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  1. i played it a lot more and i'm not impressed or having fun with it, so as life happens... i changed my mind. am i allowed to change my mind? my guess is yes, and therefore i wonder why you felt the need to necroquote old posts i made just because 1 person said it might have been sarcasm. why do you care so much about what i said in the past? you always seem like you have a grudge against everybody, always trying to nitpick and deeply analyse every post in extreme detail so you get to be "MR RIGHT" all the time, because god forbid if you were wrong... oh no, what on earth will happen to you if you were wrong about something? if there's one thing anyone here told you, that you really should consider taking on board as actual constructive critisism in order to better yourself as a member of the AJSA... is that: no one likes a smart ass.
  2. why should they not support microsoft? this is an age old argument. free vs proprietary. why is it so hard for people on the linux bandwagon to understand that not everything in terms of computers should be for free. there seems to be this idea that if you are supporting the monopoly of PCs then it automatically makes you shit, or evil, or just doing the wrong thing... and i dont like that. i for example support windows because i want to, and i like it, and im not ashamed for it either. life would be a lot easier if game devs such as yourself, just forgot linux existed to begin with and just make your games to work on windows. it's where every PC player pretty much is anyway.... so why make things harder by catering to an operating system that is barely used in comparison? i bet the vast majority of every linux user that is also a gamer... has a windows parition ready and waiting when they want to switch to playing a game. so even if a game does work on steam OS / linux... which end user / customer / gamer actually cares? pretty much no one cares.
  3. youtube red will not expand globally because it will be google's biggest failing after google plus.
  4. crap. why? well... on the PC it's a buggy mess, and to be fair... on the consoles it's also a buggy mess. the graphics engine they used is exactly the same as it's always been for fallout 3, new vegas and skyrim and pretty much nothing new, the AI is exactly the same... sneak and hide and potshot some boss or high health enemy and re-hide over and over again while they say crap like "WHO'S THERE.... HM.... GUESS IT'S MY IMAGINATION", and like many open world games, that's all it actually is. an open world. except that open world has fucking nothing. nothing worthy of playing it beyond 6 hours when you finally realise all you will be doing is prancing around in this open world shooting things and doing side quests and selecting pre-determined storyline comments from a main character that seems to have completely forgotten he's supposed to be looking for his son and who killed his annoying wife. 5/10 - an average pile of shit.
  5. the reason why that is, is that linux never gained the popularity that windows did and that's probably because of ancient old conceptions of it being highly UN user friendly compared to windows, which is still what goes through people's heads today. that's no longer the case for many distributions of linux, however that is also a problem in itself - too many versions of the same operating system... no one really knows what to choose, with microsoft it's one windows, that gets upgraded every few years and gets some crappy new UI but vastly remains the same... i.e. start button, control panel, windows explorer, active directory tree format for managing users and components of your PC... has all remained the same, and that's what keeps people heavily invested into windows.. it has consistency where linux does not. as much as you or i may want to like linux because it's free and open source, it will never change the monopoly windows has for PC software or games unless everyone currently using windows just decided to up and switch to linux. it's a viscious cycle... no one will change to linux because software and games continue to get made for windows, and software and games continue to be made for windows because no one is using linux... and as long as that cycle continues... no amount of steam OS or steam machines with steam OS is going to shift the prefered platform for playing games on the PC. it's been like this for decades now. even in 1995 when windows 95 was around when i was just a little kid... i would hear constant... linux will take over windows... and here we are today with the same comments... but will it ever actually happen? nope.
  6. the reason why microsoft is a monopoly when it comes to the PC is that they made the right decisions very early when microcomputers (the PC sitting at your desk or coffee table right now) became a mainstream consumer product. before this computers were pretty much mainframes, but everyone wanted a PC at home. Apple decided to control the hardware that would run their UNIX based operating system, and Microsoft decided to simply let their operating system be usable on any custom built microcomputer or microcomputers sold by other companies such as IBM. the consumer simply prefered Microsoft's approach and therefore they gained popularity and when it came to PCs at home, all hardware was built around being functional with the Windows operating system. Later on, people decided they wanted to play games on their PCs rather than just do work... and here we are many years later in 2016 with the Windows operating system still the dominant platform when it comes to playing pretty much any video game available for the personal computer. People simply didn't want to buy a piece of hardware that only works with one piece of software (apple), people wanted customisation and options, and microsoft simply made an operating system widely available and fliexible for those same people that wanted a PC and not a mac. Even today... android to smartphones is what windows is to the PC.
  7. the only thing you need to know about RAM is that lots of slower ram... is better than smaller amounts of faster ram. 16GB DDR3 is going to be much better than 4GB of DDR4 ram. of course 16GB DDR4 would be better than the equivalent in DDR3 but there's gonna be a cost in doing that, it's really up to you how much you want to spend on your PC and future proof it.
  8. do you want to feel bass? if that's the case ignore everyone here and buy a pair of Skullcandy Crushers and trust me, if you like bass, you will thank me. They work fine as a PC and PS4 / xbox one headset too, have a microphone built into the cable. trust me, bass? = skullcandy crushers
  9. it's very simple, the only flaw project cars has is that you cannot masturbate while racing. if you wanted the best racing sim that ever existed, this is it, and that's not some over excited hyped up fanboy statement. ive been playing racing sims since 1997 (Gran Turismo 1) and NOTHING has ever felt as good as project cars. NOTHING.
  10. hiding is not an option for me. they are still on the account and accessible. permanently deleting and removing ownership from the account is exactly what i personally wanted. hiding them is fine for the average person without mental problems, but not for me. when i see the hidden games list and the sheer number of games i bought i feel a sense of guit and disgust in myself. it makes me depressed and never wanting to go onto my steam account. now i can rectify it.
  11. Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I dont know if anyone already knew this and if you all did then my bad, but i just discovered in the support section of your games on steam that you can actually "permanently remove from your account" if you wish to do so. So if you are like me where you bought hundreds of games on steam sales that you either hate, dont like, or never bothered to play that much and went far beyond the refund window, or were purchased before refunds existed and just for DEAR LIFE.. wanted to rid them from your steam account... well now you can! i'm now finally trashing all the games i wish i never bought and finally getting a clean and tidy account with only the games i actually really want to keep. click the game you want to trash. click support on right side of screen (desktop, not big picture mode). click option "i want to permanently remove this game from my account". click option "ok, permanently remove listed games from my account" Done, it's gone, check your library list and it wont be in there.PLEASE NOTE: Any DLC or expansions or extra content also purchased for said game will also show up in the list of games to be deleted. If for example you purchased Fallout New Vegas + all DLC and expansions as a set in a steam sale / or not in a sale, then selecting to permanently delete Fallout New Vegas on the final confirmation screen will show Fallout New Vegas PLUS ALL the DLC and expansions for that game that are currently linked to your account. hope this helped someone. cheers! I was always hating the amount of money i wasted on so many crappy games that i personally either didnt like or never bothered to play and just always wished i could just get rid of them from my sight without having to close the entire steam account, and now i can! WOOP!
  12. What... your beard grows in real time? That's it... witcher 3. That alone is enough reason to play it. I like my beards.
  13. Hello all. Any chance someone could help me decide which of these 2 games I should buy? Personally I am more bored than interested in oldy worldy storylines and witcher 3 is exactly that however so many people say it's pretty much game of year 2015. MGS5 on the other hand seems more like me... just modern stuff like guns and grenades and so on but the mothership thing with microtransactions is putting me off. I wouldn't want to ignore witcher 3 if it's that good but I am just so fed up of cliché open world adventure games set in the dark ages with wizards and magic and sorcery of bla Di bla bla habla da bla...
  14. Precisely... as far as the consumer is concerned. Sony already made a major loss on the ps3 and really needed to make ends meet on the ps4. So they designed a console with a completely different architecture in order to ease development time and costs and to also allow them to manufacture the console cheap... in order to sell it to us cheap... because cheap certainly shifts units. Expensive doesn't. With that in mind... there is probably a technical fundamental reason why it is not possible to play ps2 discs on the ps4. Let's not forgot that the xbox one still does not actually play the games off the disc like a native xbox 360... it simply says "he has the disc, so he can download the game and play it off the drive and I will emulate that game". So I'm guessing because of sonys internals in the ps4 it's not possible to read ps2 discs. Maybe I'm wrong but I think that's the main reason why. You simply cannot cater to everyone. Do you continue to focus on new and better current gen games for your console or do you focus on reliving the past with endless amounts of remastered and old ps2 re-releases? Sonys future will never depend on catering to the minority of people who are he'll bent on backwards compatibility. The majority of ps4 gamers simply want new and better games to play... not older ones. It's certainly a nice thing to have backwards compatibility but it isn't going to help Sonys financial end at all... especially if they just let you play the games for free and go through the trouble of providing access to thousands of games on their servers for you to download for absolutely free so long as you have the disc. Microsoft is probably doing that because they already know they totally lost the consumer and the gamer this generation and will never beat Sony on sales or profit... so catering with the things people want and demand is something they have to do for damage control purposes in order to set their reputation up well for the 9th generation of consoles. Sony has won this time around. There's no real need for them to cater to the minority and there's certainly no financial gain involved either.