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  1. Shagger liked a article by Legolas_Katarn, This Week In Gaming 8-2-16   
    This week in gaming; DOTA adds VR spectator mode, the new generation of arcades, tales from localization hell (the story behind the laughing scene in Final Fantasy X), Mom moderates daughter's Twitch chat, Gwent is a game born of one wild weekend, an interview with the man responsible for some iconic North American SNES and NES box art, why Bethesda should reveal paid mods 2.0, Inside coming to PS4, game journalism pioneer passes away, praising the slow travel of Shadow of the Colossus, new Overwatch bans inspire threats and hilarity, Yacht Club Games talks about their Japanese localization for Shovel Knight, remembering Silent Hill 4, and more.
    Gaming News
    Game Journalism Pioneer Joyce Worley Passes Away

    PlayStation VR requires about 60-square feet of space to use and other new details

    The New Layton Game Is Called Lady Layton
    Dead Rising 4 gameplay reveals new enemies and weapons
    Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide has a console release date

    Titanfall 2 multiplayer will use Azure, Google and Amazon clouds, and "bare metal" servers

    Prey - What is Prey? (Official)
    PS4-Exclusive Bound Has Gorgeous Art and a Huge, Mysterious Puzzle

    Playdead’s Inside coming to PS4 in August

    Battlerite is the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions
    Outlast 2 delayed until 2017, still promises to "scare the crap out of you"

    Yakuza 0 launches in the West on Jan. 24
    Mafia III - Cassandra: The Voodoo Queen Trailer
    New Persona 5 Gameplay Video Is Overflowing With Style
    Capcom teases ‘Project Palm’ which might be Dragon’s Dogma-related

    New turn-based Warhammer 40K game in the works
    Guy Starts Leaking No Man's Sky Videos, Changes His Mind Because He Doesn't Want To Spoil People
    The Consequences of No Man's Sky: Will Players Destroy or Preserve the Universe?
    No Trace is Hitman meets Hotline Miami, out this year
    Watch Dogs 2: Remote Access - "Meet Marcus & DedSec"
    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Aims To Reinvent The Series and Its Developer
    The new game from Sir, You Are Being Hunted devs takes a sci-fi twist
    Wild Guns Reloaded trailer introduces new characters Bullet and Doris

    Layers of Fear: Inheritance gets a trailer ahead of next week's launch
    Valley, the first-person exploration-adventure about life, death, and other consequences, is coming in August
    Sengoku Basara: Sanada Yukimura-Den gameplay shows Sanada’s Trials
    Fan-made Star Wars Battlefront successor blocked by EA, LucasFilm

    Stable Orbit Is A Space Station Simulator Set In 2034
    Life is Strange dev reveals new studio and Battlecrew Space Pirates, a competitive online shooter
    The King of Fighters XIV ‘Psycho Soldier Team’ gameplay trailer
    All Aboard the Post-Apocalyptic Choo-Choo: The Final Station Out This August
    The original Darksiders is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Wii U

    Does This Game Look Too Good To Be the Work of Just One Person?
    Remedy is making the story mode for Korean shooter CrossFire 2

    Latest Overwatch patch gives Ana a buff, tweaks McCree again

    The latest Overwatch banwave inspires tears, threats, and hilarity
    Overwatch appears to be getting some Summer Olympics-themed skins
    Overwatch Gets Rocket League-Like Summer Games Mode
    Here's a brief look at Rainbow Six Siege's new Favela map
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Skull Rain's BOPE Operators and Favela Map In Action
    Rainbow Six Siege Dev Canceled Patriots to Focus on Competitive Multiplayer
    Prison Architect 2.0 Is The Last Major Update
    Marvel Games is "sharing your concerns" about Marvel: Ultimate Alliance with Activision
    New Doom trailer reveals the next free update and Unto the Evil DLC
    Paragon Adds Thorny New Hero Next Week
    DOTA 2 Adds VR Spectator Mode
    Nintendo reports huge quarterly loss amid plummeting Wii U sales

    PlayStation is one of the only bright spots in Sony’s quarterly earnings

    Capcom's fortunes falter due to a dearth of big releases

    Metal Gear Franchise Sales Top 49 Million as Konami Profits Increase

    Sega's Sales Show Improvement

    Ghostbusters Developer Fireforge Games Goes Bankrupt

    Nvidia agrees to settlement in lawsuit for GTX 970 false advertising

    No criminal charges in 38 Studios case, say Rhode Island officials
    Valve widens Counter-Strike gambling crackdown, tells another 20 sites to close

    An Australian politician wants Counter-Strike: GO to be defined as gambling
    Biggest Counter-Strike Betting Site Seeks Official Gambling License
    The BioWare forums are closing down forever

    VR glove firm Manus showcases full finger- and arm-tracking on Vive
    Esports News
    Dota 2: The International’s $18.5m Prize Pool Breaks Own Previous Record, Is STILL Growing

    Reflecting on ELEAGUE’s past and future

    Sessions: Chris Kluwe on Getting Into Esports, It's Future, and Franchising

    FIFA goal of the year winner to quit football for esports
    Crowdfunding News
    That Day We Left - A narrative game about the refugee crisis
    In a TwitLonger post Jim Sterling talks about how he shut down the comment section after multiple offensive comments were posted and is thinking of shutting down his comment section like TotalBiscuit did.
    Shenmue director returns for Shenmue III
    Armored Core board game finds success on Kickstarter, then drops Armored Core name

    Other content I found interesting this week
    Jalopy! And The Other Side of the "Maturity in Games" Conversation
    God Damn This Halo Trailer Was Good
    True Tales from Localization Hell

    How Final Fantasy X's Infamous Laughing Scene Happened
    The Mom Who Moderates Her Daughter’s Rowdy Twitch Chat

    Tom Dubois Talks About Creating Some Of The Most Iconic Boxart Of The NES And SNES Eras

    Playing That Dragon, Cancer When Your Child Has Cancer

    Robin Hunicke Wants to Change Video Games, But She Can’t Do It Alone

    Yacht Club Games Japan Localization

    Guest Column: Card Deck Narratives

    Forgot to add this one last week.
    Call of Duty Zombies: An Oral History of the Unlikely Undead Phenomenon

    The Artist is Absent: Davey Wreden and The Beginner's Guide
    This War of Mine Human Survival and the Ethics of Care

    Why Bethesda should reveal Paid Mods 2.0 soon

    A Fond Remembrance For Silent Hill 4: The Room

    In praise of travelling slowly in Shadow of the Colossus

    G2A Scammer Explains How He Profited Off Stolen Indie Game Keys

    Babysitting The Survivor (The Jimquisition)

    Something in the Direction of Exhibition

    Taxman and Stealth: The Story behind Sonic Mania's Fans Turned Developers
    ‘ADR1FT’ Creator Adam Orth on the Struggle of Navigating Life, Twitter and the Games Industry
    Will Richard Garriott's Lord British survive the night?


    Taming Innovation: What Nontraditional Gaming Can Teach Us About VR
    Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games
    Deus Ex – What’s in a Name?
    Rated E For Sexual Content
  2. Shagger liked a article by WITHASTICK, Community Spotlight 03/14/16 - The Emerald Rune   
    Today’s Spotlight Interview I swallow my pride as a Sony Pony and sit down with the Xbox One Commander, RuneX. Now I know what you’re saying, “How could I possibly lower myself like this! Don’t you know who they’re!” Yes they may be our immortal enemy, our Lex to our Superman, our Joker to our Batman (Because… we’re the good guys always). But in the end what truly can be done? When an Unstoppable Force meets an Immovable Object, nothing is the final outcome. So instead of being nothing, I hold a hand out and see a future together. I see a dream- OH! Sorry, lost track of what I was doing. We’ll be talking about the history of the Xbox One Division, what it’s like to run an entire Division, as well as a bit of friendly console rivalry laughs.
    Question 1: Thank you Commander RuneX for taking the time to sit down and talk. For those who may not possibly know, can you explain what you do for the Xbox One Division? As well as the AJSA Community as a whole?
    RuneX: Thank you for considering me for this interview. I currently oversee and supervise all internal operations within the AJSA Xbox One Division. I coordinate and organize, along with the Xbox One staff, daily events on the Xbox One. We work together, plan and schedule to make these daily events a reality. I also help maintain the Xbox One sub-forum and monitor any incoming posts from new or existing members. With the AJSA Community as a whole I help contribute articles time to time outlining the Xbox One Division's monthly activities. Additionally I currently edit the game footage in Xbox One event videos you see on the AJSA Gaming Channel. I also act in a supervisory role to the AJSA SMITE PC group. Ground operations are performed by the SMITE PC Game Officer.
    Question 2: How does the Xbox One Division conduct it’s side of the Community with events and supporting games?
    RuneX: In the Xbox One Division we have several talented and dedicated people who’ve taken up leadership positions to not only lead these events, but also run the day to day ground operations during off-event hours. We pride ourselves on delivering comfortable, fun, and cordial events. All Game Officers, Sergeants, and event organizers will work their best to make sure everyone is accounted for and able to play. I have an open door policy when it comes to members approaching me with ideas and games they think the Xbox One should support. If they are willing to put in the work to make that happen, I'll work right alongside them, and help them as they start out.
    Question 3: The first Xbox One Commander was Doshka, who retired nearly a year ago. However, you worked with him during your time with the Xbox One Division. How has working with Doshka in the past helped you carry the torch forward as the new Xbox One Commander or in general?
    RuneX: I had the pleasure to meet Doshka back when I originally joined the AJSA in 2014, back when the console communities simply had a single Game/Community Officer overseeing things. As I started attending more events and getting active on the forums I was able to interact more with this individual. I was able to finally work alongside him on an organizational level when he promoted me to Battlefield 4 Game Officer in the Xbox One Division. He was not someone who would constantly look over your shoulder or demand any extraordinary tasks from me; he allowed me room to succeed, and to fail. He laid the foundation for the Xbox One Community; he has an important place in our Division's history. When I took over for him I knew it was very important to carry on that legacy and to build upon it from he left off.
    Question 4: It says on your profile in your interests section that “I enjoy politics, gaming, retro game collecting and perservation, YouTube/Twitch, Game of Thrones, zombie shows and long walks on the beach.” What would you say I got you a date with a zombie Robb Stark at a beach, who would love to go home later to plays games/Netflix and chill?
    RuneX: I'd rather we watch highlights of the latest US Republican Presidential debates than Netflix. If you can make that happen, hit me up.
    Question 5: How do you want me to break the news to the Xbox One Division that you secretly have a PlayStation 4?
    RuneX: Members of the Xbox One Division know that I'm a gamer all-round. I do own a Playstation 4 and own nearly 30 games for the console. I also have a Wii U. I have a diverse collection of console dating back to the Atari 2600. Due to my commitment to attend every event on the Xbox One Division, I do miss out on attending Game Nights but whenever the Xbox One takes a day off and that day is a Saturday, I may stop by and say hello.
    Question 6: Out of all the games the Xbox One Division has featured at events or supported, what was your personal favorite? Don’t worry there is no right answer.
    RuneX: Out of all the games the Xbox One Division has supported since it became an official part of the AJSA Community, I will have to say that my personal favorite event has to be Titanfall. This game holds a special place in our division's history and it is where many of us got our start. Even now when we decide to hold one-off special events for Titanfall, we always have a great time, get good turnout, and enjoy ourselves.
    Question 7: Outside of the AJSA Community and the Xbox One Division, what games do you play casually or want to play when they are released? Any of them PlayStation 4 exclusive titles that you will play on your secret PlayStation 4?
    RuneX: When there is time to myself, I do enjoy playing games like Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid V, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Often times I put aside playing solo and/or finishing these titles to group up and play with members in multiplayer games. With games coming up I do look forward to the new Hitman, Overwatch, Gigantic, and I have hope they may come out with a new Max Payne or Max Payne Collection like trilogy for current-gen consoles/systems. I do look forward to the upcoming Uncharted 4.
    Question 8: As PlayStation Commander I find myself looking to our Xbox One/PC brothers and learning from you guys. Has there been a moment where you’ve looked to the PlayStation/PC, learn something and applied it to your own Division?
    RuneX: It is important as a leader to be open minded and aware of what is going on around them. They must be willing to learn everyday. In a unique and expansive gaming community like the AJSA we are in a very special position to see what is going on daily basis in each part of this group. I look our PS4 friends and I see they are not hesitant to take chances with events. Game Nights stray away from your conventional triple AAA games and often times decide to host games that aren't so widely known but have a loyal player base or they host events for indie, and free-to-play games. So when the Xbox One staff and I are sitting down, crafting monthly event schedules and plans, we agree that taking chances is part of the process and want to make sure we enter in some unique, non-AAA titles into the fold.
    Question 9: As a fellow Commander who started out in the console side of the Community and worked his way up the ladder. What advice would you share to those who have similar dreams?
    RuneX: For those who wish to take their AJSA experience to another level they must take initiative and work hard to see their ambitions become a reality. Organizing gamers and coordinating events for games is not an easy task. If you maintain a good attitude, establish friendships and network with folks on the ground, and maintain healthy relationships with your local Game Officers/Sergeants and/or Commanders, you will see progress. I will say that not every ambition will become a reality, sometimes things just don't work out. However if you're willing to move on and learn from your experience and put your knowledge into another goal, you'll be helping yourself and the people around you.
    Question 10: This month’s Community Challenge Ides of March, finds people betraying one another for glory. You’ve been placed on a special Bonus Betrayal Bounty List. Knowing you’ve been placed on the list, does it make you second guess who your crew will be when you’ll be in The Division’s Dark Zone?
    RuneX: Knowing I'm on this Bounty list, I will be on heightened alert moreso now when I'll be in the The Division's Dark Zone. As Commander often times when members take me down in a multiplayer games they are very pleased with themselves and see it as a mark of honor of sorts. When I get them back, the celebrations cease of course. The target on my back comes with the title so I'm used to being chased down etc. I will keep an extra eye out definitely when it comes to the Division. I know I'll have folks to rely on in my squad but who knows what may happen.

    The Ides of March, if you’re a movie hipster you’d think about the movie starring Ryan Gosling and George Clooney (Can a movie have so much handsome?). Some of you who listen during History class would know it’s the day Julius Caesar was betrayed by his fellow senate, (All 60 of them) and stabbed poor Julius. The rest of you are saying “What are you talking about?” Betrayal is this month’s Community Challenge. You’re the betrayer, your friends are Julius, and your Rome is The Division’s Dark Zone. Go into the Dark Zone with your fellow comrades. Fight the horrors of the Dark Zone, and when the moment is just right betray your friend/friends for your own personal gain. With video proof of your betrayal and being proud of what you've done (Because you’re a monster), enter the video in for a chance to win. Commit the greatest betrayal in all of AJSA.
    If for some reason you’re still confused, here’s a Reference Video:

    Enter your Video here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forum/42-community-content/
    Enter your Video before 03/21/16.
    Include #BETRAYAL in your entry post’s title.
    In your Video betray a friend/friends. The Video must show you in a group with the friend/friends, leaving the group, and killing the friend/friends.
    Videos may come from any platform that has The Division (PS4, XB1, PC).
    Videos may be edited from any software (PS4’s Sharefactory and XB1’s Upload Studio count).
    Videos may be uploaded and linked by any source (Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, etc).
    (Optional) In your Video betray anyone on the “Bonus Betrayal Bounty List”. Doing so will give you a higher chance of winning, but not a guaranteed win. In your Video it must show you in a group with them, leaving the group, and killing them.
    (Optional) Commanders and anyone on the “Bonus Betrayal Bounty List”, no one said you can’t take part and commit betrayal on each other or others.

  3. Shagger liked a article by Doshka17, AJSA Destiny Cross-Platform Competition   
    What is the Cross-Platform Competition?

    Put simply, it is a series of events taking place over the course of one year played in friendly competition between the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. Each event will have a point value, which ever console wins that event will add that point value to their score. The console with the higher score at the end of the competition wins.

    What kind of events? How does the scoring work?

    There will be two events every month, one PvE (Strike/Raid speed runs i.e.) and one PvP (Crucible/Iron Banner) oriented. Each will have a point value equal to how many months into the competition we are in. For example, September is the first month of the competition, so each event will be worth one point. October events will be worth two points each, November events three points each, and so on and so forth. We'll have a scoreboard set up so that you may see where each console currently stands.

    How do I participate in an event?

    Each event will be announced well in advance, giving us plenty of time to organize a team for each side. If you wish to participate in an event, you must be able to go from start to finish. If we are doing a raid for an event, something that requires a great deal of time to do compared to other content, you need to be able to stay for the whole thing. Time requirements will vary based on the event. If your schedule meets the requirements and you wish to take up a slot, inform your console community officer:
    Doshka17 for XB1
    WithAStick for PS4

    We will try to keep participation diverse for these events. More active players have a better chance of being chosen of course, but we'll try to bring in new blood with each event.
    Now with all that said, here is the first event:

    Around The Galaxy In 20 Levels

    Which console can get an AJSA member to level 20 first? If you hit level 20 in Destiny during the launch week make sure to follow the following steps:
    Xbox One

    Record the clip using XB1 DVR ("Xbox, Record that!")
    Edit the clip using Upload Studio and save it.
    With the XB1 Youtube App, upload the clip onto Youtube.
    Send Doshka17 a link to the video.

    ​Playstation 4​

    Record proving your level using PS4's Share button (double tap the Share button to start recording.)
    Edit the clip using Share Factory and save it.
    With the PS4 upload the clip to YouTube using USB.
    Send Withastick a link to the video.

    The exact time and date considered when compared will be the EXACT moment that we receive the message. So once you hit 20, move fast! The first player to hit 20 and bring us proof will have a reserved spot for them during the first twitch streamed competitive event.

    Will Joe be at any of these events?

    I have no idea.

    And now the serious business part:


    This competition is a friendly rivalry between fellow AJSA members, and more importantly, between fellow gamers.

    Keep it clean and respectful, or see yourself removed from all future official Destiny events. I hate sounding harsh with this, but it must be absolutely clear.

    We've been looking forward to this moment for a long time, and can not wait to share it with our fellow members. Good luck, Guardians. Fight for your console, fight for your brothers, but most importantly, fight to have fun.
    Xbox One Community Officer
  4. Shagger liked a article by AverageSpacePope, AJSA BF4 PC & Xbox One Event/Op Night   
    This op night/event will take place this Sunday 08/24/2014 9pm GMT (3pm CST).The event will be taking place on the AJSA BF4 PC server and in the BF4 teamspeak channel @ ts3.ajsagaming.com.

    The game mode that we will be playing for this event will be 32 PLAYER CONQUEST SMALL so get ready for some crazy team-based action! The maps that we will be playing on will be restricted to just vanilla maps. This is so that people without premium access or any of the map packs can still join and have fun. Be sure to join the AJSA BF4 TS channel too.

    You can also join the AJSA on BF4 in the Xbox One event this Sunday too! Join Doshka17's party at 6pm EST (11pm GMT) or form your own squad with friends and join the AJSA server! Simply search "AJSA" in the BF4 server browser and you will find it. For the Xbox One event we will be playing on the China Rising maps so make sure that you have those maps installed otherwise you won't be able to take part.

    If you’re not already a member of the AJSA BF4 platoon, please join here: http://battlelog.bat...30051623084126/

    There you will be able to keep up-to-date with things such as event times and AJSA BF4 related news. You'll also be able to see whenever any other platoon member is online. This makes it easier for you to party up with people, make friends and increase the platoon's overall score.

    Also, here is a link to the AJSA BF4 server: http://battlelog.bat...utoBalance-GGC/

    Do you have any ideas for future BF4 events? If so, please post your ideas here: http://angryjoeshow....our-ideas-here/

    If you want to know when future BF4 events will take place, check this link:http://angryjoeshow....event-schedule/

    If you have any questions about the event or anything BF4 related, don’t hesitate to PM our BF4 game officer, AverageSpacePope. If you want to know more about anything Xbox One related, PM our Xbox community game officer, Doshka17.

    See you all on the Battlefield!