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  1. YOU'RE STILL FUCKING SIDESTEPPING! Why would I want to discuss this with you in any way when you refuse to listen? If wanna keep avoiding the lie you told about crab and the numerous and blatent attents to sidestep and ignore things you don't wanna address than fine, just don't think that me not replying anymore is some kind of victory for you, it means you're deluded and beyond even my help. I think this has been derailed enough anyway.
  2. I was in the middle of an edit to fix a few grammatical errors and stuff when you replied. For Doctor's sake more than mine, it was important that I point that out and make that clear to everyone that reads this and that that's why Doctor's quote my post don't match. He didn't alter anything himself in my post and both posts say the same thing. To the point, Doctor, you're doing it again. The side stepping. You cut out the first half of post because didn't want to address the fact you were called out on the defamatory you just committed, knowing you were lying from the start and instead post what looks a reply something else completely. I don't care what you want to say or don't want to say about crabs post in the other topic (a reply you asked for yourself, by the way, so do the least you owe in respect to him and reply if you haven't done so.), take that up with him, the only reason I sent you the link was in case you missed it, it's nothing to with me. Nobody likes hearing hearing bad things about something they like and/or are closely involved with. In this case, that thing is Star Citizen. And in this case, I'm not talking the dev's, I'm talking about you. I know the negativity cant be easy to observe but goddamn it, take it like a man! You're probably the most well informed person on these forums about this game, and it's totally fine to take pride in that. Few people reply to your updates, but we do read them, so the are appreciated. So you see, that's why I'm frustrated because I feel I have potentially good source of info' in convenient reach just ignoring me. I know you're not obliged to do me any favours or anything, but I think I've had enough anyway. Your update posts are the best im gonna get out of you.
  3. Right at the end of the post he said, and I'm paraphrasing, that the insanely preiced items on the storefront makes the dev's look like untrustworthy, greedy assholes. Not only is he right that's not even an insult because he's describing what RSI are saying about themselves by having that storefront. Im sorry, did you just expect me just to believe what you said about the post? Think I would be to lazy to check the post agian? That's why you didn't actully quote him, because you knew were making a spineless falsity and excuse to just ignore all truth and validity in that post, like the you sidestep every criticism of the game, the dev's and the business practices. I would both answer the question and give a detailed explanation why, but you would heed any off it and you don't deserve it.
  4. Couldn't agree more, especilly that last one. That store is just far to intimidating for any normal gamer accept. Calling these plegdes does not justify the cost of these, nor does it justify them selling gift cards for more thsn they redeem for, the payed name changes and just about everything eles. I'm not as convinced about a console port though. Like it or not, the game prayed on the bad attitudes of PC fanboys right from the start. True, as much as I hate the PC Moron Race (If your not a PC fanboy, you shouldn't be offended by that) to my very soul and would loved to see them jazzed up, it doesn't change the fact that could be the only promise RSI can break that would send thier fans against them. You're 100% correct on why the console port makrs sence abd would at least show positive shift in attutude from them, but the PCMR are to immature.
  5. I think Crab responded, but in the wrong topic. Check it here.
  6. For the sake of the backers and fans, even though they would take up arms for RSI and defend them at even that happening, I hope you're wrong, but I sadly have to confess I think you're right.
  7. Developers do not earn $100 grand a year, not even close. Even I'm wrong and that actully is the salary a video game developer can expect then; 1. I'm in the wrong job and thus deeply depressed over the fact I've wasted my life, and; 2. It will only make my following point more valid. To say per head a developer costs a company $100 grand per year I think is what you really mean because It's not just salaries. There's pensions, office space, 3rd party employees, contractors and resources to consider, so the figures do make sense, apart from two reasons. One, they didn't have 400 developers from the start, they grew as time went on, so to average it at around 200 staff per year would actually be closer to the cost. Secondly, with the budget they have had, a typical AAA dev' team could develop several games. They are faced with the same challenges, troubles and strife's and, if anything, even more pressure, so RSI have earned no extra sympathy given their resources. Had this been a investor funded project like most AAA games are, RSI would have been sacked and sued by now, but instead their fans, the people who invested their money into this bullshit project, defend them like Shiroyama. Noble, but hopelessly stupid. Don't get me wrong, I am so glad to see that a fellow preacher of common sense has graced this subject and good for you, but if RSI have indeed blown all their cash, then tough fuck and fuck them. It's just another reason to not support them because with $150+ million and be unable to deliver anything beyond an "alpha" is unacceptable. And that's before one even mentions the shady store front, the broken Kickstarter promises and how much the owner's of RSI have "invested" in themselves.
  8. Jim has posted a follow up after priviting his review video and Crab and Kaz assumed appears to be more of less accurate; Any, game looks awsome a review score have been genrally very high, so I think I will pick this up.
  9. I didn't really know about this game 'till recently and, to be honest Kaz, loosing faith in the game over a ten minute gameplay clip would be like complaining about a porn film over its plot synopsis. This is a supposed to be complicated, phycological adventure into an unsound mind with daunting gamplay. The devs have said the relatively low price is down to an attempt to give AAA quality in an admittedly shorter game with "more killer, less filler" content to explore, but when the content is less mainstream and as daring as what we have here, then you can let oneself loose and have that more obscure but appreciative audience and still have a successful game. Sony's backing won't hurt and they have been promoting this well, but more importantly thier business practices on thier exclusives (OK, this is on PC as well, but still) have been so consumer friendly and have been married to fantastic games this year, so just on that I have good reason to believe. Im looking forward to this and will probably really like it, it just feels like the kind of game a want right now despite not actully asking for it.
  10. Sounds amazing mate.
  11. Could there be a problem with the account settings or parental settings on the console?
  12. What you described publishers doing when the close projects before thier annonced is common sence. Games should only be announced when tnere is assurances that they're going to be finnished. Sadly it doest always worknout like that, but it's akways better to lose down a failing prifect before its annonced. That's one area where I do sympathise with RSI and other developers who rely on croudfunding because you have no choice but to announce the game when it's barely got started and air all you dirty laundry throughout. Not ideal, but that's still not an excuse for all the shady shit they're doing. As for other options, Elite Dangerous, the Mass Effect series, the EVE games, Stellaris, Star Conflict, No Mans Sky, Distant Worlds, Faster Than Light, Homeworld, a number of Star Wars games (Like TIE Fighter and SWTOR), Star Trek Online, Master of Orion.... need I go on?
  13. Just because I don't trust the assholes developing the game doesn't mean I want it to fail. True I did think that if the project did fail and they ran off with your cash it would teach a harsh, but important lesson to the SC fanbase, but if you're anything to go by they probably wouldn't heed it and make excuses on behalf of the dickheads who ripped them off. You have your blinkers on letting you think that SC is the only option, when it's clearly not. Lie to me all you want, but for your own sake stop lying to yourself. These pricks are expecting you chow down on all the candy they're flicking at you piece by piece post shoving them up thier god damn ass! Why are you eating it?
  14. Here's the thing, what you call "straight-forward' games, I call quality games. How did HZD, Life is Strange, Ori and the Blind Forest, Child of !ight and so many others that succeeded without $160 million to spend? Simple. They are good games that the world wanted. An indie game is defined buy being funded, promoted and developed buy the same company. So a list of indie titles include GTA4, The Witcher Series and ES Skyrim. I think you think that means passionate, herioc a d obscure, but it doesn't. Especially with $150 million to spend. Small, indie dev's are, if anythng more shady these dsys by the most. Between us all, we have explained the facts. I'm just waiting for your post about the game being cancelled leaving the people who provided the >$150 million with basically nothing and you defeding that choice.
  15. Stop trying to sell tbe game! And you still haven't answered my question. Do you think Star Citizen offers the same value vor money right now as a typical AAA game. Yes or no. And you what, the only reason that AAA publishers have navigiated a wide birth of projects like SC is because the know that they are impending disasters waiting in line for thier turn to explode. They think about these things with tier heads, not thier hearts. Like it or not, thats the way it should be done.