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Everything posted by zawisz

  1. I'd go with Drack He is exactly how a Krogan should be
  2. I'd love Joe to review this cause I really need some help to decide if I buy this or not.
  3. I'm ok with as long as there will be something that represents character development like charisma, knowledge etc. that will allow some dialogue options, which would be unavailable/unsuccessful without meeting some requirements.
  4. I only played the game like ~20h right after release and I do not know if anything changed since then, but at that moment it was garbage. It was fun for about 2h until you left the first planet and got to the 2nd one. Because that was the amount of content the game had. Since the 2nd planet and the flying cube (don't remember what the name was) the game repeats itself over and over. Also, I find it disturbing that you use the demo to show the graphics as it doesn't have a lot to do with the final product. I'm not saying it's that terrible but with performance all around the place and repeatable planets it's something that I enjoyed far shorter than I should. To sum it up, I might buy the game in few years if they are willing to put some more effort in what I would consider a demo rather than a full product.
  5. Well I still hope they will create some expansions later I would definitely buy few more if the same quality as the 2 for W3
  6. I completely forgot about the Edge of tomorrow. It was good. The same goes for Battle Royale. These were so good that I forgot they originated from mangas
  7. I'm pretty sure I've seen information that the Witcher movie is in the works.
  8. Well, I have yet to see a good live action adaptation of manga/anime. This one weill be garbage as well, I have not doubt.
  9. Well, there goes my hope it's gonna be at least an ok movie. I don't usually check metacritic but I had a look: Warcraft - IMDB - 7, metacritic -32 and the movie sucked Assassin's Creed - IMDB - 8,4 (so far), metacritic - 37 Somehow even Prince of Persia has 50 on metacritic (which I think is unjust as it was just terrible) so I guess that I will wait until AC is on DVD
  10. So I just found this analysis and I'm got more interested in what's coming next
  11. So I will say what I have already discussed with some of my friends. I think that the trailer is weak and if that wasn't Kojima nobody would give a damn. I'm starting to wonder if they haven't given him too much freedom and money and he tries to check how far he can go. I'm guessing that the next trailer will be similar because the story is flat as a pancake. I might be wrong, and I'd love to be wrong but I'm afraid that we will have to wait for E3 2017 to verify that.
  12. I still can't believe that so many people are saying that ME3 endings made them hate the series or lose trust in it. Seriously? The series have been brilliant so far and even though the endings might have been better the journey leading to them was one of the best ever. The gameplay looks quite good. Seems the combat will be more action packed than previous ones. I'm wondering how managing the whole team will be sorted out with this level of action.
  13. If I ever play it probably it will be on the lowest difficulty level cause the actions battle system in JRPG are just always so shitty. This one sadly doesn't look any different from what we've seen in the last couple of years
  14. I think it will depend on financial results rather than on anything else
  15. You can find the file below (for Windows 7) C:\Users\User Name\Saved Games\Arkane Studios\dishonored2\base It should be called dishonored2Config.cfg
  16. I played it a bit yesterday and the only time when the frame rate drops a bit are huge areas. Not always, mind you, but from time to time. Playing on ultra with GTX 970 and I have not encountered any problems, which people tend to have with this game. It is weird. UPDATE: I have just installed newest NVIDIA drivers and cannot play Dishonored anymore... After the initial screen everything goes black and I have to kill it from task manager. Downgraded the drivers did not help and other relatively new games (i.e. Titanfall 2) are working fine. Just briliant UPDATE2: I was able to fix this by removing the configuration file from my windows profile
  17. Actually I think that's enough for me The less I know about who will be in the team the better experience when I finally have the game
  18. I cannot recall anything like this so the explanation will be that it was so secret that only a handfull of people new about it (like to Council, who, let's be honest, were not really the kind of to share information). If you would encounter a good breakdown. I've checked few of them already but they do not talk about a lot of stuff (like why the call they ecouncter something that looks like a Reaper? O_0 0
  19. I decided to order Titanfall 2 instead of COD although I was looking forward to the campaign. Hope that this was a good decision as I have watched some of the COD multiplayer including Joe's and I wasn't impressed.
  20. I actually like the explanation from the timeline as it does in fact make a lot of sense. One of the things I am curious about is the moment in the trailer where you can see the destroyed/uninhabited planet and hear: 'Welcome back.' Is it just to emphasize that they are awake after the travel (the voice seems to be some kind of AI) or will they go back to Milky Way just to find it wiped out of life? I gues it's the former but still, I need to find a good analysis video later I am so pre-ordering this. And I have already had a discussion with some friends on how I should not pre-order anything. There are franchises that I am still willing to pre-order and this is one of them. It will be so tough to wait until it is realeased
  21. I'm still a bit on the fence with this one. Few of my friends got it and I've heard some positive things about how they are enjoying it so far. The last COD I bought was MW2 I think but the new one is getting me really interested because SPACE I will probably wait until COD arrives, see the reactions and decided then.
  22. Big ME fan and can't wait for N7 Day - those teasers aren't helping I believe in this series and it has never let me down so far. I will miss Shepard but I hope there will be references to previous games.
  23. So it seems. Well, not gonna bother then
  24. Well, is it free for PC version owners? It shows me that in order to get it free, I have to buy all of the DLCs which means another 45$...
  25. In all honesty for me this year was pretty weak so far. I only play on PC now and I guess that the only game I really enjoyed was Blood and Wine. I have still not played a lot of the 2016 games which I might like (e.x. Doom, new Deus Ex) and there are still games I have yet to be released but I think that 2015 was much better.