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  • Birthday 01/14/1989

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  1. Applied, and got accepted. Woooo Battlefield~
  2. This is the first expansion since Wrath that I've been hyped for, really hope it can live up to the hype, and be a more fully fleshed out, complete MMO experience.
  3. I look forward to the crazy amount of hunting, and new people to meet over online play. Physical copy, and heavy bowgun for life.
  4. Not sure if y'all are still going strong, or if it's rather quiet, but if you want to add my Real ID and have a decent healer for whatever you're doing, toss me a friend request - Rakka#1117, More than willing to help people gear up through heroics or raids. Good hunting! I'm a monk healer (mistweaver), btw.
  5. I too will be happy to participate, though I'm no pro. I main support/jungle, but am compotent at adc/mid, and suck at top lane. NA server, Summoner Name: Rakka
  6. NA Servers, Summoner Name: Rakka Thanks!
  7. Hello, greetings, and what have you. I am Rakka. Okay, I'll say more than that, I've been playing video games all my life, whether it's been Starcraft, Super Smash Bros. on N64, Battlefield, or the absurd amount of oldschool games I can throw in my PSP. I'm here for the games, some laughs, and above all, fun! Hope everywhere around here can relate! I'm currently a big League of Legends gamer, and sticking with Battlefield 3 until I get the funds for 4.