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  1. I just wanted to shed light that it seems IMO the only company whose games are living up to its hype is nintendo. Titanfall didnt, Watch dogs apparently didn't, and there are really no trully intresting games out on Xbox one and PS4 yet (exclusives)(IMO AND YET READ THOSE TWO THINGS). Yet Nintendos latest hyped games: pokemon x/y, Mario Kart 8, fire Emblem Awakeining, mario 3d world, animal crossing new leaf. etc are all living up to there hype. Yet it seems all people can say about nintendo is how big a failure the wii u is.... on a related topic, are youtubers/streamers partially responsible for this? http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/19454-are-popular-youtubers-and-twitch-personalitys-adding-to-the-hype-problem/ just wanted to post this, i know the hate is imminent and the eventual locking of the feed because of this, i guess rustling some feathers gets people thinking. its what i do. my show "gamer mind" airs every thursday on www.twitch.tv/variloh
  2. Lots of cool answers guys. Show goes live in 1 hour, come check it out on www.twitch.tv/variloh
  3. Im not gonna delve into it but there are many discriminatory remarks in that post, probably not intentional, just try to look out next time. Lets takle a couple of issues here. First off the assumption you cant play with people who dont speek your language is wayyyyy off, you know, thats why they invented the in game commands. "O but thats not as efficient!" pub matches arent suppose to be, if you wanna play competitive play with your team. I have further looked into this andi can tell you its NOT a server thing. ilenca and my roomate have been playing with there spanish preference, and they are ending up with spanish players (from spain), which you could argue is "ok" (its not, i can debate you as of why, for a quick answer look at the previous paragraph). The problem is they are also getting many latin american countrriess, like colombia, all of these SPANISH speaking countries. So its NOT about optimization, clearly (and lag spikes have also been a consequence) its about grouping people who speak the same language together, which because of the in game chat commands and such, can only be seen as a direct response to players who "dont want to play with X group of people" which is segregation by definition. As a personal note, ive been in Europe almost a year and i still dont really get all the dislike the Dota 2 community has towards Russians, sure, there are Russian pricks, ive played with them, but ive also played with spanish, english, american, scotish and french pricks. Lets lay off the russians already.
  4. Hi guys, Once again, I bring you this weeks "Gamer Mind" Topic, which will be discussed this thursday at 10 GMT + 2, back to its original time slot by popular demand. You can watch the show live or as a rerun on www.twitch.tv/variloh And if youd like to participate contact me via here, twitch, steam (variloh) or @variloh on twitter. We got a good one for ya this time, a topic i have been asked since the first episode to do, Piracy in gaming. Of course this topic has been discussed a ton in the past, but id like to offer a little spin: We have talked alot on the show about overhyped underachieving games that are preordered. so i ask you, can piracy be a fair response to these companies who continue to sell us one thing and deliver another? Or is this a black and white topic? post youe opinons below! PS: i post this in the general discussion since i want all members of the AJSA from different games to participate, as well as the discusion topic is pretty open and is not about my channel, which is why i post it here and NOT on the user created section (plus it DOES say discuss "anything and everything" here )
  5. show me the....GREEN! Go green team!
  6. This is very disturbing, Being in spain, my girlfriend has the language set to spanish. I will test this, but lately we have exclusively played with spanish people, a very disturbing thought btw. Im not aware if it cuts the english language, i will further test it. I also dont know the Russian language situation but if it does put it as an exclusive option, it would be more then a bug...Russian players particular situation in the dota 2 commnity isint a pretty one, its not a dirty secret that they are segregated and targeted by the rest of the community. If this separation exists, then this is an alarming issue since valve would be directly supporting the discrimination against them. If more evidence arises this topic would shine light on a much larger issue then just a "bug". One of the things that made dota 2 beautiful was interacting with people around the world, cutting that would be a huge shame and a disservice to the community.
  7. The debate has started guys, join us on www.twitch.tv/variloh if ud like to be a part of the debate
  8. Hi guys First off, im a huge fan of the show and have done my part for the community by doing the pre/post shows for the last dota 2 tourny, so keep in mind this forum is NOT a personal attack but a constructive form of critisism of a fan. Something that has been bothering for a long time is joes lack of coverage anything nintendo. I understand he doesnt like the system, which is fine, but, specially in this E3, it has become obvious how he ignores it completely, as in cant even acknowledge when they do something excellent. In his E3 "winner of E3" blog, he gives nintendo the win and talks about them for a wooping 2 mins. He couldnt even give them the overwhelming win (which the internet agrees they had) and even slamming criticism against them (comments made on the amibo) in those short 2 mins. The reason why i see joe as superior to big companies with an agenda is because of how neutral and fair he theoretically is, he actually plays the whole game he reviews and even when he was mostly an xbox guy he could point out the good the bad and the ugly of said console, all this is great, but his attitude towards nintendo, IMO, isint that of a neutral reviewer, and it worries me, as clearly, xbox and ps4 are inferior as of right now, regarding there game library, and the assumption that nintendos is repetitive and empty of new content is just not true. I think it should be brought to our attention that the only games that are being as good as the hype says they are, are nintendo games, Titanfall and watchdogs fall short to there hype, mario kart 8, super mario 3d world do, thats just a fact. I know il get a lot of hate for saying all this as some people dont understand "constructive criticism" and as well hate nintendo to the point that anyone suggesting they do ANYTHING better at a specific time usually leads to fanboy eplilectic attacks. Thanks for listening guys I have a twitch channel where i do a show called "Gamer Mind" every thursday and talk about the things that i believe arent talked about enough in todays video game landscape (an example is the sometimes mindless hate towards nintento, the commitment to "the hype" etc) on www.twitch.tv/variloh
  9. Show starts now! www.twitch,tv/variloh
  10. @MrMadakey Id bet a bag of zelda ruppies that the next mediocre overhyped AAA game is: Destiny Been a year and no official footage, what they hiding?
  11. Huzzah! But heres the thing, people DO rain hate on nintendo. "They aren't making new ips" "they keep cashing in on the same old titles" and my favorite "they lack third party support" these things, each have there own degree of truth but are mostly biased ways to attack them for no reason. You guys want some funny facts? Triple A titles have been increasingly disappointing because, well, we keep paying for it, heck we PREORDER games based on hype alone. Look at destiny. People are creaming there pants and for a year now we have what, 2 mins of actual gameplay? (which we saw at the last E3). It just seems like Watch_Dogs all over again.The simple fact is while we continue believing the hype and just going with the flow this situation will get worse, i say, buy consoles/games that have actual quality in them insted of preordering a console with no games out based on "the games WILL be great!" I could go on but its a long conversation, i have a talkshow where i have been talking about these things if anyone wants to check it out, we have lots of cool AJSA members on to debate all the time : www.twitch.tv/variloh
  12. Hi all, would just like to formally invite any of you who would like to be a part of my talk show tonight to come on the show. we will be discussing a topic that IMO is highly intertwined with this one http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/19454-are-popular-youtubers-and-twitch-personalitys-adding-to-the-hype-problem/ Let me know vias message if youd like to join me on skype, show is here: www.twitch.tv/variloh and starts at 11 pm gmt + 2
  13. @OP unless they are nintendo games, they seem to live up to the hype just fine (this is not a popular stance tho, people will rain hate on this comment because of the amount of hate for nintendo that has been beat into our heads, admit some earned by nintendo but most isint)
  14. There are many games outside of Nintendo that hype the next installment in there series, GTA V comes to mind. As for inovation, IMO Nintendo seems to be the only one who actually is inovating, people tend to use the argument "uh they dont create new IPs, they are just recylcing etc" which is simply not true btw, but i think its more a testament of how good there games actually are, COD games have been comeing out like baked bread and the quality has stedily come down, while mario kart 8 is said to be the best of the franchise as well as pokemon X and Y. The reason your friends own the other consoles is because of the massive amount of hype that has been put around those consoles, they havent proved anything yet, but they are selling like crazy. I think its very provable that between the Wii U, Xbox one and the PS4 the one with the best games right now is the Wii U. Regarding Hype i have posted a topic on http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/19454-are-popular-youtubers-and-twitch-personalitys-adding-to-the-hype-problem/ regarding the role youtubers and twitchers have in the matter. I invite you to come on my show tomorrow to talk about the matter (Gamer Mind: Www.twitch.tv/variloh) Notice the dislike there is towards nintendo that this topic didnt last a day on the general discussion and was quickly hidden away while other topics regarding Xbox one and ps4 remain.
  15. Hi all and welcome to another one of my little forum posts that may or may not bug some people. As always, this will be the topic discussed this thursday on "Gamer Mind" on www.twitch.tv/variloh at 11:00pm GMT+2 (time was changed by popular demand). Message me here, on twitch , twitter @variloh or steam if youd like to be a part of the debate. The topic: Are popular Youtubers and twitch streamers hurting the community by expanding the hype even more? On the tail of what some may see as the "watch_dogs letdown" it really is interesting to see how over hyped games tend to be a huge letdown by either not living up said hype or by being bad entirely. On the heels of "overhyped" how do our favorite tubers and twitchers influence the hype? Do they have positive, negative or neutral effect on the hype machine? Lets discuss this in general and try not to mention any youtubers or streamers as this is not ment to attack anybody, i do understand that if you believe that not all streamers/tubers are created equal, you can say it, tho i ask you to please not mention any names in this medium. Post your opinions below! PS: i post this in the general discussion since i want all members of the AJSA from diffrent games to participate, as well as the discusion topic is pretty open and is not about my channel, which is why i post it here and NOT on the user created section (plus it DOES say discuss "anything and everything" here )
  16. Hi, First off OP my hat goes off to you for even acknowledging the Wii U. The gaming community has been so brainwashed by "the hype" that anything with a nintendo stamp is ignored or simply painted in a negative light. heres my two cents: I believe from a "right now" perspective, when it comes to games, neither the PS4 nor the Xbox one can compete with the Wii u, There simply isint a game on either of those consoles that can compete with Mario Kart 8 or Monster Hunter Tri. GTA V and WatchDogs wouldn't really count IMO since they have been release for there older brothers besides themselves, but even if you do, the statement stands IMO. We will see when these consoles are out for a year how they stack up, and im very much aware of the huge amount of hate this comment is going to bring but alas. Anyway nicely done OP, i do agree with ur assesment (with the exception of what i just said). Also, nintendos comunity is usually better (as of late) because contrary to popular belief, nintendo is not a console with a a majority of the population of kids, one quick look at the average age of the gamer in the US in 2013 (30) and the fact kids today only like whats "cool" (aka NOT nintendo), could be one of the reasons its community is so nice. An addendum: i think handhelds should be a part of this conversation OK tech junkies, go ahead and hate on my comment ^^ btw take a look at my show "Gamer Mind" on www.twitch.tv/variloh where we tend to talk about some stuff (like the hype poisoning) related to these things.
  17. Show starts in an hour watch the whole thing on www.twitch.tv/variloh
  18. Hey guys! Game of thrones may be on a break, but "Gamer Mind" isint! you can catch the show on www.twitch.tv/variloh ar 11 pm at gmt + 2 This week, lets discuss the Hype vs Quality dilemma. Now it seems like a no brainer: we want quality in our games, but it seems that "Hype" (AKA rumors, mass promotion, preorder madness etc) seems to be the trump all, great games are getting burried by the huge hype machine promoting "Corporate Commando" Games. Why is this? and are they "winnig". Is this issue a "non issue" or should we be concerned? what can we do? post in the comment section and join me on the show to voice your opinion! PS: i post this in the general discussion since i want all members of the AJSA from diffrent games to participate, as well as the discusion topic is pretty open and is not about my channel, which is why i post it here and NOT on the user created section (plus it DOES say discuss "anything and everything" here )
  19. Hello Angry Army. Some of you may know me by now, im Variloh, and i have a twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/variloh . I helped cast and stream the previous AJSA dota 2 tourny. I also set up some pre/post shows where we interviewed and talked to the team members and such, these were very well recieved and it was a absolute honor to be a part of the tourny. Im doing a masters in Software engineering in Spain, pretty much quit my job and came here to: 1- Acquire more game dev skills and 2- Start working on my very own twitch channel Im trying to do something a little different with the later. I obviously stream many games but more then that im working on a couple live talk shows. The first one is already up. I post gaming topics every monday on the AJSA general discussion forum and then go live every Thursday at 10:00 pm GMT+1 to do live interviews and debates, in which absolutely anyone can join in via skype and participate in. This weeks discussion can be seen here http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/17888-are-console-exclusives-good-for-the-gaming-industry/ The show is similar in format to "The Daily show with Jon Stewart" an "Real Time with Bill Maher". It would mean the world to me if you all would come on and give me some feedback, and if you like the content, maybe a follow. Thank you whatever you decide for taking the time to read this post. regards Julio "Variloh" Fernandez
  20. Better late then never Yep im a day late but im here with the next topic of gamer mind! You can watch this episode on www.twitch.tv/variloh live this thursday at 11:00pm gmt+2 (a little later then usual), If you would like to share your comments live and join the discusion, message me here, on twitch or at twitter @variloh. So the question today: the Preorder culture and its long/short the effects on gameing. It seems universally agreed that preordering hurts the business, do you agree? what changes in gaming are a direct consequence of preordering games? is there any benefit to this? And what should we, the consumer, do about it? From a consumer standpoint, we LOVE preorders according to the stats, (money made out of preorders) why? post your comment below! PS: i post this in the general discussion since i want all members of the AJSA from diffrent games to participate, as well as the discusion topic is pretty open and is not about my channel, which is why i post it here and NOT on the user created section (plus it DOES say discuss "anything and everything" here )
  21. The discusion goes live in a couple of minutes on www.twitch.tv/variloh
  22. Stream is up! www.twitch.tv/variloh
  23. Yup, Im back again. So this is a topic that really makes me tick and its next on Gamer Mind. What do i mean by originality? Think about not just new IP but also things that fundamentally change the videogame industry, like the move from 2d to 3d. As a community, do we REALLY want this? im not asking if we SHOULD want this, im asking if we DO. I dont usually give my own opinion when i do these but i strongly believe we dont. As always, if you wanna participate in the discussion let me know here, on twitter @variloh or via twitch; it all happens this Thursday at 10:00pm GMT+1 on my twitch: www.twitch.tv/variloh follow me to keep track of the show Keep in mind i may quote your opinions so keep them as respectful as possible. PS: i post this in the general discussion since i want all members of the AJSA from diffrent games to participate, as well as the discusion topic is pretty open and is not about my channel, which is why i post it here and NOT on the user created section (plus it DOES say discuss "anything and everything" here )
  24. Hey guys Variloh here, Just wanted to let you know about my twitch stream www.twitch.tv/variloh I run a talk show every thursday (you may have seen the topics on the discusion forums, it starts in an hour) regarding gaming topics, id love it if you guys would check it out and give me some opinions. I also play games (duh) like dark souls 2, and i got a pretty fun little thing going on with some AJSA members. Basicly some people want to hunt/gank me on stream while otheres have pledged to protect me! its a blind run so drop on in and chose your side you can tweet your death threats/help offers to me @variloh See you soon Julio "Variloh" Fernandez
  25. Hey guys, the show regarding this topic is going to start at 10:00 pm GMT+2 NOT GMT+1. For those on gmt+1 time, its just an extra hour, so at 11:00pm gmt +1 Drop a follow to be notified when the show starts