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  1. I find it unlikely that your SSD boot drive (assuming that's how it's set up) is at fault. There's very little that can go wrong with them and a failure of the boot drive would be more crippling than what you describe. It's more likely to be a connection problem. Loose and/or damaged connectors on the SATA cable or possibly a problem with the SATA cable itself. Check the connections and try alternative SATA cables if you can. If that doesn't help, it may be a problem with the CPU, RAM or motherboard, but if the PC works fine otherwise than that isn't very probable.
  2. Welcome to the AJSA.
  3. Im more or less with you on the rest of the post, although i did enfot FFXIV when i was playing, but can I just point out that with the possible exception of FFXV's DLC expantions, litterally none of those games came out this year.
  4. Winter Solstice FTW
  5. True, PUBG should not be on a toplist for the same reasons an SC 3.0. The problem is nobody here has made such a claim for PUBG here like you havevfor a con based alpha, uou teo faced fucker. Go away.
  6. Don't take anything that CIG hype slave says seriously. Even if you ignore the obvious illegitimacy of Star Citezen that is one of the worst toplists I've ever seen.
  7. Well if it not it's should be. For the aforementioned reasons we just don't need them anymore. As a small scale indie project, then ok, such developers have to stuggle with limitations like game deves did back in the day and could be good as long as the storytelling elements are well done. However, for a AAA production today it makes about as much sence as... well, this did in 2015;
  8. The point and click game is dead. In it's place these days is interactive narratives like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Untill Dawn, the Telltale games and the fantastic Life is Srange. Point and click is a thing that only existed because the interactive narrative as we know it now was impossible to to make back then. So to summarise, we don't need point and click games these days because we have something better.
  9. Maybe the drivers on the CD are out of date. Most companies will have the latest versions of thier software online somewhare. Try getting your internet going again or borrowing another computer and search for the software or company that's printed on the cd. Hopefully you'll find a new version of the sofware that's fully compatible with your current version of Windows.
  10. Got it preloaded and ready to go. The damb thing start 'till 5pm tommorow my local time and that's annoying. But hey, my PSN is to the side under my avatar and so on and I'm sure @WITHASTICK will likly have a plan in mind for the community.
  11. First off, welcome to the AJSA! Secondly; This looks cool! Thrirdly, but sadly; I have to tell you that Joe is even less likely to see this here than on any of his social media accounts. I'll do what i can to get chatter going the hope he'll see this. Other members should be convinced to do the same just because this is a promicing indie project. Who dosent want to take control of an AVGN vs Nostalgia Critic fight!
  12. I think moderm gaming is a great social outlet for people who, for one reason or another, struggle with in life social interactions. The protection of an alias online as well was being behind a keyboard or whatever does cause it's problems, but does offer a way to be expressive and confident that many people struggle with in other area. Alot of people think that being socially active only on the internet is a problem, but I disagree. Thats why i like communities like this. I can actully communicate with people I find intersting on topics i want to talk about. Don't think forr one secind your sivially inept man. Not gonny deny that "getting ou there" would be a good thing, but to do so forcibly abd to only feel more uncomfortable wouldn't be worth it.
  13. Thats very kind of you to say, and maybe I will send him an e-mail, not that I think much will come of it. But still, thanks.
  14. Steam is a mess, we all know that. The big problem is, of course, that the storefront is flooded with digital diarrhoea covering all the legitimately good and worthwhile indie developer's work and thus they simply can't get noticed and recognised. It's gotten to the point where indie dev's are preferring Nintendo to Steam. Last year more than 4000 games released on Steam, almost half of it's entire library at the time. This year, with December still to go, there has already been more than 6000. Some people will twist the meaning of these figures to say "look at all the choice Steam offers" or "That's because of how much Steam and PC gaming has grown", but we know the truth. It would be very easy and correct to blame the legions of dickhead developers and asset flippers for using Steam as the dumping ground for all their rancid piles of shit. However, as some will well know, I don't blame the ones who are taking advantage of this opportunity to deploy their get rich quick schemes, I blame the ones that are clearly quite happy to open the door to these bastards in the first place, Valve. This company makes money faster than paper can even be printed, and are yet unyielding in there insistence that the one thing that would immediately negate these problems can't be done. That being employing actual eyeballs with actual optic nerves to attach them to actual brains certified as actually sane inside actual head's that are parts of actual human beings to do actual quality control. Instead, they depend on a $100 entrance fee (what a deterrent that is) and nice, cheap algorithms that don't work. And that's being kind, I actually believe that Valve lets this happen because of the money they make as result of all this, but that's speculation and I want to stick to actual facts. There are people who will defend Valve buy saying "To many games get released on Steam every day to check each one" or "Hiring the sheer number of quality control staff to do this work would cost to much money". Well, I am going to test those theories. First, lets get some base numbers. To say again, 6000+ games released this year minus December. So, that's 6000 games over 334 days (that's the 365 day year minus December) meaning per day the average number of games released on Steam this year has been... (Apologies for the size of the images. I'm on my tablet and can only use screenshots from my calculator app and the always annoying imgur as file host. Don’t worry, I'm not going to use these screenshots to prove every sum, just the important ones.) ...so, close enough to say 18 games a day. Really? 18? They can't eyeball 18 games a day on average? And that's the highest its ever been. Obviously there will be days with more that, but there will be days with less to. There's also employee holidays, weekends and sick days to consider, but if Valve were to implement this there would almost certainly be a stated QC period between when a game is presented to them and being approved for sale (maybe 48hrs, for example) to help accommodate such delays and time zone discrepancies. So, 18 a day is a fair average to me to deal with these games quickly. I'm gonna assume for this a game is approved or not approved within 24hrs. On to the next issue. Cost. I am not gonna just look at how much an individual gets paid for doing this kind of work and build my calculations on that for three reasons; 1. I don't know what people in that profession get paid. 2. Even if l did know, I'm not gonna expose another persons salary without permission. 3. That wouldn't be an accurate estimate to how much an employee costs an employer anyway. There's more to it than just wages. So I'm going to approach this a different way. What I'm going to do is imagine a certain amount of people doing this job, analyse the workload so that we know that it's within reasonable parameters for both sides and consider this against the money taken in for that $100 fee per game because that's where that money should go in my opinion. So I am taking 0% of the money made from sales of games, DLC, movies, soundtracks, trading cards and everything else. Just that $100 fee. First, I want to take that 18 game a day average and apply it to December so we can get an annual figure for games released as an estimate; So adding that to 6000 makes a total of 6558 but I'm gonna round that up to 6700 given that at the time of posting we're still in November plus I think December will be a "busy" month given Christmas and all. Since Valve are to stingy to even employ one person to do quality control, so I'm gonna keep the number of people in this hypothetical scenario down to literally a handful, 5. Not 500, not 50, 5. So these 5 people doing 40hrs per week is a total of 200 man hours per week, multiply by 52 weeks that's 10,400 man hours per year. Divide that by those 6700 games and; ... that's around 90 minutes each employee has to check each game. That may not sound like much, but when comes to games that are not of adequate quality, are non-functional or barley functional, more obvious violations of copyright, offensive or overly obscene material, asset flips and other such dross, one could figure most of these out much more quickly than that. As an average, that's plenty of time, and this is with just 5 people remember. Speaking of which let's figure out the budget per employee to maintain this scenario between these 5 testers (Valve already have the management in place to remove games and offending developers, so they have the management in place for this already, so managers don't count). If all they have is the money form those $100 fees, then the annual budget per tester in $US is; ... oh, fuck you Valve! FUCK YOU!!! How do I see this? Well, I think Valve know damn well that if the did do proper QC, it would lead to less games getting published on Steam making even this hypothetical QC more expensive per game in the long run. THAT is why they refuse to do it. They WANT this dross all over Steam. It all comes down to money. So despite everything I just said, I'm wrong. QC would cost more money, but that much more? I say no. Valve just doesn't value their pride, there storefront, their customers nor the indie' development community enough to make these changes, not against the bottom line. But I'm leaving that and well as my figures open to the jury. Please share your thoughts below
  15. I'm just gonna say there's a reason why port begging and anti-exclusive chatter on gaming comes almost exclusively from PC players, and it has nothing to do with a belief of exclusives being "anti-consumer". It's because, whilst the PC has undeniably tons of games you cant play anywhere else, the vast majority of them are god awful and no same human being would willingly waste thier money nor thier time on them. PC fanboys don't like to admit this simple truth, so instead they keep making claims exclusives are bad for gaming. Either that or $300 is apparently "to expensive" when thier graphics cards alone probly cost twice that much (no kidding, I have literally seen that said). What your talking about is sound in theory, but the it would allow the fatal spread of a disease knon as Steam's low standards soead to all the vital organs. All because some entilted, selfish, childish people aren't willing to shell out $300 for a system that can play HZD, Bloodbourn, Gravity Rush 1 and 2, TLOU, Uncharted and other great games because thier "beyond that peasantry"! Seriously, there people need to grow up, put up or shut up.