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  1. I enjoyed this episode a lot, it sure was shorter than most but it still got the job done for me. The way the characters were introduced was nice, I'm not sure I approve of Telltale's spring cleaning of season 1 characters straight from the start though... Otherwise pretty good, I like the new UI & combat, in my opinion it surpasses season 1's episode 1. I also have to agree that Lily will be the returning character in episode 2. As for choices, I didn't befriend Sarah since she seems weird; so I just went with silence when she asked Clem to be friends. At the end, I picked Pete because he trusted Clem from the start.
  2. Playing on our server will be interesting
  3. Yeah, was a lot of fun. Hopefully we can get even more people next time
  4. I'd be very interested in playing it again soon, so sure, lets do it.
  5. This is interesting, but I think its more of a hoax rather than real.
  6. I'm in, I'll try my best to make it. Got all the dlcs except the scramble one.
  7. I find Bioshock 1 the best. Infinite was alright story-wise but it made me use the powers a lot less, so combat suffered in my opinion, not even mentioning the 2 weapon slots.
  8. I'm not really sure... I've put in more hours into fallout since I found myself modding it way more than elder scrolls, so I'd have to say fallout really
  9. Welcome Cavvy, hope you enjoy your stay!
  10. Assassins Creed III - didn't like the character nor the story, felt boring GTA IV EFLC, ballad of gay tony - never got around to finishing it Far Cry 3 - played a little then stopped, never got the time to return to it
  11. Mostly finding myself playing Planetside & Team Fortress. Both are great.
  12. I mostly read thrillers, my favorite writer of the genre being Agatha Christie.
  13. Pretty much the same here, there were 4 musicians and I was following them with a flag, moments later we got slaughtered by russians... Anyway, welcome to the AJSA! See you around
  14. Bassist here Anyway, yeah there's a lot of us from the looks of it \m/ . I like punk aswell
  15. People that brag about killing me and call me a noob even though I killed them at least 3 times before..