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  1. Icazael liked a post in a topic by Weynard in List your ships (Lets see how big our armada is)   
    Check this out: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aq1m_tPIpvnSdExsVnRYQ1dwMy1Xd0M1eF9IaWRmRGc&usp=drive_web#gid=0
  2. CHIEKKU liked a post in a topic by Weynard in CryEngine? Who's crying now?   
    Eeexactly head on. Everyone can have their own opinion, however uneducated it might be (I have some of those), but don't present them as something else, please, and especially don't use them as a reason to criticze someone else in such a way (And if you do, for the love of god at least listen if every person in your thread tells you you're making a mistake). This stuff causes unnecessary drama that needs to be unravelled. I think you guys will understand if I take this to a private convo with Joda at this point to keep these forums non-toxic, as we've had issues before and public conversation doesn't seem to cut it.
  3. Weynard liked a post in a topic by Jackie in CryEngine? Who's crying now?   
    Well there is a difference between making an observation and making an interpretation of that observation. Everyone can say: 'This car doesn't drive very fast.' But if you start giving advice, how the car could be made faster, you should have a basic concept of how a car works or alternatively life with the fact if people laugh at you, if you suggest, the car has the wrong color to go fast
    But I feel we are going a bit to personal on this debatte. Your point is: If CIG decided to make their own engine, they could be as far as they are today, but having a way more adapted engine than the cry engine. I personaly disagree, but in the end of the day it's not relevant. Chris Roberts doesn't have a Delorian or a TARDIS so we are kind of stuck with the cryengine.
  4. Joda liked a post in a topic by Weynard in AJSA Organisation pre-release planning   
    Hello everyone,
    I noticed we've got some posts up discussing ideas for possible structure ideas:
    I've been working on a spreadsheet myself, but only very few people have seen it thus far. As it is, it is too early to set things in stone, but some ideas seem pretty well designed, so I'll sum things up here. This will be a mix of discussing the leadership and organisational structure, possible branches, as well as some rudimentary design on awards, ranks and unit naming.
    First of all, the following must be considered:
    We don't know how big organisations will grow yet. The Goons have around 330 men, 1.500 ships and about 30 Idrisses. So far, we've got around 200 members signed up for DFM in 600 ships: Linkage Adjusting for inactives and new members, it is probably safe to assume that that number will be a solid baseline. ESO saw a massive influx of players, with us opening a handful of guilds to accomodate everyone. A rough estimate would be around 750 players (Thanks Bast!). With SC being a similarly (if not more) anticipated game, that would be the general ballpark to expect as a minimum, which means there must be space for at least 750 members in all our considerations. There will be dead weight fanbois. The biggest ships available at launch will be the Idris, the Javelin and the Bengal. The largest confirmed MAX crew per ship is 10 for the Idris. It seems reasonable to assume that the leap from 4 (Constellation, a sub-K) to 10 (K, FF) is a sign for further crew size increases. However, SC focuses on small-scale fights, leaving a rough estimate of 20 for the Javelin (DD), 30 for CLs, 40 for CAs and CVs and around 50 for BBs. Small-scale fights probaly also mean that we shouldn't be planning to have more than 100 people in the same area at once. For now. Economy and trade have been discussed here and there. So far we know about Voxel-based mining, fuel mining, industry and trading. Industry will be done through managing planetside (confirmed) factories and trade will be limited to buying from and selling to NPCs as far as I know. People won't do exclusively one thing all the bloody time. Hasn't happened in traditional MMOs, definitely hasn't happened in EVE, which is as similar as it gets to SC ATM, whether people like it or not. It will be possible to capture stations in the PU.  
    So, without further ado, this is what I have:
    Possible Branches
    As far as branches go, these come to mind:
    Command, Military, Freelancing, BH, Mercenary work, Scouting and Exploration, Infiltration, Industry, Logistics, Trade, Mining. As some of these will probably be more attractive than others, I was thinking about merging and condensing them, more on that below.
    Structure 1
    This idea is based on condensing the branches into Military, Auxiliary and Commerce Divisions:
    Military: Main Assault and Defense force, kind of stays within the vicinity of AJSA HQ.
    Auxiliary: Mercs, BHs, Freelancers, Scouts, Explorers, Spies. Basically anyone who wants to go out and experience everything.
    Commerce: Industry, Logistics, Trade and Mining. Centralised "money" division that helps to keep tabs on our financial situation.
    This structure has very approximate member allotments and features rather vague, but pre-set subdivisions. This means that individual units can be easily split up or extended pre-release. However, this also means that we need more staff as the currently planned units may become excessively large and hard to manage by one person.
    Structure 2 Linkage
    Developed on top of Structure 1, this one gets a lot more specific and detailed. There are only one big Military and a smaller Commerce part to the structure. This is done keeping in mind that Commerce requires a lot of patience and spreadsheets, thus significantly lowering the amount of interested and dedicated players. However, Structure 2 also drastically reduces the demand for staff. Instead of Structure 1's generally pre-set units with theoretically indefinite members, Structure 2 takes another approach:
    There are 4 "Fleets":
    Fleet 1 includes the largest vessels in the AJSA and serves as a dedicated unit in emergencies, with dedicated crews that work together most of the time.
    Fleet 2 includes everyone by default. New members start out here. It is subdivided into smaller units with pre-set tasks.
    Fleet 3 is comprised of "member units". While Fleet 2's units are meant as default places for people to go until they know what they actually want to do, Fleet 3 consists solely of "groups of buddies". For example, if you and your 3 friends want to be pirates, you form a member unit and you get transferred as a flight from Fleet 2 to Fleet 3. You are then assigned to any Squadron that has slots open for new flights. When big events or ops are called, you'd be flying with those squads but otherwise be free to do whatever you please.
    Fleet 4 or "Angry Inc" would basically be the Commerce Division.
    So, Structure 2 is more immersive, requires less staff and gives an overview of who's playing with whom and whom to talk to, albeit it is more complicated than just having three branches.
    Structure 3
    We've got one Fleet. Everyone is in one big unit. People can form their own Flights and Squads and be listed separately from the big blob.
    Structure 4
    What Wyrg said. See above link.
    To sum it up:

    Fleet Composition
    Of the currently announced ships, I have spared some thought as to how to use the individual hulls:
    Scouting: Aurora ES, MR, LX, 300i, 350R, M50, Avenger Trainer, Aurora LN, Origin JUMP, Mustang
    Light Duty: 315P, Anvil Carrack, Xi'an Scout
    Medium Duty: Hornets F7A, F7C-M, Avenger, Scythe, Gladiator, P-52, 325A, Gladius
    Advanced Duty: Herald, Cutlass, Constellation, F7C-S, F7C-R
    Heavy Duty: Retaliator, Idris-M, Bengal, Javelin
    Mercantile: Aurora CL, F7C Hornet, Freelancer, Caterpillar, Starfarer, Idris-M, Banu Merchantman, Surveyor, Orion
    We're now getting into the fluff / design / immersion part. Ranks can be organised semi-separated from AJSA ranks, with one AJSA rank equalling many SC ranks to allow for guild-only promotions. Current ideas include allusions to IRL Military, Business, Roman and Feudal structures. I propose the following as far as AJSA, Military and Commerce ranks are concerned:
    Lord Commander - Grand Admiral - Chairman
    Council Member - Admiral - CEO
    Commander - Vice Admiral - VP
    Officer - Rear Admiral - Director
    Sergeant - Commodore - Department Director
    Sergeant - Captain
    Sergeant - 1st Lieutenant
    Sergeant - 2nd Lieutenant
    Veteran - Ensign - Supervisor
    Veteran - Midshipman
    Veteran - Warrant Officer
    Member - Chief Petty Officer - Employee
    Member - Petty Officer
    Member - Master Seaman
    Member - Leading Seaman
    Member - Able Seaman
    Member - Seaman
    Recruit - Recruit - Applicant
    As far as naming conventions for ships and awards are concerned, things are similar to what was said about Ranks. They are very much fluff, but can increase immersion and motivation dramatically. Here are some ideas.
    So far, nothing of this is set in stone (as I said, this is far too early), but feedback is always appreciated. Us enforcing structures you guys don't like isn't going to help anyone, so if everyone thinks something sucks, changes will be made. Now is your chance to voice your opinion! It's only going to get harder to change stuff the closer we get to PU release.
  5. Weynard liked a post in a topic by EarthwormBen in AJSA Organisation pre-release planning   
    I really do like the way we are approaching this, it's seems to be a very nature way without a dictation.
    I do like structure 3 the most as it allows me to form an elite wing with other members with a similar interest,whilst also helping out with the tasks that provide us with the cash e.g. transportation of a large quantity of element xyz
  6. CHIEKKU liked a post in a topic by Weynard in CryEngine? Who's crying now?   
    Hold on here...
    So, an engine 100% up to the task would have produced no issues? I think it has been well established in this thread that creating such an engine is quite frankly impossible. Also, if CryEnginge was not the best choice, don't you think CIG would have chosen another one? There will always be the need to "tinker with" stuff. Bugs and similar issues happen, you don't need to be a coder to be able to see that. Furthermore, don't you think there would be other issues than the engine delaying the game? We only know which bugs persist today, not which bugs they have fixed.
    You have a point with your closing remark, but I think things are just not as simple as you make them out to be.
  7. Leviathansub liked a post in a topic by Weynard in May Jump Point TLDR   
    New M50 model coming along nicely:

    Capital ship systems:

  8. Leviathansub liked a post in a topic by Weynard in May Jump Point TLDR   
    New M50 model coming along nicely:

    Capital ship systems:

  9. Leviathansub liked a post in a topic by Weynard in May Jump Point TLDR   
    New M50 model coming along nicely:

    Capital ship systems:

  10. Leviathansub liked a post in a topic by Weynard in May Jump Point TLDR   
    New M50 model coming along nicely:

    Capital ship systems:

  11. Icazael liked a post in a topic by Weynard in List your ships (Lets see how big our armada is)   
    Check this out: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aq1m_tPIpvnSdExsVnRYQ1dwMy1Xd0M1eF9IaWRmRGc&usp=drive_web#gid=0
  12. Icazael liked a post in a topic by Weynard in CryEngine? Who's crying now?   
    I'm not a software engineer. I have no idea what's behind building an Engine. I suppose it takes "a lot more time" and " a lot more money" to create an engine from scratch, as was said by purportedly competent members of the community. Thus, I'm fine with CIG using an appropriate existing engine. I'm okay with how the game looks and what gameplay was shown so far. If CIG did write their own engine, it would take longer to develop a game thats slightly better, while with CryEngine we are already getting an amazing game.
    I'm not going to pull an unreasonable complaint out of my rectum just because I'm upset about foreseeable, engine-related delays I don't know shit about.
  13. Weynard liked a post in a topic by CHIEKKU in CryEngine? Who's crying now?   
    I'm not sure what the point of this thread is supposed to be. I'm going to assume it's being upset over the DFM delay. 
    I don't think you understand the difficulty of writing a game engine. As a software engineer, I can tell you it is no trivial task. It's not like dropping buttons into a form in .NET, where the compiler will do all most of the backend code for you. When you make a game engine from scratch, you are making everything:
    How visuals are rendered (DirectX or OpenGL) How sound is rendered (i.e. XAudio) How input is handled (mouse, keyboard, joysticks, gamepads, Oculus Rift, and everything else people want) How memory is managed at runtime (most frustrating part right here) How multiplayer works (don't get me started on the complexity of a network stack); even companies who have been around for a decade still struggle with this (*cough* DICE *cough*) People like to complain how long SC is taking. Well, imagine if first they had to write the engine. There's no content creation until this is done, so you can expect the development process to take way longer. How is that preferable? 
    There's a reason game developers license an engine: making your own from scratch is absurdly hard and time consuming, especially if you just started your new company and want to focus on making wonderful content. Unless you have a massive team with years of experience, you're better off starting with an engine that already exists.
    And, in time, if they want to, they can focus on forking their own engine. It happens all the time. Valve forked the Quake engine to make GoldSrc, and later made Source from that. That makes more sense that starting the game with a blank *.CPP file.
  14. Weynard liked a post in a topic by Icazael in CryEngine? Who's crying now?   
    Don't underestimate creating an engine from scratch. If they would have done that we probably wouldn't have seen a hangar module yet or anything else "in game".
    Engines are in development for years before a game is being made with it.
  15. Weynard liked a post in a topic by Jackie in Im the only one getting pissed about DFM delays?   
    The more successfull a crowdfunding-project is, the more delayed it will be. You might remember back to november 2012, Chris Roberts spoke of 2 Million Dollars he needed, to convince investors to finance a game with less than 20 different ships, about 30 missions for Squadron 42 and maybe 30 systems in the consistant universe. The game they make now is a completely different beast. They needed way more time to build up a team, that is up to the task. Plus: This game now NEEDS to be good. If it blows, that's basicly it for crowdfunded AAA-Games. So I think it's extremely important, that the first iteration of the DFM gives a good experience to everyone who plays it.
    As of the severity of the bugs: I'm not a game designer. However I claim BS on everyone who reads the description of the bugs and from there deduces, what state the game is in. Remember: it's the cryengine, and as powerfull as it is, it is also fragile. In MWO there was a phase, when the game turned unplayable after each patch until a hotfix two days later. So it's very well possible, that we will se the game next monday.
  16. Captain Estrata liked a post in a topic by Weynard in Recruitment now open for AJSA organisation!   
    There you go.
  17. Joda liked a post in a topic by Weynard in This week's The Next Great Starship   
    They made the correct choice. I don't dig the design from Shimapan, 4 Horsemen really nailed this one, even though I still can't stand the engines.
    Tallon? Wow, did he drop the ball hard. He created an epic intro for a badass looking ship and then... nothing. If only we could have seen what was going on, it could have been so much better. Instead, he put insufferable filters on the presentation and hardly showed the interior. Even when he did, it seemed wacky and unfinished. The second half of the video was even worse, with nothing said about the ship and some 2D images. The last bit is the worst, though- not only does it show how unfinished the ship is, it pretty much represents the state of Tallon compared to the rest. That is to say derelict.
    Really rooting for IXM next week!
  18. Weynard liked a post in a topic by Snapplemonkey in Star Citizen Collective: You Will Be Assimilated   
    Perfect example of miss-communication. Joda was discussing one topic while Weynard was discussing another, somehow you were both convinced you were arguing about the same thing, when in fact you weren't.
    Now on to the topic of this thread:
    Honestly I can't see why anyone would frequent the SC forums at this point, due to the nature of the situation (there is little to no actual game to experience), all that is happening in the forums right now are speculation and begging. Both will lead to an extremely toxic environment.
    On one hand you have the people who are speculating on what the game will be like when it becomes available based on information that is supplied to us. In the same basket you have the people who are begging for specific information, features or for dev attention. This lead to the second group of people, the Elitists.
    The Elitists are the people who berate and antagonize the first group of people, things like "Man how can you be this stupid, it's obviously not gonna be like that" or "This thread is just a Chris Roberts circlejerk". I would put goons and 4chan in this group. The reason the SC forums is such a mess right now is because at this point in time it is impossible for SC to have a joined community, mostly because there is not game to bind it together. All communities need a binding force, this one has Joe and a general love for gaming, the SC forums has none.
    Personally I don't see any point in engaging in the forums. Sure, take a look to see if you can find any useful data on the game. But other than that would be a waste of time.
  19. Weynard liked a post in a topic by Joda in Star Citizen Collective: You Will Be Assimilated   
    All great points although I disagree with putting particular emphasis on an individual moderator when it is clear that poor moderation is in good part owing to poor leadership. I think that my case demonstrates that individuals are not the only ones who ignore guidelines - administrators do as well! So I would hate to see this individual be made a scapegoat for this sad episode. 
    As for this discussion we are having now, I must commend moderators for allowing open debate and not pulling the rug out from under posters as so many other sites do. And I even commend Weynard for allowing the debate to continue. We may not agree but in the end we will still put our space helmets on and wonder the verse. 
  20. Weynard liked a post in a topic by Abexuro in Star Citizen Collective: You Will Be Assimilated   
    My understanding and analysis of Weynard's view on the Goon case:
    With all the prejudices (bias/preconceptions) about goons it was understandable to think ill of the posters intentions. The mod acted on these preconceptions, which was wrong, and he is obviously not a capable moderator. A mod can think whatever he wants, as long as he acts according to the rules. It's like a court, the judge shouldn't have a bias toward either side, use evidence, not theories. Without proper monitoring and administration I think it's very easy to get bad moderators on a forum that has that many "fanboys".
    Which brings me to Joda's banning case. Looking back at the conversation that went on above me, and how hostile the reactions became. If that same or a similar conversation were to involve a bad moderator it would probably end up in a ban, likely with the excuse of disrespecting a mod/trolling or something similar.
    (Though this is really getting out of hand, the last few posts of both of you felt like they were aimed more at angering the other party than having a constructive conversation)
  21. Weynard liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in 10 For the Chairman   
    Of course they have to do this... its too much talent and assets to lose.  Imagine CIG's design, combined with all the strong points of the TNGS competitors like skyguard's animations, someone else's textures or design, you'd get a starship on steroids.
    It would also be nice if they set up something like the player studio in Planetside 2, where people would make custom designs, decals, mobi-glass themes etc and get a small commission fee based on how it sells.
  22. Weynard liked a post in a topic by Faravahar1200 in Lets posts best images of Mass effect games   
    Thank  you for your comments I had misunderstood your original message and I appreciate your post 
  23. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Weynard in Lets posts best images of Mass effect games   
    To clarify: When faravahar contacted me privately, he mentioned this: "I was told by one of our members that we can't keep on posting images in our own discussions rapidly". I understood that he had been privately complained to about his frequent posting and I shared my views on that particular users' opinion, which I happened to agree with.
    As you can gather from my post, I neither cited any pertinent regulation nor did I explicitly give him an order (which, in this case, would be a priviledge reserved by moderators) but rather shared my opinion about faras behaviour upon his own request. I apologise if my suggestions were misinterpreted in such a way, even though I'm still under the impression that my purpose was quite clear.
  24. Weynard liked a post in a topic by Icazael in List your ships (Lets see how big our armada is)   
    The hull for both variations are the same. The difference is the loadout that is equiped on the ship. For the stealth hornet you get less weapons equiped on the hull but you have parts (engine, shield, powerplant) that have a lower heat signature so you're less easily noticed. 
    It's good to remember later in the game you can buy the parts you like and switch from one loadout (like stealth loadout or full weaponpower loadout). So the ship you buy now just determines the initial loadout you'll start with.
    full details about the different ship variations: 
  25. Weynard liked a post in a topic by Icazael in Possible Star Citizen Board game   
    They explained in the episode that the board game is developed to simulate the economy internally before they program it all out.
    If they happen to have a decent boardgame come out of it.. hell why not. as long as the creation of it helps the game forwards.