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Everything posted by Onyxheart

  1. is there any confirmation on what faction the AJSA will favor? interested in being an Ork meself enuf of us an we can hav a roight propa WAAAGH ;P
  2. tell us how you really feel xP as for me i'd love to come, but i haven't played planetside in forever, not even sure what to do if i redownloaded the game lol
  3. +1 to this i'm a builder, having lots of fun gathering supplies and building the tribe basecamp ^^ and yes those raptors are dicks...so are the dilophosaurs (spitter)
  4. i'm @onyxheart1 on Neverwinter, though i need to leave my current guild (created an RP guild originally, The Soft Claws, but it never went anywhere)
  5. yep, this game has me hyped; hope it doesn't go the way of The Stomping Land and the AJSA totally needs a Dino Air Corps on Pteranodons, Scout Force on Hadrosaurs, and Armored Battalion on Stegosaur if i can swing it i might just buy this game when it goes early access on June 2
  6. i might return to ESO once the sub is gone, i still have my account, so i can easily get back in game once the sub fee is gone and if i have some extra money laying about i might sub for a month or two, or buy stuff from the cash store if they have something interesting in it, never know
  7. If the clan is still active, i'd like an invite, i do regular void runs and have a variety of frames to choose from OnyxheartWolf is my name in-game
  8. yeah this exploit has been around a while, it's a known issue i personally have never encountered it; probably because most of the guilds that do it hang out elsewhere than the places i do runs to and from
  9. i was online the whole time and never even saw you online Move, it was just me and Mermen in teamspeak like an hour before the event; and i needed to go afk for a while as usual
  10. I'm going to be going heavily into Metalwork very soon, my Metalwork proficiency as of this posting is slightly over 10k the main thing i need is Moonlight Archeum as it's essential to crafting any armor piece; dust, shards, crystals, essence, even lowly motes are all good however, i also need iron ore, opaque polish, rough polish, non-stick polish and rainbow polish (the last three only needed as i level up and make higher tier armor) as i will be leveling my alchemy as well as metalwork (alchemy is merely a sideline for me, as a way to make my own polish) the ingredients for the different polishes would also be a welcome donation, you can find what they are under the entries in your folio under Alchemy - pigments/oils/polishes the last ingredient that is required for metalworking are blue salt wedges, these can be obtained from general merchants for i believe 5 silver each. for your donations i can craft any armor piece of appropriate level (as long as i meet the prof. requirement) which i can offer in return
  11. what timezone are we using for the event times? i'm in the archeage guild and would like to know the time relative to my timezone so i can be there for the event
  12. fyi...when you do the Thalmor Embassy main story quest, there is a missive you can read, internal Thalmor correspondence, that details that Ulfric Stormcloak is actually sanctioned by the Thalmor, and is in fact a Thalmor sleeper agent meant to disrupt the Empire's hold on Skyrim thereby weakening the Empire, and Skyrim as a whole due to the civil war destabilizing the whole region
  13. well i plan on buying into the alpha soon, and then playing the beta to try out the game. from everything i've seen of the game it looks mightily interesting, i wanna get the AJSA it's own keep, massive trade convoys going, just make us a powerhouse after the game goes live. i also plan on being a pirate hunter if i can get meself a good crew together and a good galleon to captain ^^ though i do wonder, what faction would the AJSA (and ostensibly Joe himself) pick if it is supported? i personally would prefer the Firran/Harani faction, though from what i've seen of Joe playing the game on his twitch i would think he prefers the Nuian/Elves faction
  14. Howdy all, thought i'd make this thread for us crafters We all know that there are unique crafting locations in the world that allow us to create special sets with unique traits once we've researched enough traits on different armor and weapons so i thought i'd create a thread for us to keep track of them here's the block i have in mind for the crafting location Location name: (and description of where it is) Region: Set Name: Set Properties: Number Of Traits Needed: Hostile Location: (Y/N) [meaning are there enemies around it or is it in a dungeon] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location Name: Eastshore Islets Camp, just south of the Silsalen manor, along the beach Region: Auridon Set Name: Death's Wind Properties: if struck by a melee attack while below 35% health, triggers an AOE knockback. can only activate every 3 minutes (requires 3 equipped items) Number Of Traits Needed: 2 Hostile Location: N Location Name: Beacon Falls, just east of North Beacon, northern Auridon shoreline Region: Auridon Set Name: Ashen Grip Properties: Fiery Breath..10% chance to breath fire for 0 flame damage on melee hits, this can happen once every 4 seconds (requires 3 equipped items) Number Of Traits Needed: 2 Hostile Location: N Location Name: Hightide Keep, ruin entrance east of Skywatch, on the beach Region: Auridon Set Name: Night's Silence Properties: while hidden, increase health regeneration by 40% (requires 3 equipped items) Number Of Traits Needed: 2 Hostile Location: Y Location Name: Fisherman's Isle, starting location in Grahtwood Region: Grahtwood Set Name: Torug's Pact Properties: +100 armor (3 equipped items); reduces weapon enchantment internal cooldown by 1 second (5 equipped items) Number Of Traits Needed: 3 Hostile Location: N
  15. http://www.gamersheroes.com/game-guides/elder-scrolls-online-skyshard-guide-maps-one-page/ an alternate site for finding skyshards, and this one is all on one page also has guides for becoming a werewolf or vampire, an introductory to crafting, and a guide for character creation if needed
  16. I concur with Chrispy, Wabbajack! we can lose with Sheogorath on our side! wait..isn't that supposed to be "can't"?
  17. my understanding is the higher priced horses, such as the warhorse, will have a bonus to their stats, as well as having the same or more upgrades, cause you will eventually run out of upgrades for a horse...i think therefore, the starter horses will be better for a while, but the higher tier horses will have that bonus PLUS their own upgrades, making them faster, able to sprint longer, and carry more than even a fully upgraded starter horse
  18. not sure how resists work, but i do know your math is off, dark elves get 10/20/30 fire resistance, not so many points of fire resistance per level they attain...it's a flat resistance, no upgrading per level, just per tier you buy with skill points
  19. well if i can claim the name, gonna be a CC/DPS Sorceror Khajiit named Katia Managan (if you know the name Kudos to you :3 ) but i will also have a DPS/Tank Dragonknight A sneaky DPS Nightblade A Healer/Tank Templar and those are just my Aldmeri Dominion toons...... hello, my name is Onyxheart...and i'm an Altaholic
  20. from what i've read werewolf will have 50% poison damage debuff, and vampire's get a 50% fire damage debuff all in all, i know what i'm going to pick to use in PvP....waaaaay too much fire being slung around cyrodiil to go vamp
  21. I can see this happening, we'll need more than just one type of group running at a time after all Hounds of the AJSA for general raiding and morale breakers behind enemy lines Some combat engineers carrying all the siege equipment, repair kits, forward camps, and mercenary contracts we could ever need maybe a corps of healers/rezzers made up of templars with lots of soul gems? ------------------------- tl'dr Yeah soon as i get one of my toons turned into a werewolf, i'm going to join up with ya'll. Too bad werewolf transformation isn't something that lasts as long as the transformation in Skyrim
  22. All of them? seriously though, i'm going to invest heavily in all the crafting skills my main will be a heavy armor dragonknight khajiit so blacksmithing is a must weapons will be 1 hand and shield and bow for ranged, so woodworking as well enchanting to give my crafted gear an extra oomph alchemy at end game to make the best potions for mid battle provisioning to make useful buffing items and clothing just for the hell of it ^u^
  23. heh, well i don't think i'll have to worry about that...as i'm going to be in the AJSA....which to my knowledge won't turn me away cause i'm not a min maxer
  24. This one shall be a khajiit, for we are the most cunning, smartest and most beautiful of all the races though i will have alts in the other alliances to gather their resources to use on my main
  25. i contest that you have to choose a set race and build to be viable at end game, i've used a variety of builds across multiple MMOs at endgame, many 'non-standard' and have performed fine.