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    Lake Elsinore
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    Drawing,Designing,Playing Video Games
  1. The game That I remember that made my childhood and just made me smile and had fun with alot.... playing with my brother back in the day Was "Mario Kart" that game was just perfection in every way playing with my brother
  2. I guess I should put what was the perfect game for you even with the little things u didnt like ha
  3. The Game That didn't Disappoint at all not even a little bit lover every thing about it The Past game will be SUPER MARIO WORLD Modern Game It has to be Batman Arkham City
  4. My Original Mask Drawing

    From the album My Drawings/Designs

    My original drawing
  5. Nightmare before Christmas

    From the album My Drawings/Designs

  6. My Anime Drawing

    From the album My Drawings/Designs

    My favorite animes drawing
  7. My favorite theme song is PROTOMAN from the Megaman series
  8. 4real you didn't like Dante's inferno
  9. The worse game n that I thought was going to be good was Dragonball z Ultimate Tenkaichi I was shock how bad that game was I should done research on first but I didn't my mistake and $60 bucks down the drain ha
  10. For me Megaman X Donkey Kong Country Yoshi Island Super Mario RPG Kirby Super Star
  11. I just heard capcom is releasing another STREET FIGHTER 4 game called "ULTRA SF4" like wtf why do they keep doing that?
  12. I just heard capcom is releasing another STREET FIGHTER 4 game called "ULTRA SF4" like wtf why do they keep doing that?
  13. Yeah i post this topic twice by ancident lol newbie here ha
  14. I was excited that their bringing back KILLER INSTINCT and that got me thinking what would be a really great game to make a come for me will be Earth Worm Jim , Megaman X , conkers bad fur day, or captain commando