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  1. Because awesomenauts is a great game and i dount have enough money to get it right now.
  2. would love to try Defiance
  3. i am currently a pc gamer when i finish with university and get a job i might get a console
  4. never been a fan of the Kinect lets just w8 and see wat happens
  5. it looks awesome
  6. Honestly, I believe that a game should be finished before it's shipped and sold its getting retarded no Rome 2 BF4 Batman the list keeps on going .
  7. why why why it looked like a great game
  8. A friend played it on the ps3 and from what i saw it was awesome .
  9. Well as a veteran moba player i think that Heroes of the storm will be allot better than LoL cuz the gamplay is all about TEAMPLAY you need 2 play as a team 2 win and its a blizzard game so yea
  10. it looks great
  11. try it its fun if you are a fighting game fan its a must buy
  12. Hearthstone is great add mr if you want aleksbg#2928