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  • Birthday 07/27/1996

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    Zekachu Lee
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    Zekachu Lee

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    Games, Books, Martial Arts, Not Studying, Hot Cheetos, being an everyday Hero.
  1. Anyone hyped for this game? Got that nice poster when I preordered too! Post what console if you're getting it!
  2. I think the PS 4 will drop maybe a couple tens. Good games don't drop prices for a year or a couple so i wouldn't be too optimistic but it's realistic to expect a drop.
  3. Fire emblem. It always has an amazing story with some of the most lovable characters and tactics. Be warned though, except for the newest one, all fire emblem games are difficult for most.
  4. 1. Code Geass 2. Guren Lagaan 3. Sword art online 4. Attack on titan 5. Gargantia, on the verdurous planet
  5. Are alienwares good computers that are a little too pricey or are they over-glorified pieces of shi- Anyway. Provide a good argue meant to back it up. Nothing too fancy, just don't act like a COD 6 year old
  6. Are these administrators or just members who have good standing?
  7. I think I'm going to stick with it until price drops or the glitchy new software is patched up. I'll be playing skyrim and other new games for the xbox.
  8. Elementry- Pokemon!!, High school- dude are you really playing pokemon? College- POKEMON!!,
  9. Does this forum talk about games in general or do iPad games and Nintendo 3DS games count as well. Thanks-
  10. Halo was my childhood and teenagehood. (Word doesn't exist but whatever.)
  11. I look forward to being part of this promising community. I live in America and like fighting games along with shooting and strategy games. Favorite games: Halo series, Skyrim, Fire emblem, ark ham series, Deus ex human revolution. Would like to play: battlefield 4, every other cool game.