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  1. hey i have CS source and GO so ya add me up
  2. add me on steam GreenShell
  3. hey i got chivalry and the deadliest warrior pack if anyone else has it i would like you to play with me and add me on steam c:
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frEPeNfSkO4 Is this the same ppl ? cuz i listen to are from this guy uploading them but he got rid of rider amazon which sounds god like on metal
  5. omg that was also sad as hell he saved him and died poor whalemonster
  6. was so sad when battle hopper died ;_;
  7. i have no clue where to find them but there was awesome metal versions of each of their opening songs someone made on youtube but i can't find them anymore
  8. for some reason i like hibiki but at first when i saw it , it didn't look like a kamen series
  9. o and more of them only in japan though
  10. japan has a ps2 or ps1 game for rider 1 and 2
  11. never really understood that one i saw a clip didn't look all great i do prefer the older ones
  12. love his helmet and insect freakn heracross
  13. really wanna know if anyone knows them and what is ur fav one
  14. the legend of dragoon great classic kingdom hearts fun to play asura's wrath great sound track and fun to play red dead cuz you gotta love cowboys
  15. they do have alot of games but 13 needs to go away