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  • Birthday 09/03/1988

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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Video games clearly
  1. Well hello all, my name is Aaron but for the sake of screen names, it's xSQUALLx. 25 years old from Melbourne, Australia. Have roughly 20 years gaming experience Work full time for an ISP, hate 10yr olds on COD and love Dr Pepper. Quite clearly a big fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, mostly 8, 7 and 9. Been a little turned off some of the past few, but 15 really looks like the light at the end of a almost 11 year tunnel for me haha Other games series I'm really fond of are the Kingdom Hearts games and the Legend of Zelda series. Ocarina of Time, still craps all over almost every game these days. I'm a Sony fan boy and proud of it, however I do have an xbox for certain exclusives. Also have a Wii, specifically for Zelda games. 3DS XL and PS Vita. Have been looking at investing into building a gaming PC. But I have to much other shit going on atm to get around to it. Really looking forward to getting my PS4 on November 29th (Australian release date). What I'm currently playing a lot of: Call of Duty Ghosts Assassins Creed 4 Grand Theft Auto V NBA 2K14 Battlefield 4 Will be looking at going hard at Killzone on PS4