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  1. I'm very thankful for this review because now i know i would hate this game for the pretty much the same reasons as i hated Deamon Souls. Instead of being entrusted to get though sections using your spacial awareness, strategy and reflexes, instead it's cryptic, trail and error bullshit. I hate that in games. A good horror game shoild be about one thing. Atmosphere. And whilst im sure this game has that, when you break tandon with bad gameplay, then that ruins it.
  2. Agreed. There are other battles and stories. The Battle of Winza, the Uprising of Warsaw, the Operations in North Africa, the Russian Front, even the final assault on Berlin we will likely never see explored by a video game because these didn't involve America. Normandy and the liberation of France was important, but it's been done to death. Also, is it just me, or would others like to see some of these battles from the Axis perspective? Obviously not the persecution of innocents like the Jews or anything, but it would be intersting and feel fresh if it's done respectfully and in good taste.
  3. Seeing the Activision logo just gives me a feeling of cold dread these days, then there's the Call of Duty logo... At least EA looks like a company that's listening to the fans and went back to and old school, real war concept because of that. Here, it just feels like "This will make money because Battlefield 1 did well." A year to late with a franchise thats a decade beyond giving a shit about. Activision will use this as the annual milk cow yet again.
  4. With all due respect to the OP, I'm personally starting to get quite board of these entitled individuals who think that Joe (and other youtubers, e-zines and websites) should review "X" game because they like it. First off, if you like the game/franchise so much and will buy it anyway, why would you need a review? Sure Joe puts out reviews for entertainment and that's why many people watch him, but that doesn't change that above all else it's a review. Impartial critique there to help you decide wether said game is worth buying yourself or not. So what's the point on you personally watching his review of it? Second. Just because Joe hasn't reviewd it, doesn't mean there aren't others who have. Have a look, you'll probably find what your looking for, just from someone else. And lastly, and this is something that should be made clear when people sign up, Joe rarely visits these forums and we (the AJSA) have no direct influence on his youtube channel, so you've kinda wasted your time complaining about this here. It's his channel, so it's his choice what he does and doesn't put on there.
  5. Is Terry Crews a gamer or another self indulgent prick. You know what, whatever, that PC is still beautiful.
  6. Nintendo having misplaced priorities!? Call Cpt Obvious, we might loose thier attention soon!
  7. That would be funny as hell! I've always looked at what the "back in my day...' bullshit that this generation will come up with and have a giggle.
  8. The game has mods on PC and that makes the possibilities almost limitless, but i think the main problem is that it's been around a while and allot of people have moved on. Mincraft ain't really my thing, but i do get the appeal, but eventually interest in any game dies down over time.
  9. Welcome to the AJSA.
  10. Well, howdy!
  11. Welcome to the AJSA.
  12. I honestly have no idea. The only thing i can suggest is contact Microsoft customer support and ask them. If the details for both can be verified as yours maybe they can merge the accounts?
  13. Your statement about some ( well, the one) of the new ape movies may be true, but all that serves to prove is how brainless modern action films rally are. The protagonists these days are more emotionally involved and more deep than the Arnold Jean Van Stallone stuff from the 80's and 90's, but all that does is put higher and conflicting demands on a genre that never needed this shit in the first place. Planet of the Apes was a sociological and character study already that they turned INTO action nonsense to then bring back into the new, brooding action film cliche. So in short, this reboot of the reboot has no purpose to exist! So your wrong, this has no respect for it's heritage at all. This film is a dollar sign to investors to profit on it and an idiot trap for the foolish with cash to spend it on.
  14. WOW! It's like the balance of power in the real world! The less intelligent are indeed in control, except they're the "brainiest and most handsomist".
  15. This milk cow is dry and dying. We can't even get good beef out of it anymore! Leave it the fuck alone to die in peace!