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  1. TheXpGamers Have you back Angry Joe. This really does look like it has the potential to be that ultimate scifi space sim we've always wanted. I love X-Com and I love Grand Space Sims so this really could be fantastic. $20 well spent. I will probably be doing my own video to help rally the The Experienced Gamers. Woot can't wait for this one!
  2. I had actually watched a few of his reviews over a years time, and eventually just had to subscribe. I can't think of any YouTuber with more passion for gaming then Angry Joe. You can really see it in his videos. My Fav has to be the Aliens Colonial marines review. The look of disappointment on his face matched my own for sure. They Fucked it up!
  3. Battlefield 4, I'm a BF vet and it works far better than COD at this point.
  4. I completely agree on the "streamlining" comment. It's sad because to be honest this was one of those games I've been so Hyped for. I did a few videos on this one as it developed, if you look up X Rebirth on youtube my "top 10 reasons to be excited video is the first to show up" and sadly it just didn't live up to the potential. Poor design choices really killed it for me.
  5. Hold Off On this one, I did a post under general games with more information heres a link to a First Impressions from a Vet.
  6. Ultima Online Skyrim Fallout
  7. I really hope so. It looks fantastic but some of the main issues are game design related :/
  8. I've met Dan Akroyd "Ghostbusters is my Favorite movie"
  9. -CaptainShack Reporting in Hey Guys Wanted to share my first impression of X-Rebirth. Going in you should know I love the X Series and have well over 1,000 hours logged into that universe. Sandbox space sims are my game of choice... Sadly X-Rebirth has some major issues. Visualy its beautiful. Its one of those games you just Want to love. But its buggy release mixed with really poor design choices. They mostly tossed away everything that made the X - Series what it was, and what gave it character. Here is my first impression video. Save your money guys till we see some patches and the modding community swing in and hopefully salvage this. Issue List if you don't have time for a video... No real fleet controls Crashing! <-- Happens often. Bugged AI "not actually following orders" Broken Story "See above" Sluggish Game pad controls "wouldn't be a problem if the game wasnt designed around the controller Useless UI. Probably one of the biggest issues outside of crashing No zoom on map, or Icons, or really anything useful. Cockpit takes up more than 50% of your screen Removed camera options from original game making #8 a really annoying issues "its the only way you can see the game". Walking on Stations is repetitive and most areas look the same. Odd loot mechanic, your character runs around grabbing anything not nailed down. You only have 1 ship you can fly - Passed X Games had 20-30 ships.This is just a small example of the issues. The list continues. -CaptainShack Out
  10. Space Engineers Take care and I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.