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  1. Heyyo, Yeah WoT does run slick... still doesn't fix the game engine's lack of multithreaded optimizations... but due to metro over aero? Yeah she runs slightly better. Less Windows overhead than Windows 7 is nice. I ended up avoiding Windows 8 and haven't installed Windows 8.1... so I can't compare that... but Windows 10 is definitely a nice upgrade.. especially if DirectX 12 does what it promises just like DirectX 11 delivered.
  2. Heyyo, Still better than Kingston doing ye ol' "putting in cheaper parts in future builds" lol. Oh wait... I have a Kingston 120GB SSD... DOH! lol
  3. Heyyo, Glad that SP1 helped you out! Firmware updates for storage devices have been around a long time. Same goes for GPUs and HDDs. Sometimes they fix minor issues or larger ones. There's a few GTX 970s that have a firmware update to fix the fan idle modes that a few manufacturers implemented into their GPUs. Some people have gone as far as for multi-GPU setups to flash the BIOS on the GPUs to the same version.. but it is risky, that or modified BIOSes to unlock the voltage multipliers and such too but that's dangerous as it voids your warranty and can brick a GPU... so... I wouldn't do it on the GPU unless it was an officially supported fix from the manufacturer and you followed their instructions. In the history of doing updates on the BIOS? I've only had one fail on me for a motherboard.. but I kinda figured the mobo was defective before attempting it (it was the reason for the attempted bios update) but it was an official bios update and so I sent it for warranty replacement.
  4. Heyyo, You know what's ironic about multicore optimizations? Gas Powered Games. Wargaming bought out GPG and thus their game engine (Despair Engine)... ever played a Despair Engine game? Supreme Commander runs AMAZING on PC. It uses multicore very efficiently last I remembered too... http://www.hardocp.com/article/2007/03/26/supcom_intel_core_2_quad_gameplay_advantages#.VM_172jF98E and... http://www.hardocp.com/article/2007/03/26/supcom_intel_core_2_quad_gameplay_advantages/3#.VM_2JmjF98E ... SO WHY AREN'T THEY JUST USING THIS GAME ENGINE OR USING IT TO FIX BIGWORLD ENGINE!?!? stronk Belorussan mentality. I could care less about Havok... I want my framerates... pretty sure anyone with a CPU since 2006 would enjoy some stronk multithreaded optimizations as it would give their whole player base a performance boost.... Oh... and the Despair Engine works great on World of Tanks... WoT Xbox 360 Edition uses Despair Engine for rendering and BigWorld Server Engine for everything else... So... wtf... Despair Engine runs on Consoles, PCs and Smartphones... so I bet even WoT Blitz would run better if it used Despair Engine to make better use of the Quad Core Qualcomm CPU in my HTC One M7... *grumbles*
  5. Heyyo, We're in the year 2015 and there's still a lot of games that don't even use full quad cores... The Intel Core2Quad Q6600 came out in 2006... Almost ten years later? there's still a bunch of games that are single-threaded lol fml (and fucksakes WarGaming!! looking at you especially with World of Tanks!)... but hey, it definitely is getting better. Right now? an Intel i5's or FX-8300's is a great sweet-spot to be in. Otherwise? the Intel i3's and AMD FX-6300's are cost effective and will still power a high end GPU nicely with a decent overclock. That could change in the future... but I'm also talking across a very wide range of games.. and there isn't a crazy amount of games that fully utilize my i7-3770k's eight working threads. Now... shrinking the die size definitely optimizes performance... but look at the leap between NVIDIA's Kelper to Fermi to Maxwell... that's pretty impressive, and all three are running on the same 28nm. Massive leaps in efficiency were achieved just by revising their current architecture... so yeah, die size is a factor but not nearly as much as the arch. Tbh I'm holding off upgrading unless a crazy good deal falls in my lap... NVIDIA's Pascal looks awesome on paper with the 3D memroy wafers seriously reducing the card's size and NVLink and full featured DirectX 12 capabilities but time will tell if 2016 will be the year of a major revamp on my PC... but for the sake of having DDR4 RAM and a CPU with more cores/threads? Both are a no. They won't make crazy good performance gains over my i7-3770k @ 4.2GHz and DDR3 2133MHz RAM... not for the costs of trying to sell my current parts to jam a better rig together. AMD does need to revamp their cards more though... they're constantly cutting the prices on their cards due to the efficiency of NIVIDIA's GPUs and that's affecting their profit margins negatively... Same goes for CPUs of AMD vs Intel... AMD is pushing core count over efficiency where Intel has more edge especially with games that aren't properly multi-threaded optimized... which like I said.. 2015.. still happens... almost a decade after the first Quad core CPUs started coming to consumers... Dying Light is probably the main culprit of multi-threaded optimizations right meow... looking at lots of complaints most are from AMD CPU users where that single-threaded performance dip makes a difference. Techland have noted the issue and said they are working on a fix for a future patch though which is good... hopefully they can properly fix their multi-threaded optimizations. But on the flip-side of things? Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Alien: Isolation are properly multi-threaded optimized which is awesome... yet both those titles seem to have issues with multi-GPU sadly... oh well, can't win them all lol. Most people have multi-threaded CPUs over Multi-GPU systems so maybe their goal was to support the most common hardware setups and multi-GPU was only an afterthought...
  6. Heyyo, Make sure your SSD's are running latest firmware updates please. Fallout? Due to how large the open world is? It'll have texture popping. It's just due to how large the world is and your rendering range or the trilinear vs Antisoptic filtering settings. If you're running Windows 7? Make sure you have Service Pack 1 and all windows updates please.
  7. Heyyo, Yeah RAMdisk is a cool idea, but it sounds a lot like Windows ReadyBoost or Intel's RST with a caching SSD... nowadays a 64GB SSD is dirt cheap and easy to setup for caching... I recently bought a Seagate 4TB SSHD cause they had pretty epic sales (newegg had it for 40% off haha win) and it's the same idea. It's essentially a 4TB HDD with a built in SSD for caching. It works great as long as you play the same games a lot and such. So? As neat as RAMdisk's sound? 64GB SSD setup for caching is a more reliable method due to larger storage.
  8. Heyyo, Windows 10 will be a free upgrade to legit product key owners of Windows 7 or 8/8.1. You have to claim the free upgrade during the first year of Windows 10 release but once you have it? your Windows 10 key is valid forever. Vista was a necessary step... but it just wasn't as optimized as people wanted, especially for games at the time (F.E.A.R 1 being a prime example). F.E.A.R. 1 ran much faster on Windows XP due to Direct Sound Hardware Acceleration (Vista removed HAL in Direct Sound, thus it was software emulated sound.. oh, and 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems relied on HAL on Direct Sound... so that meant in Vista they were stuck with only two speakers working...) and also XP worked better for single-threaded applications. So those two differences made a BIG impact for PC Gamers at the time. Of course, Realtek and Creative Labs (both got crippled due to removal of HAL in Direct Sound) implemented their own work-around solutions to re-enable hardware accelerated sound for programs that used Direct Sound. Creative Labs created "Aclhemy" which translated the Direct Sound calls to OpenAL thus re-enabling hardware accelerated sound and EAX. Realtek's solution was... Some games ported their sound to OpenAL such as Battlefield 2 (which was very nice of DICE). Nowadays? This is no longer an issue as no one probably knows that "Direct Sound" is anymore and games use either FMOD or Microsoft's XAudio. If you're curious as to why Direct Sound HAL was disabled? Stability. Direct Sound was running on really ancient and unoptimized code since it's only had minor revisions to it unlike the leaps of DirectX 8,9 and 10... and the majority of BSOD's experienced in Windows XP was noted to be due to Direct Sound... so Microsoft created a whole new architecture, XAudio. XAudio solved the stability issues while still providing all the functionalities that Direct Sound had... Plus? It was also to promote game devs to port their games to Xbox as it also used XAudio. You should try it out tbh. Windows 10 is essentially windows 8.1 "optimized".. by that? It makes lots of changes that people critisized Windows 8/8.1 had... this could have been technically Windows 8.2 but I think Microsoft wanted to get away from the stigma of Windows 8 so people would consider buying it. I don't have any other install of Windows on my main rig tbh, just running Windows 10 Tech Preview build 9926 right now and I'm loving it. I'll definitely be grabbing that free legit upgrade to Windows 10 once she releases.
  9. Heyyo, Microsoft announced FREE upgrades to Windows 10 for users with legit Windows 7 and 8/8.1 product keys for the first year! That's freaking epic! DirectX 12 for all! They also just released a new build (9926) and It makes the start menu even better and the notification center. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2874800/microsofts-windows-10-build-9926-with-cortana-is-live-now.html It also brings "Cortana" the voice-activated personal assistant over from Windows Phone... but I am a mouse-click kinda guy lol, even on my HTC One M7 I don't bother with that voice activated stuff.
  10. Heyyo, Yeah it would make quite the company indeed since Samsung even make laptops... AMD would go from CPU/APUs, RAM and SSD's to the whole PC lol. Also, it could lead to better smartphone SoC's since right meow NVIDIA's Tegra X1 will probably be untouchable since Qualcomm can't even touch it yet since they don't have the same GPU R&D that NVIDIA has. It does make you wonder too though... ever since Intel blocked NVIDIA from licensing the x86 architecture? I wonder what could have been with the NVIDIA Tegra X1 if they were allowed to make it with an x86 quad core CPU... the thing runs Unreal Engine 4's Elemental demo without issue on ARM which is mind blowingly awesome... but on x86 it could probably play a crapton of games without issue much like AMD's APU.
  11. Heyyo, The AMD R9 270X is a good budget gaming GPU so it won't run 1080P graphics at maximum quality settings... so for the price you probably played? You can't expect it to perform as good as a mid or high end GPU. What kind of grief is it giving you btw? LMFAO! If that doesn't scream "AMD fanboy" then I don't know what does... If anything? AMD is the EA of GPUs dude... buying out the competition and then claiming "oh we'll keep them as a separate company or something" and then change Westwood Studios to EA Los Angeles."... kind of like AMD buying out ATi and saying "Oh we'll keep their name" and then dropping ATi and calling their GPUs the "AMD Radeon"... keep it classy AMD. Indeed. Maxwell is amazing and the AMD R300 series is coming out soon... so you might wanna just bear with your GPU until March or so and see what AMD comes out with.. either way? It could mean better price to performance as it could poise NVIDIA to lower their prices or AMD might come out with a better price to performance. I'm not an NVIDIA or AMD fanboy myself. I just go for the best price to performance on my builds. I got lucky on mine, got it mainly off a bud who was trying to recoup some costs on his Dogecoin mining rig and that's why I'm rocking my Intel and NVIDIA setup and I do love it. Either way? I'm sure you'll enjoy either a GTX 970 (tbh GTX 980 is a bit overpriced for the minor performance margin between the 970 and 980) or an AMD R9 290X. Both are good GPUs and have good price to performance. As for drivers? AMD has been leveling out the playing field with drivers slowly... their big "omega" driver release (wonder if it pays homage to the community-made omega drivers back in the ATi days) which introduced stuff like better frame pacing on Multi-GPU setups and downscaling resloution support. NVIDIA? The last stable driver release gave me some odd sleep/wake issue on Displayport 1.2 but they did iron it out with a beta driver release that came out a week later. A couple weeks later a new stable release driver incorporated that fix and I'm back to being very happy with the GPU drivers. Anywho? After giving my opinon on things? I'm still curious as to which problems your AMD R9 270X is giving you and if we could help resolve some of them. Please let us know and we will try to help.
  12. Heyyo, Is that on Steam? If so, try checking integrity of the files in case the download was corrupted. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335 Otherwise if it's a retail copy? Make sure you're running the latest patch. Another thing to watch out for? Make sure you have the latest GPU drivers please.
  13. Heyyo, Hmm... try downclocking your RAM please. that 1.65v? your CPU might not like it... try running it at 1600MHz with a lower voltage... since you're using a discrete GPU? the speed of the RAM isn't that important, especially with an overheating CPU. Another thing? Have you tried reapplying your thermal paste? Tbh on an APU without overclocking even the stock heatsink and fan should work fine, it shouldn't be hitting those crazy temps.
  14. Heyyo, Tbh? In your case, you will always want to maintain positive airflow, have MUCH more intakes than exhaust fans. I would set all your fans as intake and leave only the GPU, PSU and rear case fans as your exhausts that way any air going into the case should be vented out to the nearest exhaust and it should help prevent your case from filling with dust and should prevent heat from spreading from one component to the next. I think you currently have a negative ariflow since your top fan is setup as an exhaust. Try that change amigo. Another change? Make sure your PSU is sucking air from the bottom of the case and on mine setup like that? I even have a bunch of old CD plastic cases as spacers to allow better airflow from the bottom.
  15. Heyyo, Yes its true and it did it in the oddest way... FMV's. Yep... the videos crash the game but only a few. It was something to do with the autosave fmv and the intro ones or something like that. If you search on Google for "Assassin's Creed Unity SLI fix 1.4" it'll show you what files to rename/delete and it'll work again. It is a lot more playable than before from what I hear... but it still needs work. Just buy the season pass for AC Black Flag and play that instead. It's cheaper and AC Black Flag was insanely fun.