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Talon Voren

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  • Birthday 11/01/1982

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    Talon Voren
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    Stratagy games, both video and tabletop.
    Pretty much an Otaku.
  1. Going to be a great game me thinks.
  2. Typically I choose not to request such things, as I prefer, and usually, like to master a game on my own. But seeing how I'm coming into this type of game late, I shall make my request. I seek a person, or persons, even a team, to take me under their wing and show me the ropes. I have gone through the opening training but find its much more useful to have a person flesh what ever skills I might have. If any are interested, hit me up here or through Steam, Azielordonis is my steam name. Thanks ahead of time to those who are considering.
  3. Subscription, easy choice for me. Personally I don't feel F2P games offer the quality gamers deserve. Also those games that you pay for initially and then its free to play, like guild wars for instance, are fine, because their micro transactions are not game breaking, and you initially payed for a fun game. Just my two cents.
  4. Like a few others, I made a pledge to this game a little while ago. But, due to Joe's message on this being his dream type game, Amusingly its the exact reason I pledged it in the first place, I made a SECOND pledge for it. Not only because that art is awsome, but because I want this to be the game I join a pro team for, as I expect the multiplayer to be amazing. Being only decent on LoL and Dota2, this is where I want to play. I encourage many many others to help with this as well. So heres the tweet from my twitter Overlord_Talon https://twitter.com/Overlord_Talon/status/403304939864080384
  5. No, Mirai Nikki is mild TBH. You want a WTF moment for anime, Watch either FLCL or Excell Saga.....they will melt your brain.
  6. Thank you. Look forward to releasing my angry rage upon our foes.
  7. You sir, have a great taste in games.
  8. Hmmm, Endless space is good, but i would have to disagree with the best. I personally thing Sins of a Solar Empire is better. Even though its concidered a 4xRTS.
  9. Paradox really does make enjoyable games. Only this year did I first get into their games, starting with CK 2. That was the begining of the end for me. I've put hundreds of hours in to both CK2 and EU4 and just keep going. Truely they give the most bang for the buck.
  10. Used to be Command and Conquer up until 4 ruined the series for me. So now it is Surpreme Commander, and Surpreme Commander FA. Such a large scale and the management aspect is amazing. Truely great.
  11. I would actually be more interested in seeing Superman Vs The Sentry. As the Sentry is Marvel's "version" of superman, and have many of the same abilities. Would be more interesting I think.
  12. My favorite...hell thats hard to do lol. Over the course of the years I've seen so many series. Alright, I'll pick some genre's and place my favorites on them. Sci-Fi - Tytania Thriller - Monster Giant Robot/Thriller - Code Geass Romance - The princess and the pilot Action/Horror - Elfin Lied Cyber Punk - Lain Theres a few of my favorites from the likely hundres I've seen. If you would like recommendations or just a simple list to look at shoot me a message, I'll give ya the link to my anime list page.
  13. Brigadine. Tactics based Stratagy game. Six countries, multiple generals, monster troops and base taking and setting up. Was the game that started it all for me.
  14. Paradox Interactive is one of my favorites as well. I play EU and CK, Both are amazing. The next on my list would be Atlus, I love me a good RPG.
  15. I Played it quite often, specially when corruption came out. Having both a 4x game in space turn into a RTS battles if you would like was great.