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  1. Hello everyone, today I have some great news for all of you Star Citizen fans: Recruitment for the AJSA Organisation is now open! If you want to join us for the Dogfighting Module, reply to this thread with your SC handle. We will then invite you through the organisations system as soon as we can to make sure you're all set to join us for some fun pew pew in DFM! You can now send invites to the org so send us a application to join the organisation and we can do that as well still post in the thread Once you're done with that, there are a few other things you can do while waiting - enlist your ship in our fleet composition thread, share your suggestions and ideas on the general preparation thread or join the discussions in the SC subforums. For those of you who do not yet know me, I joined the initial AJA outfit on Planetside 2 in 2012 and have since been made an officer for that game. Since I'm pretty far into the endgame over there though, I have decided to transfer to Star Citizen to support Mort in the preparations and in anticipation of the impending DFM release. Looking forward to seeing you guys in game later (hopefully) this month! Side effects of being around me for too long include, but are not limited to, slight but permanent feelings of dread discomfort, getting banned yelled at, and/or developing various disturbing, violent or autodestructive habits.
  2. You know what to do, I'll start.
  3. EDIT: OUR LARGEST GROUP CURRENTLY IS ON There have been threads on this game before, but unfortunately they have been very short-lived. Here's a new one. What is LiF? Here are some key features: The map size is 9km² map for private servers, 441km² map for official servers. Currently, only private servers are available. The server size is limited to 64 for private servers and is planned to be 10.000+ for official servers. There are 30 skills. They are subdivided into several main branches (Metal, Wood, Witchcraft/Healing, Terraforming, Housekeeping and Utility). To begin learning another skill of a branch, you must have a certain level of the preceding ones. For example, to begin Bowcrafting, you need a sufficient Carpentry (30), Logging (60) and Forestry (90) level. As such, specialisations are mid- to long-term goals. Skill subfeatures include Arts (Painting), Piety (Teleportation), Healing and Demolition (Siege weapons). Crafting is in-depth and gathering is a large part of the game, very similar to Minecraft and DA:I. Production chains and logistics are essential for any group. Combat is non-target and has a ton of potential. Think Chivalry/War of the Roses combat mechanics in an MMO. This is one of the features that currently feel a little clunky and need refinement. Building is as freeform as it gets. Better looking than RUST and more flexible and varied than in ArcheAge, LiF offers unique Construction projects. Combined with Minecraft-esque terraforming options, players can create towns and cities of their own, anywhere in the world and in any way they want. Also, forests actually grow if left to their own devices! Hunger is very well fleshed out, including meal complexity, starvation and unique recipes. Death has serious and meaningful drawbacks; not only will you drop most items on your person, you will also randomly lose skill progression. Wounds do not only cause you to periodically lose HP, but also weaken your attacks. Weight limitations and encumbrance play a role; the stronger your char is, the more he will be able to carry. Weapon effectiveness, instead of being limited to a handful types and then scaling through rarity, depends on player skill, actual skills, their length, crafting quality and weight. Your primary stats influence individual skills: http://lifeisfeudal.gamepedia.com/Stat. An alignment system punishes criminals by inflicting harsh skill loss penalties upon death. An intricate guild and standings system will provide special priviledges to land-holding factions. Keeping all this in mind, the game is still in Alpha stage. This does not mean, however, that the features are largely incomplete. Almost all of the above features are already in-game. The devs are currently working on adapting the current code for the official servers and extending the content. Thus, the purchase price of $20-$35 (depending on source) is well justified. Here are some example videos that you might or might not have seen: Why am I telling you all this? I believe this game has the potential to become an official AJSA game, moreso than the current MMOs on the list. Without having played in many of the guilds, I believe it's fair to say that the MMORPG guilds of the AJSA are pretty much dead. This is either because the games offered little late-game incentives (SWTOR), were just a flop in general (ESO), were completely mismanaged (AA) and similar reasons. LiF does things a little different. It's designed from the ground up to be a long-term sandbox, similar to EVE online and Star Citizen. Other games (RUST, 7DTD) have made similar approaches but are nowhere near as complete, MMO-worthy or involved as LiF. This is a game into which we can pour our potentially huge resources and create something unique; something that amounts to more than raids and stats. ArcheAge promised these things but did not deliver, LiF has the perfect systems already running. The plan MMO release is many months off. This means ample time to begin practicing and building up a player base. If enough people are interested, I'd begin by forming an AJSA faction on an existing private server, then possibly move over to one owned by the AJSA, if enough interested players exist. There, we would be free to plan bases, castle layouts, production chains, command structure, combat techniques and get an idea for how an actual game guild could be organised come release. When that day comes, we'd be prepared and ready to jump right in. With a carefully planned, robust structure, I believe that we could make a name for ourselves as the leading faction on the official servers. Requirements Currently, this is a non-official project I'd like to take on. If it does grow into something considerable, who knows what will happen? Right now, there are no requirements to join except owning the game. Anyone is welcome and I believe there already is a group of AJSA members playing the game. Let's get those people together and start our own faction! TL;DR: Please post ITT if you'd be interested in playing LiF with the AJSA.
  4. Hello everyone, I noticed we've got some posts up discussing ideas for possible structure ideas: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/12648-angry-army-organization-structure/ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/10310-ajsa-sc-organization-poll/ I've been working on a spreadsheet myself, but only very few people have seen it thus far. As it is, it is too early to set things in stone, but some ideas seem pretty well designed, so I'll sum things up here. This will be a mix of discussing the leadership and organisational structure, possible branches, as well as some rudimentary design on awards, ranks and unit naming. First of all, the following must be considered: We don't know how big organisations will grow yet. The Goons have around 330 men, 1.500 ships and about 30 Idrisses.So far, we've got around 200 members signed up for DFM in 600 ships: LinkageAdjusting for inactives and new members, it is probably safe to assume that that number will be a solid baseline.ESO saw a massive influx of players, with us opening a handful of guilds to accomodate everyone. A rough estimate would be around 750 players (Thanks Bast!). With SC being a similarly (if not more) anticipated game, that would be the general ballpark to expect as a minimum, which means there must be space for at least 750 members in all our considerations.There will be dead weight fanbois.The biggest ships available at launch will be the Idris, the Javelin and the Bengal. The largest confirmed MAX crew per ship is 10 for the Idris. It seems reasonable to assume that the leap from 4 (Constellation, a sub-K) to 10 (K, FF) is a sign for further crew size increases. However, SC focuses on small-scale fights, leaving a rough estimate of 20 for the Javelin (DD), 30 for CLs, 40 for CAs and CVs and around 50 for BBs.Small-scale fights probaly also mean that we shouldn't be planning to have more than 100 people in the same area at once. For now.Economy and trade have been discussed here and there. So far we know about Voxel-based mining, fuel mining, industry and trading. Industry will be done through managing planetside (confirmed) factories and trade will be limited to buying from and selling to NPCs as far as I know.People won't do exclusively one thing all the bloody time. Hasn't happened in traditional MMOs, definitely hasn't happened in EVE, which is as similar as it gets to SC ATM, whether people like it or not.It will be possible to capture stations in the PU. So, without further ado, this is what I have: Possible Branches As far as branches go, these come to mind: Command, Military, Freelancing, BH, Mercenary work, Scouting and Exploration, Infiltration, Industry, Logistics, Trade, Mining. As some of these will probably be more attractive than others, I was thinking about merging and condensing them, more on that below. Structure 1 This idea is based on condensing the branches into Military, Auxiliary and Commerce Divisions: Military: Main Assault and Defense force, kind of stays within the vicinity of AJSA HQ. Auxiliary: Mercs, BHs, Freelancers, Scouts, Explorers, Spies. Basically anyone who wants to go out and experience everything. Commerce: Industry, Logistics, Trade and Mining. Centralised "money" division that helps to keep tabs on our financial situation. This structure has very approximate member allotments and features rather vague, but pre-set subdivisions. This means that individual units can be easily split up or extended pre-release. However, this also means that we need more staff as the currently planned units may become excessively large and hard to manage by one person. Structure 2 Linkage Developed on top of Structure 1, this one gets a lot more specific and detailed. There are only one big Military and a smaller Commerce part to the structure. This is done keeping in mind that Commerce requires a lot of patience and spreadsheets, thus significantly lowering the amount of interested and dedicated players. However, Structure 2 also drastically reduces the demand for staff. Instead of Structure 1's generally pre-set units with theoretically indefinite members, Structure 2 takes another approach: There are 4 "Fleets": Fleet 1 includes the largest vessels in the AJSA and serves as a dedicated unit in emergencies, with dedicated crews that work together most of the time. Fleet 2 includes everyone by default. New members start out here. It is subdivided into smaller units with pre-set tasks. Fleet 3 is comprised of "member units". While Fleet 2's units are meant as default places for people to go until they know what they actually want to do, Fleet 3 consists solely of "groups of buddies". For example, if you and your 3 friends want to be pirates, you form a member unit and you get transferred as a flight from Fleet 2 to Fleet 3. You are then assigned to any Squadron that has slots open for new flights. When big events or ops are called, you'd be flying with those squads but otherwise be free to do whatever you please. Fleet 4 or "Angry Inc" would basically be the Commerce Division. So, Structure 2 is more immersive, requires less staff and gives an overview of who's playing with whom and whom to talk to, albeit it is more complicated than just having three branches. Structure 3 We've got one Fleet. Everyone is in one big unit. People can form their own Flights and Squads and be listed separately from the big blob. Structure 4 What Wyrg said. See above link. To sum it up: Fleet Composition Of the currently announced ships, I have spared some thought as to how to use the individual hulls: Scouting: Aurora ES, MR, LX, 300i, 350R, M50, Avenger Trainer, Aurora LN, Origin JUMP, Mustang Light Duty: 315P, Anvil Carrack, Xi'an Scout Medium Duty: Hornets F7A, F7C-M, Avenger, Scythe, Gladiator, P-52, 325A, Gladius Advanced Duty: Herald, Cutlass, Constellation, F7C-S, F7C-R Heavy Duty: Retaliator, Idris-M, Bengal, Javelin Mercantile: Aurora CL, F7C Hornet, Freelancer, Caterpillar, Starfarer, Idris-M, Banu Merchantman, Surveyor, Orion Ranks We're now getting into the fluff / design / immersion part. Ranks can be organised semi-separated from AJSA ranks, with one AJSA rank equalling many SC ranks to allow for guild-only promotions. Current ideas include allusions to IRL Military, Business, Roman and Feudal structures. I propose the following as far as AJSA, Military and Commerce ranks are concerned: Lord Commander - Grand Admiral - Chairman Council Member - Admiral - CEO Commander - Vice Admiral - VP Officer - Rear Admiral - Director Sergeant - Commodore - Department Director Sergeant - Captain Sergeant - 1st Lieutenant Sergeant - 2nd Lieutenant Veteran - Ensign - Supervisor Veteran - Midshipman Veteran - Warrant Officer Member - Chief Petty Officer - Employee Member - Petty Officer Member - Master Seaman Member - Leading Seaman Member - Able Seaman Member - Seaman Recruit - Recruit - Applicant Names As far as naming conventions for ships and awards are concerned, things are similar to what was said about Ranks. They are very much fluff, but can increase immersion and motivation dramatically. Here are some ideas. So far, nothing of this is set in stone (as I said, this is far too early), but feedback is always appreciated. Us enforcing structures you guys don't like isn't going to help anyone, so if everyone thinks something sucks, changes will be made. Now is your chance to voice your opinion! It's only going to get harder to change stuff the closer we get to PU release.
  6. Yarp, using YO is the only way to prepare for an MMO release atm.
  7. Hello there SC fans, over the past couple of weeks there have been some shifts and changes in the background that I will be telling you guys about here. Change in leadership Effective immediately, Commander DamionRayne will be taking charge of Star Citizen as Mortraven is unable to at this point in time. He has been the leader of War Thunder for a year and is a veteran EVE Online player. I will be staying with Star Citizen as Damions Chief Advisor* and more staff members will likely be appointed over the coming months. *Actual title pending, some suggestions are "God among men" and "Sacred Supreme High Secretary for super important stuff" Changes in policy There will be a number of additions and alterations to the usual AJSA guild proceedings with the Star Citizen guild. These also include general policies like the prioritization of guild branches, organizational changes, fleet doctrine and more. We'll be building up our final guild structure from here on out; any feedback is appreciated! There will be a full post on the plan so far including specifics, which will take into account what I've been discussing with you guys over the past few months. If you would like to get more involved in these planning stages, feel free to take a look at what info is already available on these subforums and see if you can make up your mind on what your general style of play is going to be like (as if you haven't already...)- there more we know, the better we can tailor our guild structure to you guys' needs. As a personal note from Damion, please know that he'll be here for you now and that we're moving forward from here on out!
  8. Hunter, COSAT, johnathan and Sagan, lurn2read pl0x. Still accepted Hunters, COSATs and Sagans applications but only because I didn't want to type out your names. Johnathan, please give me your handle.
  9. AAAAAAAAND... Updated. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ScIKOWpvakI6KgRZk_51d-n9isfrEral2zsOdRX2gLc/edit#gid=0
  10. Invites passed out - Vala, is that your handle?
  11. Probably on reddit. Kinda looks like the New Conglomerate with a little bit of Vanu. And there is a Chaingun, so I'm excited.
  12. JJUSA, you're invited. Crowley, are you sure that's your handle?
  13. Updates added. Yes, you should be posting new changes here.
  14. Invites have been brought up to date.
  15. You'd select your main branch (the one that appeals to you the most.) The point is that, in big fleet fights, we know where to put you to best suit your play style. As long as there are no events running, you're free to do whatever you please, but it's advised you play with your unit a lot to get to know the guys. TO answer your question, no, you cannot formally work within multiple chains of command, but while you're off duty, you can help out anywhere.
  16. Well, my PC might just set itself on fire while loading in that much stuff.
  17. Updated! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aq1m_tPIpvnSdExsVnRYQ1dwMy1Xd0M1eF9IaWRmRGc&usp=drive_web#gid=0
  18. Diplomacy is coming up, stay tuned for the full post
  19. Aaand you're invited.
  20. Aaaand done. - Black + Blue + Red
  21. There will be more announcements to come in this thread. Once the full info-post is completed, it will likely go here while the OP will hold only the freshest news and maybe a summary. Full Angry Fleet structure: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/10TeimfTB_fDAIUcCR1QS1YEHifpZ48sXvME6Vu83W4Y/edit?usp=sharing
  22. Yep, apologies for the delay. Invites have been sent. Reed, if you're not on the Fleet Sheet, you might not have posted your ship list yet.
  23. Updated! Nope, recruitment is not down, I was just away for a bit.