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  1. SquidFigther liked a post in a topic by Shagger in AJSA In BANNERMEN   
    Welcome to forums and whilst I'm not normally a fan of SSP on boards like this, the fact you actully put a bit of indigenous effort to promote the project here on the AJSA specially  is a nice touch and is appreciated.
    I love some of fhe olded C and C games and this verymjch reminds of them, except for a different theme and setting. I'll have a look at the packages on the kickstarter in more detail and see whare it goes, but whatever happens I wish you the very best of luck with the crowdfund and the game.
  2. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in I'm worried about Steam.......   
    I see your point but I have to agree with Shagger here.  Steam and by extension any user reviews alone are not very reliable, allot of them are impulsive, not objective, fanboy fuelled and don't explain very well.  Professional reviews tend to go into more detail and judge based on the whole thing rather that the less thorough, cherry picking approach. That's not to say there isn't issues worth professional Journalists either, then can be bias an not objective to since they do sometimes have to bow to commercial pressure.
    I see independent reviewers like Angry Joe and Jim Sterling as a best of both and those are the types I find the most reliable but even they can make mistakes.  Just recently Jim Sterling retracted his original Hellblade review because he gave a 1/10 based on a knee jerk reaction to an unfortunate game breaker which was mostly his own fault.
    I take a balanced approach by reading both and looking for repeating accreditation's and criticism's, never relaying any one review.
  3. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by Shagger in I'm worried about Steam.......   
    Even if steam was gone tomorrow user reviews, feedback and critique wouldn't just disappear along with it. There's allways metacritic, youtube, fourms and and so on. Besides, relying solely on steam user reviews is not something I'd recommended doing anyway.
  4. skorgezagreat liked a post in a topic by Shagger in I'm worried about Steam.......   
    The problem with that is games run worse on Linux than Windows 10 and, wether the blame goes to Microsoft or game publishers/developmers (and it's game publishers/develpoers who are to blame, for reasons I'll explain in minute), not all games are compatible with Linux. You'll need to spend the money you save on Linux on better hardware to match performance, so it just isn't worth it.
    Microsoft hardly hold a monopoly over PC games, just a few exclusives from the XBox brand on Windows 10. If a publisher/developer doesn't do a Linux port of a game that's not Microsoft's fault.
  5. PlasticFrogCG liked a post in a topic by Shagger in how I feel about destiny 2's release   
    I was dubed the first time, and thus have no interest in the sequel. That's me, I like to keep things simple.
  6. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Doctor in Star citizen 3.0 Hype !!   
    Done, thanks for the suggestion.
    Edit: The thread can continue as it is now. This is a good place to discuss about development of Alpha 3.0 version and once it has been released we can continue in other threads.
  7. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in I'm worried about Steam.......   
    Removing Steam's monopoly, even very slowly, sounds good to me. They might have to actually adapt and improve the way that they do things, maybe even follow their own policies and have proper moderation. 
  8. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by Shagger in I'm worried about Steam.......   
    You have got a point @Crazycrab, I mean it really can't be that difficult for these big publishers to self publish games on PC. The only possible exception might for multiplayer games and finding it cheaper and/or easier to use Valves servers instead of setting up thier own.
    Go back only a few years and Steam was the cheapest and simplest way to buy new AAA PC games, and I'm just not convinced that's true anymore. The ace up Steam's sleeve was the indie market offering a massive choice of cheap little gems, but the way Valve runs it has opened the diarrhea gates, and now an endless torrent of shitty games, shady developers, asset flippers and trading card farmers that Valve are happy to accommodate because they make a fortune of this as well.
    There's alternatives now. For example, who bought Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice on Steam instead of GOG? Seriously, why would anyone do that?
    I wouldn't go all out and say Steam is in trouble, there's still a great dependence on them from the PC community, but they need to fix the quality control issues they have or it will become more of an indie cesspool than it already is.
  9. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Malphisto in Destiny 2 review. Kept ya waiting huh? :D   
    There is actually a LOT of reason to trust the hype for Anthem, honestly.
    The circumstances and scenario relating to Anthem has a lot of parallels to that of Destiny back when Joseph Staten was still involved with it. That was back when the original story of the game was still intact and the original "vision" for the game was still there. It was that vision which generated soooooo much hype along with the fact that you had Bungie, a well established champion developer which had really made its mark with the Halo series, a game that literally revolutionized the genre. Much of Destiny's success is owed to the Bungie Brand being stamped on it.

    But as we eventually learned, before the game's release there were multiple red flags happening behind the scenes. The execs at Bungie had decided Joseph Staten's story was somehow too linear and complex for the kind of audience they were looking to target. The original masterpiece that had been created was subsequently butchered along with various chunks being torn out and put aside only to be repackaged as "DLC" (Dark Below and House of Wolves) and sold separately. Its the exact same setup as what we see with Destiny 2. The ending of the game's story missions followed by the EXACT same aggressive marketing included in the game's case trying to sell players ANOTHER "Expansion Pass" that is just waaaaaay too similar to what happened last time.

    Now, many of the former Bungie Dev Team have either quit the company or have been fired. Luke Smith has risen up the ranks and has taken full advantage of that whole situation to elevate his position within the company. (I friggen hate that guy...)

    HOWEVER... Anthem has been pooling together the creative talents of legendary writers from BioWare history;
    Just like Bungie, BioWare is also one those studios that have achieved a sort of Legendary status with a large following of fans. And while the recent Mass Effect game had serious issues, we now know that the reasons for this were because it didn't actually have BioWare's full attention, as most of the studio's resources and efforts have been going into the creation of Anthem. (Likewise, Mass Effect 3 was supposed to be the end) Also, Anthem has the added benefit of being able to learn from the mistakes of Destiny and use the feedback from that community to help improve and properly charter the direction for their development along with other games such as Warframe.
    People wanted to be able to fly in Destiny?
    Boom, people can fly in Anthem.
    People love the underwater sections in Warframe?
    Boom, people can go underwater in Anthem.
    People wanted to enjoy exploring in Destiny?
    Boom, people can go exploring in Anthem AND be rewarded for it. (Its actually encouraged)
    People wanted more weapon diversity in Destiny?
    Boom, we obviously see that confirmed in Anthem with one guy rocking a Mortar Launcher and the other showing off a friggen Multi-Missile Launcher.
    People wanted better graphics for Destiny?
    Boom, Anthem looks hella good.

    And while a lot of what went wrong with Destiny can be argued that most of the blame can be attributed to Activision, BioWare has been dealing with EA for years now. Does EA factor into this? Yes, but for the most part the publisher doesn't impact or restrict BioWare's creative freedoms. The most we can see in terms of involvement is EA imposing micro-transactions in their multiplayer aspects. That's about it. And it seems as though BioWare has control over what is or isn't put in said micros. Whereas with Destiny, that shit started off in the Taken King expansion and has progressive become much worse. (So many people in the community protested micros in Destiny...but there were so many trying to defend that shit that now those micros have become a permanent fixture in the game...)

    But on that note, another thing to keep in mind is that it is abundantly clear that EA has been making power plays against Activision lately. We saw this with the release of Battlefield 1 in which DICE straight up directly challenged COD. Now we see Anthem coming in heavy, fully loaded and looking to directly challenge Destiny. And when companies compete against one another, the customers are the ones who always benefit the most. Which is why I say thank God for Anthem, because another main reason so much shit has been allowed to happen with Destiny is due to the lack of serious competition in the market place. So even for people who aren't all that interested in the game and are hardcore Destiny players? Anthem can only mean good things for Destiny as well, because Bungie/Activision are going to end up having to compete for your attention and money, which means the Destiny Community will actually have some real influence finally instead of the illusion of being cared about.
  10. Malphisto liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Destiny 2 review. Kept ya waiting huh? :D   
    @Malphisto Anthem is definitely a chance for Bioware and EA to learn from Activision's and Bungie's mistakes. EA have listend to fans and resulted in games like Titanfall improving allot for the sequel. However, they'll probably just see the amount of money Destiny and Destiny 2 make and do the same shit. Still hoping, though.
  11. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Malphisto in Destiny 2 review. Kept ya waiting huh? :D   
    I have literally been holding off on listening to anything related to Destiny 2.
    As a Day 1 player of the first Destiny, I saw first hand how the game so many had so much hope for was slowly ruined and turned into the mess that it is today. Vanilla Destiny was good, but the game was just...lacking in so much. And that basically defines the entire franchise at this point. Just a damn shame.

    I was first introduced to Joe's channel with his previous Destiny Review. Became a fan ever since. Its rare to come across a game reviewer who is actually honest and tells it like it is.

    Ever since this review was posted, I've been finding myself getting into arguments with people in the youtube comments. I try to ignore it, but the sort of mental gymnastics they do to justify their blatant bullshit just drives me nuts. I mean seriously, some of the crap these people say;
    "Joe is a liar!"
    How is anything he said in the review a lie?
    "Joe didn't even play the Raid!"
    He did experience the Raid... And regardless, why the hell is the Raid so crucially important like it could somehow magically invalidate any and all negative points being presented about the rest of the game? O_o
    "Oh, this just isn't Joe's kind of game."
    ...How do you even know that? How does him having a negative opinion about the game automatically translate to that? So anyone who doesn't give the game a high score are only doing so because its just "not their kind of game"?

    Its friggen daffy. Its like the people who try to say "Oh man! Destiny 2 is a whole new game!"
    Delrith hit the nail on the head with that during his rant on the Twitch stream, its not some whole new experience.

    There is one thing I would have liked Joe to touch on as well, which would have been the fact that Bungie literally swept EVERYTHING OF INTEREST from the original game under the rug.
    Sooooooooooooooo many people wanted to actually travel into and explore the Last City. There was so much potential with it. Interactive NPCs, Player Housing, Shopping District to open up the possibilities for items and crafting, a Recreation Center (Something akin to like the Gold Saucer from FF7 where you could spend Glimmer to play Arcade Games, possibly even some of Bungie's older games like Oni or Marathon, Sparrow Racing simulator, etc.), CLAN HALLS (Different spaces you can spend Glimmer on to buy and fully customize for you and your Clan Members to access and hang out in to actually socialize), interactive benches and seats for you to actually sit on like a normal person, etc. SO MUCH that people were wanting to see done with the Last City.
    And what does Bungie do? THEY DESTROY THE WHOLE THING!

    Or what about the Speaker?
    Everyone was waiting for him to actually explain shit to us. The original story for Destiny written by Joseph Staten even had the Speaker as being a central character and hinted at him being a primary antagonist for the plot. It was supposed to be a huge deal. Again, so much potential to be had there.
    And what does Bungie do? THEY KILL HIM OFF LIKE ITS NOTHING! You don't even care that he's dead, either. His death is so meaningless because they did NOTHING to actually establish his character. Its the same damn thing with the Awoken Queen apparently getting killed in Taken King right at the start. I mean seriously?

    First they butcher Joseph Staten's masterpiece and then they just gradually kill off and destroy all the remaining fragments of his story.
    Destiny was meant to be so much more than it turned out to be. Its a damn shame.

    Thank God for Anthem...
  12. Tidell liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Game suggestions   
    Until Dawn is more of an interactive Narrative than a game, think of a 90's slasher flick meets Like is Strange and that's basically the idea. Really good though, just know what you're in for.
    And as others have said, Horizon ZD seems right up your ally and could be the best game of this generation so far.
  13. Tidell liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Witcher Tattoo   
    That's pretty sweet.
  14. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in The game industry's obsession with lootboxs has officially gone to far..   
    Unless it's a free to play game (and even there it's at least questionable) there is NO excuse for this RNG lootboxing gambling shit and I'm sick of gamers that defend it.
  15. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in The game industry's obsession with lootboxs has officially gone to far..   
    Yeah and they almost exclusively full of crap to!
    Me I like it simple, here is a selection of game(s) and/or DLC, this is the price, buy or don't.
  16. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Glaice in The game industry's obsession with lootboxs has officially gone to far..   
    G2A and games that implement this sort of shit need to fuck right off.
  17. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Ghaleon in The game industry's obsession with lootboxs has officially gone to far..   
    G2a is a crap company, and not because of loot boxes. I agree that loot boxes are lame but they are like the least of g2as problems.
    Also I thin GMG is great but their loot boxes are shit. My sucker brother gets them all the time they are on sale and it gives you a list of popular games you MIGHT get from them. But nobody ever does. Instead you get no name games nobody has ever heard of that look stupid, and you check forums, and nearly everyone else gets the same shit pretty much.
  18. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Tidell in Witcher Tattoo   
    I did this tattoo today , what do you guys think ?

  19. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Gryph in Hey everyone.   
    Hello everyone I'm Gryphon_Gamer, or just Gryph. I play a plethora of games and am a 'nerd without glasses'. I love books, gaming and procrastinating. I've been a long time Angry Joe fan and a long time stream fan and try to contribute the the stream in chat. As some might say I've been a long time lurker. I bid you all well and leave you with these wise words: "Time is a drug, too much of it kills you" - Terry Pratchett, Small Gods.
    Tatty Byes 
  20. Shagger liked a post in a topic by AJSAWOOKIEJEDI in HAD A GREAT SUMMER!!!   
    SO I would just like to say I had a great Summer playing Overwatch with everyone on Xbox!!!
    It was one hell of a Summer; we celebrated the one year anniversary of Overwatch with a 12 hour event, we finally got to see the arrival of Doomfist, and we played the hell out of the Summer Games content. I can't wait to continue on playing with you all and keep Overwatch going for years to come!!!!
    Love ya guys and I'll see you all this Saturday at the next Overwatch event.

  21. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in The game industry's obsession with lootboxs has officially gone to far..   
    No thanks. I'd much rather buy games I actually want instead of a bunch of random (and potentially horrible) games I never asked for.
  22. PlasticFrogCG liked a post in a topic by Shagger in how I feel about destiny 2's release   
    I was dubed the first time, and thus have no interest in the sequel. That's me, I like to keep things simple.
  23. Deezyfesheezy liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Wild Card trampling their player base?   
    I'm gonna have to agree with @Lady Mutarehere. This was innevitible for the games full launch otherwise it would be completely unbalanced. I get how frustrating this must be for the people who've been playing the early access version for a long time and aquired all those resources thoughout, but this is necessary to make the game as enjoyable and fair as possible for everyone.
  24. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Absolver review. Dark Souls + God Hand + For Honor. But unfortunately unfinished.   
    This game's story is...... you know what? I have no fucking idea. Other than the fact that this world's setting Adal seems to be after an apocalypse happened, and you're tasked to fight several bosses before going up a tower to fight the final boss and become an "Absolver". Afterwards the game just ends and tells you to "go back and level up dear Absolver, we will call you when we need you"

    and then end credits.........
    Are you shitting me man?? What is this "Absolver" in this game? What is my purpose? Am I a Neo esque kung fu guardian of the world that fights evil? Am I supposed to lead the world into a new age of man? The game explains nothing! Explain game, EXPLAIN!!
    So gameplay and exploration wise it's pretty much what happens when you make Dark Souls forgivable, as in if you die you don't have to collect your lost soul since you can just upgrade your skills whenever you want, but enemies will respawn afterwards. With combat mechanic of For Honor but change it so that you can block when you hold the block button and there's 4 stances which creates different attacks, mixed with the "choose your attacks" like God Hand. If you don't know what God Hand is, well..... this here will explain it
    It's a crazy game.
    Combat is actually really sweet. Fighting every single enemies feels challenging and fun since every single one of them are martial art masters, and you can't simply button mash because they will make you pay if you're not careful. Instead you have to dodge and block enemy attacks to break through their defenses and whoop their ass afterwards.
    Getting new moves to use is quite interesting. You don't get new moves through leveling up or buying the moves, oho no, you have to let an enemy attack you, and then either block or evade their attacks. A circle for each new moves will fill up, and when it maxed out, you'll acquire that move. It took me 1 hour until I figure this out, and afterwards, I just let enemies attack me while I block and evade their attacks. Odd way to earn move list but it'll do. And you can pretty much customize your move list however you want. Whatever the moves are is only limited by your own imagination! And the available move list of course. You can also get new moves by going to certain martial arts masters in the game, which is basically this game's version of Dark Souls' covenants, but the moves you get are predetermined and can't be changed. So if you go to a drunken master teacher, you'll get the drunken master moveset, and so on. 
    Unfortunately for this game, that cannot save what I think is a waste of potential. This game is like if Dark Souls only have 1/4 of the map, few spells, the only weapons you can use are brass knuckles and swords, very minimum lore or information, and every single enemy, including the bosses, are all npcs + invaders. You can beat this entire game in 5 hours, but that's if you screw around and try to look for collectibles. I bet if you just blaze through this game, you'll beat it in 4 HOURS!
    And I mean it when I say that every single enemy is like fighting an npc or invader. It's not like For Honor where there's variety of enemy classes, nonono, every single enemy you fight are all the same class, though they have different move lists. If you don't mind fighting against human enemies with different move lists from beginning till the end, then you'll be fine. And there will be future contents added in to make the game more robust and content rich! But it still doesn't change the fact that at this moment, this game is only a bare minimum of what it's fully capable of, and that is such a damn shame. 
    Oh, and multiplayer? The game's main feature where it's more fun playing with other players because it's seamlessly integrated? AHAHAHAHAHA! I can't even touch this shit. It's fucking broken at the moment, at least for us in Australia from what I understand. Like..... I try to hit an enemy, and a bunch of issues happen, like the enemy not reacting to the hit, 2 second delay before an enemy got hit, or when I do hit an enemy, the enemy do this:
    Funny as hell, but really freaking frustrating. So I have to play the game in offline mode. But the game's 1 vs 1 PVP battle mode thankfully works! And 80% of the time, I got good matches with people where there is no connection issue. The other 20%, it's just like the above showed you. 
    So I definitely will say this about this game: it's fun as hell. The fighting and basic gameplay is solid, and I have fun fighting a bunch of enemies with my martial arts prowess. However, it's so not worth the price right now. $30 for a game that's incomplete at its current state is just too much. It's like I'm playing an Early Access Game! This should have more content and a more coherent story that actually explains what is going on in this game world because it does look like it has a good backstory to it, but alas, we'll have to wait for future contents.
    I give this game my rating of "don't buy this game now, but wait for it to drop to $15, AND with many more contents added in to it." It's like Destiny all over again! I sure do hope that this game will have a load of free dlcs and in 1 year time, the game will have 10+ hours worth of content, with many surprises included!
  25. Shagger liked a post in a topic by Doctor in Star citizen 3.0 Hype !!   
    1. You can take dev diaries as you like of course. I enjoy read and watch developer's dev diaries and I don't take as PR although they could work in that purpose as well. Dev diaries gives people topics to discuss about and give them a change to give developers feedback. So far they have worked very nicely in that way so I can't complain.
    2. Well, I don't personally feel they own any explanation where the money has gone other than it is used to create a game. I have never got any more detailed information from any crowdfunded projects I have supported. To me it enough to know these teams are able to work on a game although it is never certain they are able to finish them - that's the risk of crowdfunding.