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  1. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in The Battlefield series will be taking a break for a "couple of years", say EA   
    I think their just going to milk it with more and more DLC, like usual.
  2. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in help me choose a new gpu pls   
    If you actually want your games to slam into that 144Hz buffer at 1080p then the 1070 will certainly do that but I personally think it's unnecessary overkill. Looking at benchmarks the 1060 should hit about 120 - 144Hz at 1080p with the RX 480 at about 100 - 120Hz so I would save some money and go for one of those.
    When it comes to longer triple fan cards you do have to be a little careful as some case's cannot accommodate a card that long so measure your's.  If you go to pcpartpicker the compatibility filter should tell you if the GPU clearance in an alternitive case isn't enough. 
  3. nikiking liked a post in a topic by The Moonlight Warrior in What franchise needs to DIE???   
    Whoa dude Valve is 100% awesome. Some of the greatest games ever were made by Valve
  4. nikiking liked a post in a topic by FakeAvus in Battlefield 5   
    My favorite BF series end at BF2142. They should remake that one but probably won't because of Titanfall. I also liked BF2 because of the mod support. (project reality was born from here?) I have ZERO interest into BF3 and after because no mod support and I have to pay for those overpriced DLC. And once the next BF game is out, nobody will play the previous one because of it.
  5. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Chumbry42 in Battlefield 5   
    I'm so tired of modern or near-future FPS games. Either go back to the past or go further into the future where you can be a bit more creative with stuff
  6. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in does it matter if the gpu is asus or anything else?   
    As I said before I looked up some reviews of Palit cards (including this one) and found no horror stories.  According to the benchmarks I've seen the overclocked this Palit branded version of the 750Ti beat's pretty much all other variants of the 750Ti with around 13% better performance than the base card.
  7. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in What do you think of gamers that play only MOBA games?   
    I think that devoting your entire game time to one genre or game franchise is like only watching movies that have Arnold Schwarzenegger in them, or only listening to one musical artist.  In other words single minded and ignorant.
    But I have a "Live and let live" attitude about it, if they are happy doing that then fine it's not harming anyone.  But what I don't like is when gaming companies cash in on this ignorance by stripping out futures making these people pay extra money with the insulting and way to often true assumption that they will buy it no mater what.  EA Sports franchises like Fifa and Madden being prime examples of this.
  8. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in What do you think of gamers that play only MOBA games?   
    I don't think less of them, but sticking strictly to MOBAs is their loss, to be frank. They have no idea what they're missing out on.
  9. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Quinnsdaddy11 in can i have a quick answer pls   
    My advice is to shut your mouth and jog on if you have nothing to help this person with.  Battlefield 4 has been patched and is near perfect, especially on the PC.
  10. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Jayson's Rage in The only file on the PC retail version of The Phantom Pain is a Steam installer   
    This is not okay. Fuck anyone who doesn't have a consistent internet connection but still wants to play games, right?
  11. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Vredesmod in What are you listening to right now or play the f***ing guitar?   
    I'm listening to Blind Guardians epic album Nightfall in Middle-Earth from 1998.

  12. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in windows 10 can detect pirated software on your pc   
    Really? Worse than 8 with it's terrible UI? Worse than Vista which was barly even fucking functional!?
    I actually think 10 is one of the better releases. The UI is balanced well and has some nice features. The performance in my games has improved a little to.
  13. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by nikiking in windows 10 can detect pirated software on your pc   
    Well i hope you are right cuz in this case who will care i dont know why anyone would buy games from windows store.
  14. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Otaku World Order in so the new WoW will be called legion what do you think   
    I was actually surprised by Pandaria. The Pandarens have one of the best opening story quest lines of any of the races. I think only the Goblins from Cataclysm have a better starting storyline. If you get past the slight silliness of anthropomorphic pandas, there's quite a bit to them.
  15. Otaku World Order liked a post in a topic by nikiking in so the new WoW will be called legion what do you think   
    to be honest mists of pandaria is 1 of the best expansions in wow.There is no need to talk like a kid about kung fu panda.
  16. nikiking liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in Proof DirectX12 does not suck   
    This is what 3DMark does on the API test.
    "A draw call happens when the CPU tells the GPU to draw an object on the screen. Games make thousands of draw calls per frame but each one creates overhead for the CPU. New APIs reduce the overhead allowing more draw calls to be made. We test each graphics API by increasing the number of draw calls until the frame rate falls below 30 fps."
    The lower the API's overhead, the more draw calls that can be made. The higher the amount of draw calls made per second, the better.
    So the test compares two APIs, DX11 (single and multi threaded), and DX12. They also had Mantle, but I couldn't test that because I'm running on Nvidia.
    DX11 single was 1.2 million draw calls per second.
    DX11 Multi was 2.3 million draw calls per second.
    DX12 was 15.6 million draw calls per second.
    A very significant increase in draw calls.
  17. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Losing interest in video games   
    Well it's the summer, It's always dry as hell for gaming.  Which I've never quite understood seeing as this is the time of year when most people have more free time, you'd think the publishers would try to take advantage of that!  But that's another issue, my point is it's common to feel like this sometimes, don't worry about it to much.
  18. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Raspharus in Losing interest in video games   
    I am currently dealing with this. In my case its due to the fact that for a month i havent done anything else besides games. What helped me a lot was trying to branch out on other things. People need variety in their lives. They can't just do a thing over and over again no matter how much they love it(yes even video games). For example recently I picked up streaming. Even thought I have close to no viewers, even though I know its gonna be hard as hell to gain some I know that I need to invest my time in something or else I'll go mad.
    If variety doesnt work out for you, try to take a break and come back with fresh forces. As i've said im currently more or less dealing with this so if you need advice/someone to talk to add me on steam.
  19. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in watch dogs for 10 bucks   
    i bought once from them and never recieved the game nor the refund 
  20. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Laserrifle125 in watch dogs for 10 bucks   
  21. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in recomment me a fallout game   
    Then there's your answer. I think if I didn't have all the Fallout games on Steam, and had room for the bomb, I'd get it too.
  22. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Xbox one VS Play station 4   
    I tried to use something similar once for my PS3 but it didn't go well....
  23. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Xbox one VS Play station 4   
    Yes, let me apologise on both mine and this guys behalf. There has been to many attempts, ,just or not, to derail your thread already. I'm sorry for my part in it, but what I said is still true, exclusives, both future and current, are important to keep in mind.
    (The Last of Us simply owns...)
  24. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Xbox one VS Play station 4   
    Considering he already said:
      A third option wasn't necessary at all. It's also why people went off on you as you clearly ignored this. Should these sorts of threads always have some sort of "inb4GETAPC"? Considering how someone always suggests a PC even when the thread maker said that PC is not an option, maybe.
    In case you're going to try to say that the PC Build is comparable to the consoles in price, please watch the video above on why those kinds of builds are nonsense. Crab also went through why the specific build you suggested was also not up to snuff.
    - Yes, both can do 1080p Full HD, but it's dependent on the game.
    - Yes, don't know if the X1 still needs a one time online update, but yes you can play games by just inserting the disc for both.
    - I've heard people say that their PS4 is Jet Engine loud, but mine has been pretty quiet. People say that because the X1's big and the power supply is external in the power brick that it has better air circulation and better cooling.
    - Yes, you can delete and later reinstall games you've deleted.
    - Always best to go with the higher capacity model.
  25. nikiking liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Xbox one VS Play station 4   
    PC Nazis, stop trying to convince people that they can build a "Console Killer" PC for the same price.  The prices in the link provided are bullshit because they don't accommodate the essential peripherals (keyboard and mouse for instance are NOT optional) or even a legal copy of the operating system.
    As a long time console gamer who just spent several months saving his money and spent his actual time researching to build a proper PC, you need to spend at least $800 when you include EVERTHING to get something comparable to a PS4 or XBox One.  The PCMR Reddit page is an axis society of liars.
    The only PC priced even close to a console even by their own bullshit standards is "The Media Elite"  which "is essentially a next-gen console with more versatility".  So let's analyse this one
    CPU:  AMD FX-4130 3.8GHz Quad-Core OEM/Tray Processor  The consoles use 8-core versions of very similar chip so that's already a fail.
    CPU Cooler: Cooler Master RR-HT2-28PK-R1 54.8 CFM Sleeve Bearing  ​A budget cooler but still a reasonable one , I'll give it a pass.
    Motherboard:  MSI 760GMA-P34(FX) Micro ATX AM3  No SLI/Crossfire support, no digital sound output and only one additional PCI slot, doesn't sound very "versatile" to me.
    Memory G.Skill Value Series 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1333   4GB?  Are you fucking shitting me!  That's not even enough to start Witcher 3!  WHAT A JOKE!
    Storage Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive  Twice the size the standard console HDD's, fair enough.
    Video Card PowerColor Radeon R7 260X 2GB

    The PS4 and XBox One get 60fps under similar conditions, SORRY!
    Case DIYPC Mirage-D1-Y ATX Mid Tower Case   Obviously not relevant here.
    Power Supply *Corsair Builder 430W 80+ Bronze Certified  ​I would say this doesn't offer much room for safety or upgrades, but the motherboard makes that pretty much impossible anyway!
    I also find it HILARIOUS that this "Media Elite" doesn't have an optical drive so it can't play DVDs or BluRays, and what do the PC Nazis have to say about this.....
    "Q: Why don't you include an optical drive?
    A: Aside from installing the operating system (sometimes not even then), an optical drive is a dead and obsolete piece of technology. The PC industry has long since migrated completely to the faster, cheaper, and simpler digital distribution method. If you want an optical drive, your best course of action would be to buy a portable external USB one so there's not an extra useless part in your computer."
    I rate this "Console killer" build an......

    Sorry for that tirade, on topic:
    That and what exclusives you find the most appealing should be at the forefront of your mind.  In terms of performance, features and reliability their pretty much level pegging at he moment.