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  1. Can I just quickly point out that Cyberpunk 2077 is an indie game? As in it's independently published, or self published is often the term. I would have a expected you, as a Star Citizen fan who hypes and discusses the game at length on internet forums, of all people to know that when a game as in "indie game" actully has to nothing do with how much money or heritage is behind the project. And yes, the gaming community has more that it's fair share of toxicity in it, but this topic/debate has nothing to do that. The anger amongst gamers over what's been going on with this sinking ship is not the cause of ths projects problems.
  2. I just find it really funny that you uese Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last of Us 2 as examples of games developed behind closed doors and thus are less transparent when thier repective developers (CD Project Red and Naughty Dog) both have stellar reputations for the quality of the games the produce, honsety and respect towards thier customers and fair minded business practices. They are masters of the craft that practically kiss the ground thier fans walk on. To even bring them up as comparison in a topic about CIG and/or Star Citizen is frankly insulting.
  3. First iteration? It's been 7 years and I've seen you talk endlessly about how this is "constantly evolving" and how wonderful and massive every new update it is, but this is the first iteration. The hypocrisy is unreal. And i never said you asked people to support it, I said you've been trying to sell it, there's a difference.
  4. No, those people wanted a game, not an endless tirade of excuses to consume as much of thier money as possible. You're sounding more and more like a shady door to door salesman for CIG and that's hilarious given the fact you have convinced literally nobody in the AJSA to buy it, so you efforts aren't even working! Seriously, why don't you just give up?
  5. I find it unlikely that your SSD boot drive (assuming that's how it's set up) is at fault. There's very little that can go wrong with them and a failure of the boot drive would be more crippling than what you describe. It's more likely to be a connection problem. Loose and/or damaged connectors on the SATA cable or possibly a problem with the SATA cable itself. Check the connections and try alternative SATA cables if you can. If that doesn't help, it may be a problem with the CPU, RAM or motherboard, but if the PC works fine otherwise than that isn't very probable.
  6. Welcome to the AJSA.
  7. Im more or less with you on the rest of the post, although i did enfot FFXIV when i was playing, but can I just point out that with the possible exception of FFXV's DLC expantions, litterally none of those games came out this year.
  8. Winter Solstice FTW
  9. True, PUBG should not be on a toplist for the same reasons an SC 3.0. The problem is nobody here has made such a claim for PUBG here like you havevfor a con based alpha, uou teo faced fucker. Go away.
  10. Don't take anything that CIG hype slave says seriously. Even if you ignore the obvious illegitimacy of Star Citezen that is one of the worst toplists I've ever seen.
  11. Well if it not it's should be. For the aforementioned reasons we just don't need them anymore. As a small scale indie project, then ok, such developers have to stuggle with limitations like game deves did back in the day and could be good as long as the storytelling elements are well done. However, for a AAA production today it makes about as much sence as... well, this did in 2015;
  12. The point and click game is dead. In it's place these days is interactive narratives like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Untill Dawn, the Telltale games and the fantastic Life is Srange. Point and click is a thing that only existed because the interactive narrative as we know it now was impossible to to make back then. So to summarise, we don't need point and click games these days because we have something better.
  13. Maybe the drivers on the CD are out of date. Most companies will have the latest versions of thier software online somewhare. Try getting your internet going again or borrowing another computer and search for the software or company that's printed on the cd. Hopefully you'll find a new version of the sofware that's fully compatible with your current version of Windows.
  14. Got it preloaded and ready to go. The damb thing start 'till 5pm tommorow my local time and that's annoying. But hey, my PSN is to the side under my avatar and so on and I'm sure @WITHASTICK will likly have a plan in mind for the community.
  15. First off, welcome to the AJSA! Secondly; This looks cool! Thrirdly, but sadly; I have to tell you that Joe is even less likely to see this here than on any of his social media accounts. I'll do what i can to get chatter going the hope he'll see this. Other members should be convinced to do the same just because this is a promicing indie project. Who dosent want to take control of an AVGN vs Nostalgia Critic fight!