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  1. when it comes to "letsPlayers" they litterally exist by the millions, spaming out videos. if you think you can bring something new to the table not even new just provide good,funny, interesting commentary or even what Joe does by being real and telling it like it is, go for it, im sure he AJSA community will will back you
  2. couldnt agree more that current gen held black flag back however i also think its a little bit of not playing all of your cards in one hand, meaning purposely leaving new features out to put them in future titles to make them look more entising (like they probly just figured pirating and naval was enough). which if that is the case i get it, but not putting core basic mechanics like stealth in a stealth game, only stealth involved is running into a bush, bail of hay, or sitting at a bench.
  3. Id say the 670 and 760, for all extensive purposes are the same. that being said the 670 is slightly better not so much you'd be a substantial difference but its there, main difference is if you are a "letsplayer" or not. 770 comes with a built in h.264 encoder which enables shadow play (screen recording with very little hit to your gaming performance "FRAPS"). This may or may not be important to you. if not go with the 660. same price just depends on your needs
  4. in the end the era is not what im worried about they need new mechanics, like snap to cover, jump evades, a dodge mechanic instead of just blocking, sneaking, mabey a little parkour(not saying to make him a gymnast but give him a little style), acually make new animations instead of making edward a skinnier connor, and a damn jumping assassination kill they they have in all beta trailers that they take out of the final game. i could go on and on but you get the idea.
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130934 760 evga superclocked 250$ yeah i got a 560 too, with modern games it sucking wind
  6. last i check the pc port of AC3 still has yet of being truly optimized
  7. have a dual link dvi but new tv doesnt have a port alot of sites claim theirs can but none of reliable source