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    I enjoy spending time with my kids. I currently have pc, xbox 360, and ps3. I like to write and compose music and read.
  1. cant wait! been excited for this game for a long time
  2. I have both consoles. I am happy with both but I do play my xbox more.
  3. I still play. Xbox: SHIMOSA Psn: Shimosa1 Been playing both consoles lately.
  4. I just returned, and I am enjoying it. The guild i am in is trying to rebuild. But its still fun.
  5. I am looking forward to this game :-)
  6. Mine would be Super Mario 3 for NES, Altered Beast for Genesis, Killer Instict for SNES, Xenogears & FFVII for PS1. These games I put a lot of hours into. There are more for different systems but that would take a while.
  7. I enjoyed the game, It gave the series a back story and i really love lore in games.
  8. Honestly if you had a cd of your music, i would buy it. Nice work!
  9. it this game out now or not?
  10. Hello and welcome to the Angry Army.
  11. It doesn't surprise me though, a lot of companies have been doing this for a long time now.
  12. 5/10, because of finding out about no story. I love the story in the games. That is why i buy them.
  13. Anyone know what headset Joe uses?
  14. I am fan of the original films, and I am excited for the new one as well.
  15. here we go again, the government or high dollar companies trying to rule us with a iron fist. It is bullshit.