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  1. I agree, would be awesome to have this as an unofficialy supported game.
  2. Shogun 2 is absolutely my favourite total war at this moment. I just love everything about it, and the expansions are awesome as well. They change the game in alot of ways.
  3. I think planetary annihilation would be interestring, but i dont think alot of the people play it. And for the rest, as i said i'm in for the rest mentioned in the thread
  4. I would be down for most games mentioned in this thread.
  5. I recently got empire at war again via the humble bundle, would definitly be fun. I would also like to suggest Planetary annihilation and Company of heroes, and maybe some command and conquer. Those games are fairly good for tournament play and also very fun.
  6. I would be interestred to play several rts games with this community. I agree with Eiousx on making a thread to see which stratagy games the majority likes.
  7. I think shogun 2 is the best one, with rome and medieval 2 a close second.
  8. This could be an amazing game to play with the community. So let's hope DICE doens't screw it up. Still can't wait for it though.
  9. This looks realy awesome. I realy want this now, definitly going to buy it.
  10. Yeah i'll look forward to playing with you guys
  11. I will definitly buy this game when it comes out. It looks like a realy interestring rts game!
  12. I would say, Gta san andreas, star wars battlefront series, Sly cooper series, Star wars jedi knight series. Those are games i had alot of fun with when i was younger and they are still fun today.
  13. There are lots of good mods out there, some only chance the graphical look of the game, some chance the game completely. Go look on sites like www.moddb.com. One kind of mod i would personaly recommend are the Multiplayer mods, SAMP and Multi Theft Auto these are realy fun. Good luck with the modding!
  14. I had a good laugh with this video, congrats on beating the boss!
  15. This looks awesome i'll definitly follow this mod.