this?

    A channel to mark the ages, or at least to give insight, advice, and an opinion about the games I play.

    • Reviews with The Good The Bad The OMG!
    • First impressions with Gaming Theater.
    • Full game coverage with Now Playing.
    • Holo Call, I dig into the game industry/events. Lots of talking.
    • Skill Shot, achievement based videos. Want to know a way to earn that precious golden trophy, these videos will show you the way!
    • Play Till You Die! Me and friends last as long as possible before swapping control.

    I continue to improve my channel and your experience with every lesson learned! Having volunteered as a writer for Guild Wars Insider and GAMEBREAKER.tv.com while still going to work in the afternoon.
    Tack on college to become a Radiology Technician, I still find time to play, record, stream, and discuss games.
    While games are my passion/hobby I still see movies, actively enjoy working out, chilling with friends/family, and avoiding Murphy's law.
  1. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis! Today I give another weekly episode of Holo Call. This week I talk about Twitch Affiliate program, why I stopped reviewing Nier Automata, Friday the 13th release date, and why Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 think's it's okay to have a five minute load time. Are you excited for Twitch making steps towards non-partner streamers, are you ready to chase teenagers as a masker serial killer, or do you think shorter in-game loads make up for longer overall ones? Check out the video below and let me know your thoughts.
  2. Happy dance!
  3. Still waiting for Terry to announce his new role as Doomfist. Blizzard has to do it now.
  4. Guess I'll have to wait till the game goes on sale. Not much for PvP. Damn....
  5. yooka laylee

    Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis! Tonight I give you the review for Yooka Laylee, the kickstarted 3D platformering game by ex-Rare members. This has been an interesting week due to the amount of platformers I don't normally play. And being someone who didn't drop the coin down for this during the kickstarter, I think I might be reaching for another genre (having come off the open world genre). As usual, let me know your thoughts on Yooka Laylee, was it everything you wanted or did it miss the mark? And in case I don't see you, as always, catch you next time!
  6. If I remember he first made a PC to play with his son. He then started to get into more gaming because of that. I would say the first one then
  7. Excited but been hearing mixed reports about the single player campaign. A number of reviewers seem to brush it off as just an expanded tutorial for the multiplayer.
  8. Do yourself a favor and play those. The story telling elements exceed anything from Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
  9. But here is the thing have you played Fallout and Fallout 2??
  10. If your looking for a group to play with, say that. Not help. I imagine you can find some folks here. If it's a technical problem with your PC, then state that in the forum brother.
  11. review

    Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Tonight I bring you the review for The Sexy Brutale. An indie game where you must stop multiple murders from occurring. To help you is the power to restart the day. Think Majora's Mask had a baby with Clue and classic adventure titles. As usual, let me know your thoughts guys and gals!
  12. I want to hope this is more in line with Dark Souls but it could easily be a Monster Hunter style game if it's from the behind God Eater.
  13. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis and this morning I bring another episode of Holo Call. A weekly series where I dicuss gaming news, entertainment and sometimes games I have been playing. This week I talk about Germany requiring a license to stream, Brash Games a review site is in hot water after having their shady business practices revealed, and Bandai Namco has a new IP (more news came out today about the game title Code Vein, a dungeon exploration type hard action RPG) that looks to be a souls like. Should big streamers be required to have a license? Are you looking forward to a new IP from Bandai Namco? Are we surprised to see a gaming website act scummy?As usual, let's have a discussion below.
  14. snake pass

    Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Tonight I give you the review of Snake Pass. A 3D platformer with a unique twist on the genre. Let me know your thoughts on the game and whether we have a resurgence of 3D platformers on our hand?
  15. So happy for this! Has the potential to kick off a new IP with just Chloe! Woot!