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  1. I'm honoured to have hepled out, the set up is fucking sick.
  2. Wow! Thrusters! Ho-lee-shit! Thrusters!! I've been to judgmental, haven't I? All this time, that's what I've been. I was so focused on frivolous shit like stupidly expansive DLC content, a storefront that charges more for gift cards that they redeem for, broken Kickstarter promises, splitting what was one game into two separate purchaces, missed launch dates agian and again, a false alpha test thst's run far to long, a lack of stability in latest build, a "game" that's never really worked proparly at all, a lack of justification for a $150 million+ crowdfund, evidence of misappropriation of said crowdfund money, marketing that prayed and promoted a bad fanboy attitude amongst fans and a fanbase that's beyond deluded. I was wrong on all lf them. I was focused on the wrong things, clearly... ... because, MY GOD HYPE FUCKING THRUSTERS!!!
  3. I think it's already long since been proven that you're nothing but a deluded hype bitch for CIG with no mind nor imagination of his own. Who cares what you say?
  4. It don't care about tbat shit. At least not untill know what this bullshit is gonna cost. Only can one scope it's value. That's an interesting yet critical element both you and CIG seem as useually keen to avoid bringing up for some reason.
  5. OK man, relax, got you coverd... / Shit, it appears I'm out of bread... well, it's a start. Welcome to the AJSA.
  6. You may be celebrating to soon, they're about to lauch a new line of ships.
  7. You seriously don't see anything wrong with this? All this means is a whoal new serving of ludicrously expensive pay-to-win DLC is on the way FOR AN ALPHA. Fuck these guys.
  8. Piranha puts a luck luster effort in on it's console ports almost every time, but for some reason nobody every critizises them for it, at least not to same extend any developer gets it the neck for a bad PC port. Those criticisms of bad PC are deserved, don't get me wrong, but this something of a double standerd.
  9. Well, firstly welcome to the AJSA forums, and to answer your question;
  10. Personally, I have to disagree. Whether people want a proper challenge in a game or to causually breeze through and enjoy the story, style and whatever else in a game then that should be thier choice, plus that's what higher and lowel difficulty settings are for. There are, of cource, exceptions. Games for very young children need to be designed to not frustrate them and there are games like Cuphead and Dark Souls that are designed to test the limits of your skill and patience to ultimately improve both and make you feel empowered for progressing and accomplishing. I truely get it, but 9 times out of 10 when a game is badly balenced, especially with limited difficulty settings, that's a flaw. Making games like this is often a way to pad them out, cover up bad AI (Demon Souls being a prime example that), bad control set up or shitty stories. Look at Horizon: Zero Dawn, a game with literally none of those things, but it's still a challenging game. Easy to play, but not easy. Still, it gives one the option to make it a "turn on the death counter" nightmare or a casual breeze if all you want is to enjoy it's other elements without unnecessary frustration. That, to me, is an example of this done right. It's created another problem as well, elitist ass holes. I mean, what is wrong when somebody is stuggling with a section in a game, goes to a forum or something like that to seek advice and instead of being answered with, "Well, I tried this and it seemed to work..." they're met with, "Git Gud!" and all that stupid bollocks these idiots say. I know the creation of these monsters are not the fault of the games, but this is a consequence that probably won't have happened or at least be greatly reduced is these games were designed differently.
  11. I don't actully consider this a derailment, more riding on a parallel track, so its fine. The G2A thing was the srawthat broke my camels back, but it's just one part of a much larger problem, so dicussing this in the industry as a whoal is still on topic as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Here's the thing, there is difference between a purchace and a gamble. There is a risk to a purchase like in a gamble, sure, but there's there's also a kind of simple set of rights to go with it, rights that don't apply to a gamble. What these lootboxs are doing is replacing your buyers rights with a slot mschine. OK, I realy need milk, so I'm gonna go to my local convenience and pull on the fun bar in the hope i get some instead of an out of date chocolate bar I don't want. Or how about this example, buying feul for your car. Would you be happy to see a fruit machine on gas pump knowing that it's heavily in the houses favour and will almost certainly pay more because there's no regulations in place to make sure this is done fairly? That is a lootbox! At least with DLC you paid a price then got exatly what you wanted. Not only are lootboxs is a definite form of gambling but not even a fair nor morally sound sound one. Remember that CS:GO gambling controversy when popular youtubers who owned CS:GO Lotto filmed and streemed themselves playing those slots with altered odds to make it look like evetyone could win allot more than they risked? They can do that because, unlike in real gambling, there are no laws to regulate odds. Do you really believe that the lookboxs aren't exploiting the hell out of not only that, but the fact that you don't have to be of a certain age before you can bet on these? If you think they aren't then that is very foolish. This may be a little extreme, but I see this as something similar as a buisness giving kids cigarettes and alcohol to try them out. Gambling is outlawed to people below a certain age for same reason as those other things for a reason. It's a potentially very additive and dangerous activity that younger minds just aren't able to proparly handle. Just like how you wouldn't let a six year watch a horror film. There are diffences between Casinos and these lookboxes, not denying that, but the way it prays on your psychology is the same, only this time a gamble with no rules. That's what really concerns me about this. Even if it's not there yet, it's going to place that's very dark indeed.
  13. I'm not willing to dabate that for three reasons; I can't see how lootboxs in video games and websites selling video games connects to the fact that it's Trump who president of the United States instead of somebody else. The two things seem so disconnected that I can only assume there's something im missing. I'm not from America and I don't live there, so I've got nothkng to say about that that's even remotely worthwhile hearing anyway. Political discussions aren't permitted in the AJSA. So, mostly for the last reason, please don't bring that up again
  14. I'm a little confused by this statement. What one of these is the one that "not even released" because you're describing Elite Dangerous as that game, and clearly isn't the. Either way, you'll find the SC sub forum here, but because of the actions of the developers, faith and enthusiasm for that game has all but gone in the AJSA. Our resident SC hype man Docter is the only one with possible things to say anymore.
  15. Hmm... never heard of it, but I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks for the tip.