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  1. This isn't the news of an oncoming apocalypse or anything, calm down. Not to mention it's written in the stars to be shit.
  2. This may not be a popular opinion, but this idea to suddenly put Kratos in a game with a norse theme is pretty much a deal breaker for me. Rescklessly forcing a Spartan legend (even a fictitious one) into the mythology of the norse culture is like saying a Rammstien concert needs to have Goku appear randomly and go full super saiyan crazy to "up the ante"! Even if the ideas fit together, which they don't, it would still be completely pointless. Neither of them need each other to be cool! Kratos is cool because he's a Greek "God of War". Vikings are cool because I'll-slap-you-if-I-need-to-explain. What idiot thought that Kratos needs to be a fucking Viking to give him more appeal? This is not Kratos, simple as that. This character is of a completely different lineage, era and most importantly of all, culture, and that is so important because of the differences between these cultures, they help shape the people within them. Even if Kratos was to be the same man with the same personally and beliefs it would only make even less sence in the end. Think what you want about Dante from DMC, but he at least was still the same character, a universally agreed worse interpretation of said character, but at least his basic details were as they should be. I have little doubt this will be a good game, and if it were a new IP about a new (albeit, fictitious) legendary viking or something that would be fine, but this just another sad example of a major publisher cowardly putting a famous name onto a game it doesn't belong to help it sell. Horizon Zero Dawn has proven that, with the right marketing and support, new IP's can be successful if the game is good enough. Like I said, little doubt this will be a great game, but with the wrong name.
  3. I think that was a fair review. Glad he mentioned the button mapping aso that genuinely does feel strange to people who are used to PS4 and Xbox style controls and that's something no other review I've seen has brought up.
  4. I don't understand why you're not wanting to be involved in this community just because you aren't enjoying AJ's youtube content, but whatever.
  5. I do indeed have no shits to give about what Dice (cough, cough, Battlefront 2) and Activision (the next COD) have to offer at all. With the exception of God of War and the new Mario, 2017 is gonna struggle to keep par with Q1. Especially for Playstation, the first part of this year has been amazing.
  6. It looks like a sale price to me. https://www.imgur.com/gallery/kGBVU
  7. Welcome back to the AJSA. Yes, much has changed, but don't worry because we are very much still here with things to do on all platforms. The new Discord server that Crab described (WAY better imo) and a new website layout, but still the AJSA. If you have any questions about the community then please feel free to ask.
  8. God call. Had a look around for links for my favourite band and this is my favourite.
  9. The event updates on Xbox started as a way to communicate necessary information quickly to members outside the forums as people might not be logged in to see this info. On the PS4, there was the rooms set up buy WITHASTICK that functioned to the same end, just in a slightly different way, so the updates as we know them on XB1 aren't really necessary. Discord is has also proven to be a useful tool for this well on all platforms. Of course that's just my perspective, it's up to the PS4 guys if the want to employ such an idea, but it wasn't nessessary then and it seems unessessary now.
  10. Firstly, welcome to the AJSA. Legolas covered most of what had to be said, but here'so my my little bit. Now, sorry mate, but you're wrong. Yes, what Nintendo is doing is well within thier rights and completely legal, nobody said otherwise, but its also selfish, archaic and stupid. I would also call it greedy, but given that Nintendo would make more money buy loosening the choke hold they put on content creators, it just brings me back to stupid. It's also morally wrong. It's a blatant attempt to silence bad critique on YouTube and only leave positive content behind. Remember when Shadow of Mordor came out and the publisher would only let people who agreed to say nothing negative review the game pre-launch? Well, this is a different means to same end. Shadow of Mordor was decent game on it's own merits, so this stupid move turned PR disaster only hurt sales, so Nintendo can expect the same fate.
  11. If the same percentage of people who bought a switch and then postep a clip of it working perfectly fine to the same ratio of people made this compilation of faulty units (BTW, that's what warranties are for), what video do you think would be longer? Exactly. No new piece of tech has a launch without SOME malfunctioning units getting past quality control, it happens. Besides, where's the proof these people in the video aren't like that Moron who melted his PS4 Pro then posted pic's all over the Internet claiming it melted itself? I'm not defending Nintendo, I'm just using my common sence. Besides, there's I'm actually more concerned about what you've tried to do here Rain, especially considering you're a forum mod. Claiming this video is Joe's, when it isn't, and clearly taking an incredibly bias fanboy perspective on this. White all due respect, what kind of "Black Knight" bullshit are you trying to pull here? We (the AJSA members) are not that stupid man.
  12. I have a larger version of pretty much the same TV bought at the end of last year and it's excellent. 4k and HDR both look fantastic on it. Also, because It's a Sony Bravia, it will marry up with PS4 very easily to get the picture settings right. The tv's remote even works with the console on apps like Netflix.
  13. Without a 4K TV then no, there's really no point.
  14. Well, I'm Shagger... doubt that's you fell less awkward. But regardless, welcome to the AJSA, hope to see you involved henceforward.
  15. I personally couldn't care less. I see no evidence that Activision have thrown out the idea of turning a great concept for a video game into a hub to pile on DLC and having to buy said DLC to get something even remotely close to what was promised. Fuck Destiny 2, and for gaming's sake, I hope it fails.