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  1. fps are my favourite genre and i like sci-fi and grind sometimes.What do you think?
  2. ok so here is what i never played any mass effect before so i though this one looked good.I was wondering between getting this,battlefield 1 or prey and i deeply regret picking up mass effect andromeda.Seriously is the game getting any better as it goes cuz right now im bored to death by it.The story is kinda stupid and the characters are boring.Many people were saying that fallout 4 also sucked but i loved it and it opened my eyes about the older fallout games.But this game killed any desire to play mass effect 1-3.So i was wondering is the game rly that bad or it goes better as you advance?And since i am a student right now and i am short on cash and this is the only game i picked in more than a year(i grabed deus ex MD on sale but i loved it) i feel completely screwed right now. And a side question is metro 2033/last light worth picking.I mean is the story/gameplay good if you compare it to fallout 4 lets say.Right now i can pick them both(the redux version) for 7 euro.tnx for the answer.
  3. i ended up buying dragon age inquisition GOTY and i think its awesome so far.ty for the answers guys
  4. hi guys so i have some cash and i am wondering between few games(or dlcs) and i kinda want to know your opinion 1.dragon age inquisition GOTY from origin-RPGs are my favourite type of games(the witcher,dark souls and TES are my favourite franchises) and i never played any dragon age game so is it like the witcher or TES or its completely different 2.fallout 4 far harbor or nuka world-i loved fallout 4 and i am wondering if the dlcs are worth it.Some ppl say that far harbor is even better than the main game. 3.doom -and i never played any doom before i just like bethesda games in general. 4.The division- i heard that the division has gotten way bettter with patch 1.4 and i always wanted to try it. so guys whats your opinion which one is worth it?
  5. btw i forgot to ask how much video card cooling fans matter.Lets say i get gtx 1060 EVGA superclocked with only 1 fan and gtx 1060 asus with 2 fans.Is it worth giving 50more euro for an extra fan.(i love overclocking and probablyill use the full clock speed of 1800 mhz) Oh and what do you think about corsair 500w or 550w powersupplies and corsair as brand in total?
  6. my specs are intel core i5-6500 16gb ddr4 Asrock b150m pro4 b15 ATX case so do you think that gtx 1060 will be enought or 1070 will be an overkill.
  7. so i am wondering between amd radeon rx 480;gtx 1060 strix(3 fans) or msi black armor gtx 1070 i play all kind of games and i am planning to get 1080p 144 hz monitor so what do you guys think. and another question how do you even install 3 fan cards when they are 300mm long?
  8. i will preorder wow legion cuz blizzard never dissapointed me
  9. ty for the answers but what about the gog thing i can get the physical copy for 20 euros but its drm free with code for gog only is it more worth to get it from steam
  10. so i am wondering between rainbow six siege,the witcher 3 and fallout 4 but i am not sure if i get rainbow six will there be enough players i played the game when it was free for 2 days and it was awesome and about the witcher 3 if i buy it asa physical copy it will cost me 20 euros but it comes with gog or something like that code and its not for steam. And when it comes to fallout 4 i bought new vegas from the previous steam sale but i couldnt get into it i mean the combat was a joke and most of the time i just ran till i reach a quest point but i though it was pretty boring(not sure if you chose the wrong game to start with or i am doing something wrong) while fallout 4 looks way better to me
  11. i was wondering is there a huge difference and what do you think i should get and a side question are the high res texture packs in steam for some games counted as mods.Nothing special here i was just wondering
  12. here is the palit video card http://www.nova-computers.com/?i=62849 the price is 140 euro.And the only thing that stops me is that its not gygabite or asus.
  13. i was checking out some gpus recently and i am wondering does it matter if the gpu is asus,gygabite,gainware and etc cuz i saw geforce gtx 750 ti for pretty low price but it was Palit(i never heard them before).So does it make any difference?
  14. that can show me the heat of my cpu and gpu and warn me if something is wrong .
  15. star wars battlefront.I am waiting for this game since i was in 7th grade.I am also HUGE star wars fan now i am watching back the whole saga,i am waiting for the new movie,waiting for more star wars games,most of the time i am thinking about star wars lol.