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  1. Welcome to the AJSA. Recently built a new PC myself, but still play on Xbox and PS4 as well, so all got myself covered.
  2. Welcome to the AJSA. Nice to see a lot of new members coming in.
  3. Welcome to the AJSA.
  4. I had to share this video. I not only highly recommend this youtube channel but this video is as intelligent, inspired and informative as an video I've seen on the Switch.
  5. I've never played Kingdom Hearts, but it's clearly a much loved series and there has to be a reason. Sadly, I'm a lazy basterd and can't be bothered to play the old games on the old systems and would rather play a re-master or something. So, and I admit this might make me look really stupid and I apologise in advance for that, but can I play the current PS4 titles like 2.8 (A little criticism, the game titles do not make this easier at all) and "get it"?
  6. Welcome to the AJSA. Check out the PS4 Sub-Forum as well as our Discord Channel to get involved.
  7. The first thing you should do is sign up to our Discord server. From there, you can chat to other members via text and voice channels. Just send a message out to see who wants to play.
  8. Game: Gravity Rush 2 Platform: PS4 Play time: 40 hours to beat the main story, but with most of the challenges and some side missions still to do. I may put together a more thorough review for this if I find the time, but suffice to say this is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying single player games I've played in a long time. The game is long for a game in this genre, but doesn't feel padded at all. Well written side missions with the great variety in the game-play within them, a gorgeous and massive new open world to explore, fun online components all set in the franchises already unique lore and visual style. It's improved massively from it's predecessor in graphical fidelity and scale along with new game-play mechanics. The main story is admittedly cliche at times and is very slow at the start, but still very engaging with the character both old and new very well developed with fulfilling story arcs and resolutions. And then , there's the ending. I'm not gonna spoil it, but let's just say THIS is how you do and ending! There is a gig sequel tease, but I found it exiting rather than annoying. The new improvements to combat along with some very creative and fun boss battles with a wide variety of challenges keeps the game-play fresh throughout. The game doesn't even have to be that way. The game is just as happy with you chilling out and exploring the world and is also rewarding as, like in the first game, you can collect gems to level up your abilities and now also collect talismans to passively boost Kat's stats and buff up certain attacks and skills. There are faults. The stasis feild ability in the first was underused buy most players because it wasn't actually that useful in combat, but they've overcompensated this time with it being insanely overpowered. Objects to be used as ammunition are way more abundant, the grab range is much larger and it does more damage plus it gets buffed even more in Jupiter and Luner gravity styles. It at it's most insane when fighting people as you can literally pick them up and use them as ammo or just throw them of the ledge in an instant. The game also glitched out at one point where I have to restart the game to progress in a certain mission. There's allot of graphical pop-ins with the textures, objects and even NPC's (I played on the standard PS4, so I don't know if playing on the PS4 pro fixes this issue). The biggest issue though, is the camera. I've seen allot worse, but there's defiantly problems in tight spaces or when one is near a wall. Those problems aren't enough to declare this a sure GOTY contender that's well worth the price, particularity with the first DLC expantion on the way for free. There's already a free costume for Kat on the PSN store. Like I said, I'll try and find the time to write a more detailed review if I can find the time, but the important thing is this is a wonderful game and I highly recommend it.
  9. Welcome to the AJSA.
  10. PSN ID: sabaton_owns Games: ehhh, frankly mostly single player stuff (let's be honest, aside from muliplats like Battlefield and such, that's what Playstation are best at), but if an exclusive or PS+ title comes along with fun multiplayer count me in. Right now, FFXV and Gravity Rush 2 (Buy that game if you haven't yet, btw).
  11. for honor

    I've thought about it. Just completed a new build and looking to get into some group gaming and For Honour ain't a bad shout.
  12. First EF month with a new PC, so I might give this a go.
  13. A fair point.
  14. The community has a Discord server for voice and text chat. Find it Here. Game events are held for a number of titles regularly, but you'll have to check for the information on said game either in the forums, asking an officer or Commander or juse shout it out on Discord to see if anyone is available to play.
  15. Welcome to the AJSA. In the UK, we kinda get screwed with the prices of games and gaming hardware as well, so I feel your pain.