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    As I said, I'm a gamer. Not a 'PC gamer' or a 'console gamer' I don't much care what platform I play on. And it really annoys me when people try to claim one platform is superior to all overs, so as you can guess I really dislike this whole "Glorious PC master race" BS. If you're a PC gamer, that's fine, just don't try to make yourself out to be some kind of god amongst gamers around me, it's the fastest way to loose all respect from me.

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  1. Games are big enough for everyone, and if a challenging game like Cuphead has an 'easy mode' for less skilled players to enjoy it, then more power to them. It's all optional, after all.
  2. You could also go into how part of the issue here was that a lot of media outlets will bull rush to get an article up first before they have all the facts. I've seen some articles that had "ANNOUNCEMENT!" in the title only for the article to read "More to come soon".
  3. As an Australian, can I take this opportunity to mention something that bothers me whenever a game is banned in my country and it becomes a big thing? As I said before, depictions of rape are about the only thing we actually ban (Or more accurately refuse rating classification meaning it isn't legal to commercially sell in the country) so whenever I see people making articles and such and so fourth I can't help but also notice the group of people with the usual "Why is it banned it's not that bad" etc etc counter argument. Insert standard SJW essay here. But more than that is when the publisher or developer capitalises on it and starts marketing the game as the edgy "The game Australia didn't want" like Saints Row did a while ago. Which just makes the idiots who don't understand the implications of the issue act more like twats. Just annoys me when my country gets used for something as cheap as that.
  4. Depictions of rape is pretty much the only thing games get refused classification here. And after reading what happens in the blocked scene, I'm not surprised. That sounds fucking twisted.
  5. I started painting minatures as a hobby, but if I ever wanted to I'd consider playing. I've mostly been painting Deadzone miniatures but I got a Blood Angels tactical squad a few weeks ago but I've only painted up one of them so far. Once I finish my Enforcer army I'll take more pics of them. Anyway, here's that Blood Angel I finished, my first ever Warhammer model (pretty happy with how it turned out) and my Enforcer Captain, which I repainted because it was the first model I ever painted and I didn't like how it looked so I soaked it in Dettol and repainted from the ground up.
  6. Hardline happened. No seriously, Battlefield 4 took an entire to be playable, Hardline got torn to shreds by critics and players alike, so someone high up must have thought "Maybe.... if we make a finished game and sell it?". And then Battlefield 1 happened. And that's where babies come from.
  7. They wont, because that's not what publishers do. Don't expect to EVER see Scalebound ever again, unless MS and Platinum strike up another deal. Sorry to be that guy, but it's true. Publishers would rather horde the rights to every game they can get their hands on than let someone else use those rights to make the games, even if it's the rights to long running franchises.
  8. It's a shame, I wont lie. I don't like to see any game get cancelled. A cynical mind could assume it was cancelled because it wasn't generating enough interest from the 14 year old teen market that MS loves to chase, but I think Platinum posted a statement basically saying Microsoft were demanding too much out of the project for the amount of money they were willing to fund the game with, so Platinum just gave up and called it off.
  9. Weren't there people who actually tried that and got sued by the publishers who owned the rights to those dead games?
  10. I think what it needs to do is just be another really fleshed out well written Rockstar game. That's all I can think of.
  11. FFXV took so long to make because Square can't bother actually finishing it's games before announcing new ones and starting work on them. I think FFXV went through something like two name changes between it's announcement god knows how long ago and it's release. Because that's what Square does, they announce games they don't actually make them. Like how last year at E3 they basically said "yeah, we announced Kingdom Hearts 3 a year ago but we've only now just started developing it. Also here's some concept art that'll totally be a finished game by next year". And Last Guardian took so long because it was effectively cancelled for years. Don't ask me why, but it pretty much was. And the only reason they actually released it is because there was still a huge amount of demand for the game.
  12. I HOPE the fan reception for Fallout 4 will positively effect the next Elder Scrolls (y'know, when they're not too busy making expansions for that MMO no one plays anymore). Like, yeah, Fallout 4 was a massive financial success, but I don't think there's ever been a Bethesda RPG that made so many people feel disappointed as worst, and meh at best. Let's not pull punches here, the dialogue system was fucking awful, and the fact so much of the game was rebuilt around it was a poor decision (Removing skills specific dialogue so skills had to be removed ect) but the game's writing was fucking crap too. You can literally count all the missions that aren't just "go to this place and kill everything" on one hand, all the slightly memorable ones anyway. And don't even get me started how the main story just forgets a major detail it had been building up for one of the factions through out the entire game until you actually meet them. I actually don't hate the crafting, because if I was in a wasteland, yeah I'd probably build shit too. Certain aspects could have been handled a lot better though, like how traders become borderline pointless because you just need to scavenge for literally anything you could ever want to buy. But for the most part, building your own communities was fun, if a little tedious. Really, if anything, Fallout 4 has basically taught Bethesda they have to bring their A game next time, they can't just announce it and then kick it out the door as soon as possible because assholes on their comment sections keep spamming them with "Fuck off, Elder Scrolls 6". They've gotta make the game play fun (not too hard for them) and they've gotta make sure the writing for both the main story and the side quests is top notch. The writing is where they've gotta focus above all else.
  13. Alien Isolation still gives me that intense panicy feeling. And there's still parts of Doom 3 that creep me out.