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  1. Congratulations. TL;DR I'm forced to admit, but it's great to see you doing well and enjoying it. Be sure to keep us informed and I think I speak for the whole of the AJSA when I say we're rooting for you. Well done, mate.
  2. I'd take wharever they finally admit the game will never come out, we took your money and we still can't believe you idiots believed us.
  3. Of course these scum nozzles would do this. Even if there was a free streaming option that didn't have the extra in game stuff or the subscription you mentioned then that would be fine, but no. This is like charging people to watch E3 streaming for $20!? That's disgusting! @Crazycrab is right, they know they're not gonna convince new fans at this point, so just deploy every shady tactic to milk the current ones. I'm am glad that, even if it is only in part, you see what these people are all about.
  4. Why the the good @Doctor didn't post this info sooner I'm not sure, but Star Citizen is free this weekend (August 24th 2018 - August 27nth 2018). The trial will include the MMO with four ships to choose, the the FPS mode and the dogfighting space combat arena. Full details from Eurogamer.
  5. Is... That... It? No explanation of your view, no details on whare you feel the problems are, no ideas on how it can get better. This is just quite literal "Here's my view on thing, now tell my you agree." Not to mention that "Nintendo being behind" is very vague on its own and debatable. My advice would be to edit the post to expand and explain the your point, otherwise this isn't worth much of anything frankly.
  6. Hi and welcome. You can post new forum topics within the appropriate sub forum if you want, but it's a good idea to check if the same topic has been brought up recently first and just post on that thread instead. Be sure to check out the AJSA Code of Conduct, New Members Guide and join us on the AJSA Discord as that's whare most of the discussion happens.
  7. Are saying that people who hate the game were wrong to hate it because they just didn't get that it was supposed to be a boring, tedious chore? Sorry, but we're talking about a game here set in fictional universe. The "simulation" games that serve the purpose of accurately showing how boring it actually is be a farmer or drive a train I have a hard enough time understanding, but to turn exploring space into a tedious job is just a poor concept from the get go.
  8. The text and voice chat in the AJSA given down on The AJSA Discord Server these days. It's easy to set up, just click the link an follow the instructions.
  9. Here's article from Kotaku when the interviewed a Stat Citizen fan who backed the project with £3450 ( almost $4.500 us) say the they way this was going, decided to sue to get his money back. He failed, sadly, but this interview serves to show Chris Roberts as CIG for who the really are and goes into the detals of the games various disasters that made this former "superfan" give up. Check out the full article here.
  10. That was fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing.
  11. CIG are no longer allowing refunds They have been ignoring refund requests since December and now have changed thier terms of service to not only say they will not hand out refunds at all anymore, but to also stipulate that that are no longer obliged to deliver a final product at all anymore. So this is the beginning of the end, and I'm not at all surprised.
  12. I know that's not what the post was about, I'm just saying some people say things about certain communities both positive and negative for good reasons. It's almost impossible to say whether a specific community is good or not because it's all about perspective. I'm not saying the Souls community is a toxic community, all I'm saying is my experiences with their fans has been mostly like that. In answer to your query whare it mostly happened over things like PSN and forums here and there, but I don't have screenshots of it all even if I did I wouldn't post them because doing would just stir up trouble.
  13. I can only speak from my experience of course and that's why I'd never paint them all with the same brush, but my experience with souls fans even including the ones on the AJSA has been terrible. They're arrogant, elitist, unhelpful and can't take any criticism of the games.
  14. I'm a union member all be it in a very different industry, and have been working post college for over a decade, so I know a thing or two about workers rights and professionalism again. True, I have never worked in the gaming industry, but I do work in an industry whare mostly males are employed in it, if not deliberately so. Like gaming, it is a industry trying hard to create more diversity in the workplace, although may actually may not have made as much progress as gaming has. So let me tell you something as a professional. When it comes to equality, fair treatment and interaction with clients, partners, colleges, customers and visitors, be it past, current or potential future. There is a certain standard expected with that regardless of where you are in a company. From janitor to CEO, they all have a part to play. That is blanket for any industry, not just gaming, and it's a standard Jessica Price did not adhere to. That's why she lost that job. She may have pent up bitterness from bad experiences at that or any other job in the past, abd my sympathies to her if that's so, but the community member she attacked was not responsible for any of that, so what right does she have to last out at him. None, Thats not my real issue with this anyway. I just feel you pushing a very personal one side bias on this whoal controversy that, and buy quite the majority based on what I've seen, the community does not agree with you on. If it were me, I'd check my own opinion at the door and just post facts, or at least opinion pieces that cover both sides of the story regardless of how I felt about it. You're "articles" are blatantly one sided. I didn't even see a screenshot of the very tweets that started this whole thing and I know why, because they show Jessica, and thus your argument, in a bad light. This is a front page article. Just like Jessica, it doesn't matter if it's you who wrote and/or complied it, it goes at least in part to representing us as a community wether that be the intention or not. That's, again just like Jessica, unprofessional. I think I speak for most of us when we appreciate the TWIG series. I don't always have to to read as the post are very long, but the effort is clear to see I when I do check it out I see stories, news and updates that I don't see anywhere else. Thus, my appricaition for it is absolute. Thank you for the effort, and I mean it. But if the point of it was for you to bolster your own personal opinions on topics like this than I take all that thanks back because I clearly misunderstood what the purpose was from the start.
  15. "firing of two ArenaNet employees leads to worries about the danger caused for employees when large companies immediately cave to mobs and to more discussion about workers rights and the need for unions,firing of two ArenaNet employees leads to worries about the danger caused for employees when large companies immediately cave to mobs and to more discussion about workers rights and the need for unions," What is that quote about? Jessica Price justifiablywas sacked for attacking community members offering perfectly reasonable feedback on social media, thus misrepresenting Arenanet whilst making a complete fool of herself by playing the gender card what that nothing to do with it. Her colleague defended her actions and got the boot to, and that may have been a bit harsh, but it is understandable.