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  1. So much stuff to improve over Skyrim. The massive shallow pond of barely any good stories and a boring combat system. No suprise that they do make a new one though. It makes massive amounts of money.
  2. "Wasted" the whole weekend with this game. I am completely in love with it and the soundtrack is outstanding.
  3. I have now played a few minutes of it and it feels soooooo uninspired which is really sad....
  4. I surely hope they never ever reveal that. It is part of what makes Joker Joker and honestly I never want to know.
  5. And the 30fps lock on PC does not make any sense what so ever. Weirdly enough I do have a small interest in the new movie. It might be stupid fun even though bay has his filthy producer hands in it.
  6. Haven't played it but heard from several friends that sadly platinum did nothing with this one. Boring and repetitive were mostly used.
  7. Enterprise got really strong in the end when they had nothing to lose and I wish it got another season to be honest. It started off very rocky and the crew didn't grow at all but the same could be said for my fav. TNG. The first season there was also all over the place.
  8. It's mostly to prevent a DDOS of the serverfarm... they have a massive target on their back right now.
  9. As a Trekie this makes me happy. I've heard bits and pieces here and there but seeing is believing.
  10. Just 4 concerts in 7 days. Not that I planned that to happen but oh well.
  11. My concert monster week comes to an end with Muse thise evening: Saturday I watched Long Distance Calling, Sunday Pelican and monday Hanz Zimmer. Hanz Zimmer has to be one of the best concerts I've ever seen.
  12. Yeah Roadhog works great against him. Just a hook and he is gone. I had a small issue that when I hooked someone and placed a shot at their chest right after it seemed that I barely hit them. Quite annoying.
  13. Ah found it: TwistedChi #2596
  14. Don't know my BattleNet Tag by heart and I am at work right now. Played it yesterday for like 7 hours non stop. I haven't had this much fun with a multiplayer game in years. The great thing is that even when you are not the perfect 360noscope guy there are plenty of heroes to play that work without pointy/shooty mechanics.