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Everything posted by Variloh

  1. Hi all, as you may know i stream a lot and try to get the comunity involved as much as possible, i was contacted by sundaecat and was suggested i should stream the torny. I usually do comentary aimed and comedy and haveing a good time, im not the best player in the world buy i have been around since dota 1. my twitch is www.twitch.tv/variloh would love to do my part for the community
  2. Streaming fallen enchantress
  3. Hi all. I have been promoting my twitch on the forums this weekend and am now ready to inform you guys the debates i had started in earlier forums are happening today! Also if i reach 50 followers i wil be giving away hammerfell! only 14 more to go!
  4. As part of my giveaway stream, il playing this game live, blind! www.twitch.tv/variloh
  5. I apologize if it bothered anyone, since it was something diffrent i decided to post a whole new topic, in one of them i am talking manly about the giveaway im doing, but here im talking about a blind playthrough/review as many people may be intrested in this game and not necessarily the giveaway i decided to make it a seperate topic, if this is against the rules then any mods around please close this thread
  6. Today we will be playing a game that ive never played: fallen enchantress: Legendary heroes is live after the jump www.twitch.tv/variloh
  7. Hi all, If you dont know me, ive been streaming on twitch for a bit and the AJSA comunity has been real supportive so thanks for that. Ive decided to do a very special event and mention it first here on the AJSA. When i get to 50 followers i will be giving away a free game through steam. When i hit 50 followers, i will do a raffle. If you are follower number 50 you will get 4 extra entrys. If you are watching when it happens you get 2. and if you watch in my stream this weekend, at any time, you get a extra entry. Just being a follower gives you a entry Everyone can participate! the game is one i think is a good one that has been overlooked: hamerfell. www.twitch.tv/variloh Game on joes! we will be doing debates, stand up and song parodys (like pokemon theme song!) Variloh (also follow on twitter @variloh for exclusive updates)
  8. The mentioned stream starts in 3 hours 9 30 pm CET! come join for some extra entrys! woot
  9. Ok twitch stream round 2! we are at 36 followers! only 14 more to go! Extra entry winners: Meatclub1 Gpopoter
  10. Hi all, if you saw the previous forum http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/14591-twitch-giveaway/ we are doing a Giveaway on my twitch channel www.twitch.tv/variloh This weekend,ifyou join the stream by watching or participate, you will have extra entrys in the raffel, the rules are viewable in the forum i just posted. we start at 9:30 pm CET and will continue tomorrow and Sunday! come join us,we are only 20 followers away fromthe giveaway! also post in this forums some games you would like to see in the next giveaways, preferably games that are obscure and you want to bring to light! Hope to see as many of you as i can Variloh
  11. 32 followers! 18 more #hype #hamerfell
  12. We are streaming live! come check us out only 19 more followersto go
  13. Thank you Kelinger hope you enjoy the content and i get to talk to you, and get to know you
  14. I would love to reupload my vids to the channel and my girlfriend would love to help with the art side of things, if you want a sample of what she can do, her devianart is http://ilenca.deviantart.com/
  15. Thanks to all who passed by and requested some songs see you tomorrow in our indie stream!
  16. Stream starts now guys! also i will be deciding whether or not to make a youtube account to save our upcoming debate day! Check me out and please support me at www.twitch.tv/variloh ps: write songs you would like me to parody!
  17. As per popular demand, the dota 2 bard will make his return tonight! first we do some Rogue Legacy then the bard is back!
  18. So guys ive had similar complaints. What im going to do is join this debate with the Nintendo debate and do it tomorrow morning/afternoon depending on your votes and do my dota 2 bard/ Rouge Legacy stream now its all about entertaining and reaching you guys!
  19. Hello AJSA! Tonight i will be streaming Rouge Legacy on my channel www.twitch.tv/variloh and debating the topic: "Why does the main stream media constantly attack videogames" It will happen at 9:00 PM CET and i really hope you guys will support me as you did with the 24 hour stream! As some of you know, there is a forum topic dedicated to this debate and i will be reading some of your opinions on this as well! drop a follow on my channel, suggest other topic debates you want me to do and stick around for some Dota 2 funny songs after the debate! (The "Dota 2 bard" re appears!). Tomorrow we will cover the subject of "Does nintendo get treated unfairly" as well so stay tunned! thank you all for your support!
  20. Thanks for your support! keep trying i just stabalized it on my end!
  21. OK people stream starts....now! www.twitch.tv/variloh
  22. Dont worry Ysnar People have asked for just that and il find a solution. Im also lookin into twitch highlights which allow me to do just that
  23. I have received multiple requests regarding this ysnar. Originally i was avoiding youtube as in my opinion, if you disagree with how a company handles themselves yet you still buy its product you are just validating them. However since i have received this request by many of you i will concede and create a youtube channel to upload highlights and so forth. I cant garantee the debate will be there soon but il try thanks for your support ysnar
  24. Its ok twisted, we will do another stream tomorrow for the nintendo debate and more, so hopefully we wil have ya tomorrow! thanks for your support!
  25. Hello AJSA After the success of my 24 hour stream last saturday, and the generally well received section where i talked about Nintendo and its diffrent treatment it gets in the gaming community (how its ignored in the console wars unfairly) and the fact that i love not only gaming but inteligent debates and discussions about its very real impact it has on the world ive decided to do this section regularly on my twitch channel ( www.twitch.tv/variloh ). The first topic i would like us to tackle is: Why does the mainstream media consistently belittle and attack gaming and its industry? What do i mean, well, as we all know, the mainstream media doesn't really respect gamer or gaming. To them, we are all "nerds playing in a basement" and the only moment we hear them talk about an industry and a community they havent really bothered analizeing is when they want to pin something negative on it. Violence in videogames. Now i could go into a semi rage about this but insted il show you this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-26049333 That is the latest report ive seen regarding the videogame industry and you guessed it, its about violence in videogames and its gonna make you upset. So the point of this post is that i will be talking about this topic referencing this article of course and i would like to know your opinions. I will stream this Thursday at 9:00 Pm CET. I will play a "violent game" and discuss this topic in depth. I encourage you to leave your opinion as i may read it in the stream and maybe go and follow my chanel www.twitch.tv/variloh and be a part of the debate. See you soon! Post to your hearts content