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  1. Then you must know how insane it is when others pay NOTHING on digital goods!
  2. As a supported who's financed Telltale since they left Lucasarts, I can say that JP was their only flop. Now look at how vast their library is. Play BONE. Sam and Max. BTTF. Walking Dead. Wolf Among Us. Wallace And Gromit. Can you honestly tell me they fucked up aside from Jurassic Park? I reckon Jurassic Park was their beta for mechanics used in Walking Dead and Wolf Among. One shonky* game to make three AMAZING ONES? Sound like a bad deal? ( * - so-so, kinda okay, kinda bad [Aussie slang] )
  3. Be aware I say the above as a DIE HARD FAN who loves everything about the ME universe. They drove a wild three game race through a winding road, impressive driving, then hit a small tree next to the finish line and killed the engine dead. (And proceeded to slowly replace the V12 engine with a Volkswagen engine to cross the finish line with the Extended Cut version of ME3.) The EC edition fixed a lot, but that first ending was the first I saw, made no sense, and seared into my brain. (I haven't bothered with Citadel DLC. I want to, but it's still burnt in that part of my gaming love.)
  4. Mass Effect 1 and 2 got it right because everyone kept each other in check. Even when EA paid the bills for ME2, they all kept each other in check. Then Drew got fired, they only had one writer on the endings ripping off Matrix [Reloaded?] (it's on his notes! Ripped off Matrix to make people talk like spreading wildfire about it!) to make people think it was all mysterious instead of writing an AMAZING SERIES OF ENDINGS, ALL UNIQUE... They REALLY need to get back to basics dev team wise. At least back to ME2 dev team basics. Or it'll just result in another game full of ME3 ending level fuckups.
  5. For those who listen to HOLLYWOOD BABBLE-ON: AIRRRRRR TAAAAAAIIIIIIIIII-GHT! (If you don't, try it out. Kevin Smith and talented actor Ralph Garman hosting Hollywood news podcast in parody/satire/fun shows weekly. Often bring up washed up hacks like Lohan, Kardashian, Bieber, etc to poke at them.)
  6. Bumping this thread to let you know if you don't have it (or your mates don't - YET ) Just Cause 2 is presently $2.99! JUST CAUSE 2 STEAM SALE at $2.99! Whole collection set on same link for $5.99! (JC, JC2, etc.)
  7. Anyway, we're getting WAY off topic. The main point should be: IF THE STORY AND GAMEPLAY ARE PERFECTLY INTACT then OTHER CONTENT ISN'T THAT BAD TO LOSE. Example in point: Saints Row IV. I've now completed it, and the superhero drugs would have made little sense in that world (except as a Matrix Red Pill/Blue Pill gag - more than enough Matrix riffs in the game already). The arse probe also was a bit much, funny, but pointless. Should it be removed? NO. Does it impact gaming heavily if we lose it? NO. Should we have the freedom to have a fully intact piece of media as grown adults? YES. (But within reasonable limits - present limits are insanely tight and restrictive!)
  8. Possibly Mormons. I'm not entirely sure.
  9. Where Dubya can be President two years longer than if he was our Prime Minister instead? (3 year terms here.)
  10. Logitech M510. Affordable but not cheaply constructed, takes two AA batteries (which will apparently last 2 years per charge!) and is wireless! Damn good mouse.
  11. Another classic, if you like Weird Al Yankovic and DIDN'T know that he MADE A MOVIE (funny one at that!) with MICHAEL "KRAMER" RICHARDS, FRAN "THE NANNY" DRESCHER and other recognizable talents before they were MASSIVELY famous, SEE UHF! ( UHF (1989) starring "Weird" Al Yankovic! ) [iframe width=640 height=360 src=//www.youtube.com/embed/mZHoHaAYHq8?feature=player_detailpage frameborder=0 allowfullscreen][/iframe] It's his only film to date, but don't see that as a sign of quality! Channel Awesome hosts mine the movie for quick clips ALL THE TIME! Example: [iframe width=640 height=360 src=//www.youtube.com/embed/qileP4bAzek?feature=player_detailpage frameborder=0 allowfullscreen][/iframe]
  12. You're a cop, the city is under alien attack, the army* gets delayed for AGES, then this clown shows up barking orders?! [iframe width=560 height=315 src=//www.youtube.com/embed/DFMY99NXOgc frameborder=0 allowfullscreen][/iframe] Yeah, okay, not a clown after all! This always gets a chuckle from me. Joss' finest movie thus far! (And technically his SECOND directed movie!) ( * =Yes I know it's the National Guard. Do any Americans know what ASIO is? ANZAC? Thought not.)
  13. ...and how many packs can boast the game on DVD, music on CD, T-Shirt, Art Book and...A REAL CONDOM? (For comedic purposes only. I think they deliberately chose small based on Larry! Oh and the pack says it has a "breathable mesh". XD )
  14. I'm curious just how much you know about this issue, being from the US according to the AJSA flag. But yes, ACB are full on when it comes to censorship, despite blokes like me and Shaminar fighting since damn near 1993 when R and X existed briefly, then got revoked (see issue #2 of HYPER>> magazine). (Scan would be bigger, but 500kb limit. NOT limited on my Facebook group Mature Gaming Australia . The bigger image is here.)
  15. That's because the BBFC is a totally different ratings system to the ACB. It's up to both bodies to decide. Also, PAL games, UK or AU, work on either machine, UK or AU. Why waste cash reprinting when you can do one lot and save 50% of DVD/BR printing costs?