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  1. A fellow ranter...? GOOD GOOD! And as always Southern Hemisphere represent!
  2. Welcome soldier! Welcome to the ANGRY ARMY!! WOOHOOO!
  3. In a few words - A timeless classic, one of the finest CRPGs ever created, and one of Bioware's best.
  4. Bioshock Infinite - while I enjoyed the story, and I appreciated that Elizabeth could fend for herself, game-wise it never rose above "basic corridor shooter with terrible enemy AI". It also didn't offer the same level of depth as Bioshock 1, in fact it was even more stripped down then the first title.
  5. Favourite COD? COD 2 and 4 Worst COD? Everything after Modern Warfare 2
  6. I'm not sure about them getting "bad", but they are getting shorter. A few years ago, if a game was under 8 hours it would have caused a tsunami of condemnation. Nowadays it's not uncommon to find 8 hour AAA games, and some even as short as 4 hours.... I love my games weighing in at a meaty + 30 hours. Maybe that's why I prefer RPGs and sandbox titles.
  7. Välkommen till samhället! I hope to see you on the battlefield, soldier. As a fellow Saints Row fan, I'll lend you my axe! (Don't know why I'm throwing in a LOTR reference... :/ Guess it's time for bed lol)
  8. Welcome to the Angry Army, mate! Are you going to get a PS4? Because I might need a squad mate in BF4 in December. By the way, I see you also like Spec Ops The line. What an amazing game that is! #thumbsUp
  9. Awesome stuff mate, I used to play a Gnome Warlock. Yes, I know, they're squishy under hooves and apparently their skulls make perfect engagement rings for Tauren folk. I miss my time with World of Warcraft, but yeah.. I played for well over 6 years. Recently, I've been enjoying Guild Wars 2. The recent announcements about Dreanor sounds intriguing though, so if you see a dodgy little gnome in WOW, have a heart... don't stomp him...
  10. Welcome to the Angry Army, soldier!
  11. Hey there, I can definitely relate with you. Fable 3 just left me with this massive frown on my face. It's one of those games where the more you look back, the more you can't understand how they got it so terribly wrong. Fable 2 wasn't a huge improvement over Fable 1, but at least it was a start. I think overall, the Fable series was just a confused mess of promises and silly fart jokes. Oh... and WELCOME TO THE ANGRY ARMY!
  12. Aw man, how could I forget about Metroid Prime? Now that was a sublime game. Absolutely brilliant! One of the finest GameCube games, and definitely one of my favourites from the PS2/GCN/Dreamcast years.
  13. The Hulk would destroy Thor. His power is rage-based and as far as I can recall there is no limit to his fury. Now, one question that's always bugged me is, would Superman be able to beat the Hulk? If it wasn't for Superman's disastrous run-in with Doomsday all those many years ago, I would have said, "yeah Supe of course" But, I'm not so sure any more. SO who would win? Superman or the Hulk? Does any one have an idea?
  14. I'm ambidextrous. I don't favour any hand.
  15. The lack of Killzone 2 brought a tear to my eye. I really love that game's multiplayer.