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    Fife, Scotland
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    Metal, Games, My braw wee boy!

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About Me



Hello and welcome. This is Shagger!

Feel free to add me on PSN, XBL, Nintendo Network or Steam

Other than that, I'm 30 years old and have lived in this small mining village in the ass end of nowhere in Scotland my whole life. I've been a gamer almost as long starting with the Atari 2600, through various console and PC games all they way up the the XB1, PS4, WiiU and PC I own now.

Outside of gaming, I love music (Metal of various kinds mostly). Favorite artists include Sabaton, Amaranthe, Iron Maiden and Alestorm. I also enjoy TV shows like Red Dwarf, Avatar :The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, Joss Whedon's TV shows like Buffy and Firefly and I'm starting to get into anime a bit as well. My favorite movies include Battle Royal, The Neverending Story, Taken, Terminator 2 and Hot Fuzz.

I have been with Gf for about eight years and we have a son named Andrew (his initials are literally ACDC!). I work as a pipe fitter at the Rosyth Dockyard which is pretty cool as it's decent money and I get to be part of the team building these;