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  1. logitech g35 Or Wireless Logtiech G930
  2. looks like Playstation I love playstation 10/10
  3. So today Ea released the Commander App for android tablets(dont know about ios). And it works.....but crashes sometimes just like BF4 Ea what The Fuck https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ea.game.warsawcommander_row
  4. Iam a PC and a Playstation guy.... right now iam playing with my ps3 and my Ps vita but my ps2 and psp are still alive
  5. As long as ppl spend money on microtransaction developers/publishers will put it in every game
  6. So Judging by the eye color i'd say the blond one is the male
  7. probably the same time it will come for the new gen consoles
  8. That's why i will not buy it on launcher in Europe
  9. Correct
  10. LoL has such a huge fanbase and alot of people spent alot of money on it so i dont think that bilzzards MOBA will surpass LoL
  11. Yeah Digital Copies should be cheaper
  12. MGS V - Watch Dogs - Uncharted 4
  13. Am i the only one who likes google+ ....
  14. i take 5