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Posts posted by Variloh

  1. Finding out that developers and game journalists are colluding with each other and trying to expose it, which in turn led to said journalists trying to cover it up was quite the controversy. Also, considering how they're still trying to cover the issue up behind the misogyny and sexist BS it's a pretty big one. Add to that how a lot of people are unfortunately believing their side of it, not to mention how a lot of sites are banning the discussion of it, makes it even more controversial.

    Being "controversial" does not make you a controversy. I can be a controversial person for example. What im saying is that to reduce it to a simple controversy does it a disservice. Its a movement. Is it surrounded by many controversies? you can argue it is. But every single thing you mentioned is a controversy in of itself. They are obviously linked to #GamerGate but that does not make GG a simple controversy. it doesnt even make it the mother of controversies. 

  2. I just want to point out that the beginning of GG was still quite controversial, and can't be ignored. It's great that it has evolved into something more, but we can't just forget how it all started. The Anti-GG side is also keeping it controversial by skewing the subject to fit their needs.


    It will still make the list, and most likely take the top spot despite what has happened. The real question is, how will Joe present the topic when he talks about it in the video.

    his latest tweets and other evidence that is under our noses hints at how he will cover it. I strongly disagree the begging of GG was controversial. IF you are referring to the Quinspiracy, i still disagree. 

  3. #Gamersgate, Anita Sarkeesian leaving her house after she got threaten by the gamers, people threatening Angry Joe for not giving reviews, Ubisoft lied about Watchdogs' graphics downgrade, GTA Online's bank heist being delayed, and Jewwario's death.

    yeah got to disagree with the first 2.

    #GamerGate (no s) is not a controversy, its not even a movement anyomre, its a subculture in it of itself. but besides this, the reason i disagree with this being on the list is twofold:

    1-  I would dislike seeing joe talk about something he is clearly biased about, and this may be just that. if its not, it would do the movement a diservice to sum it up in 5,10,15,20 mins by someone who has openly admitted to not really be paying atention to it.

    2- Your second entry. Her "Death Threats" (AS) have been vastly overblown and in some occasions, like the utah university one, have been completely discredited, not by GG but by the authorities. Not only that, putting her back on the list, again, would inherently be about GG, and blame would be placed on GG. 

  4. The reason those two threads (this one and the roll20 thread) are showing 0 views is because we moved them. Variloh you've had a thread of yours moved before, I just had it moved back for you a week or two ago. When you click on a a moved thread that is still showing up in the old forum it was in you are taken to the new forum that the thread was moved to. That is why both of those threads have that left pointing arrow icon to the left of their names, because they have been moved to a new forum. Someone moved this thread from General to AngryJoeShow, and I moved roll20 from General to Off Topic. The reason the threads are not getting a view count or being moved up in the general section, is because they are no longer in the general section, they are in AngryJoeShow and Off Topic.

    This should of been the initial answer. simple clean and to the point. Not making speculation ,or accusing me of things i never said, or taking a shot at #GamerGate. 

    As i already said, this all could have been avoided if i would have been asked what i was talked about instead of ridiculed. Initial response is key. Next time i will make sure to add evidence in first post, i was expecting to be contacted and thats why i saved it  for private discussion but i guess plp are jumpy. noted. 

    No hard feelings on my part (as long as people drop speculating and putting words in my mouth) so lets move on.

    @Sol Omega

    regarding this: "Either way, he's better off not touching it. If he does, he'll probably state his opinion in the most neutral way possible. Like he did with Anita in his Top 10 controversies."

    im not alone when i say that the way he handled anita was far from neutral. acceptable at the time but not neutral. 

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  5. I agree a teabagging batman is a pretty antagonizing response but otherwise i think you are overreacting variloh. Have you considered that some people may in fact honestly think you were fishing for views? It doesnt matter if its true or not, it is a reasonable thing to suspect. Last they never accused you of it any more than you insinuated there was a dark conspiracy, seems about equal to me minus the part where you afe demanding apologies and are acusing people of neglecting their job. I have to say you are most certainly being the more offensive entity here IMO.

    You constantly say that if someone disagrees thats ok. I think you even said "you can say im an asshole, thats ok"... Well based on how you react to some dude asking you if you are doing this for views, you call them children who arent doing their jobs and demand an apology. I personally am not accusing you of such things, but i wont lie, I DO suspect it given you seem to never post on these forums unless its a video of yours or response of a video of yours, i feel like there is a good chance you use this community just as an advertisement for your own videos. Now im not saying thats true, just that i suspect it, and if you cant admit that its ok for people to simply suspect such things, than you arent being truthful about how open to criticism you claim to be.

    I also notice you claim joe is "slapping fans in the face", that too doesnt seem like a very open minded stance IMO. Your own opinions are pretty reasonable even if i don agree with them all but making opposing ciews out to be people who dont do their job and/or slapping fans in the face hurts your credibility.

    Im not trying to tell you are flat out wrong or are an ass or whatever, but I think you are the one most responsible for accellerating the current debate and its not accellerating in a good direction.

    I will respond to this since a big part moves away from the actual conflict but all future coments please send them to me via PM. id love to respond publicly but if this keeps getting off topic i have been told it will be locked and it does a diservice to the original point of this forum: #gamerGate and angry joe.

    Let me dissect this to better address you.

    First off i say:  "you can say im an asshole, thats ok".in most of my vids, that is correct. however, context is key: i say you can do so in the comments of said video if you dont like my opinion. that doesn't mean its ok to call me an asshole if you meat me on the street because "you said i could!" xD .

    Now the apology thing, granted i got heated, il explain that in a second, but it was  basicly a response to his "can we get a sorry?" in his first post, as i said, i wasnt suggesting a conspiracy theory, and nobody bothered ask. it was basicly "HE MEANS THIS, FIRE AT WILL BOYS!" . i went from asking a legitimite question to having to go into defense mode in one post. 

    Telling plp to do there jobs: well, nobody answered my Mod question and instead, well you saw. Is this not justified? i also called them children specificly because of the batman post. i stand by it

    Fishing for views: i would suggest you go into my content (click my profile) you will inmidietly notice some stuff: one, i dont only post on/about my vids. Two, ive been here for 1 year, my channel is 2 mouths old. Three: i have been involved in the Dota 2 community. a lot. 4) my twitch channel and Gamer Mind season 0 was dedicated to AJSA where i would promote the community.  5) Even on my youtube channel i constantly do shoutouts. 6) the videos in question, are relevant to the topic. im guilty of being lazy and not wanting to write that which i said. 7) See full disclosure post in this forum

    Any aditional concerns feel free to m me. ITs good to be on the look out for shilling so for that i applaud you. 

  6. I think we need some timeout.

    Variloh: Not being an IT, nor a mod badge to my name, I know why the thread marks 0 views in the GD subforum and it doesn't register replies.

    Although, I don't know why it marks IronicRobot as the one who started the thread.

    Simply, it's because it was moved.

    When the thread was moved to the "Offtopic" subforum, it left a "ghost thread" in the GD one, which just serves as a link to where the real thread is.

    It has happened to each threar that has been moved. It's now BBC works. There's no conspiracy.


    Now, I have been a moderator elsewhere, and I've messed up while on that position, so I know how troublesome it becomes when those charged with keeping the talk civil and focused forget that the common users depend on them for the forums to feel welcoming.

    Bolded the part I find unsettling in the post.

    By judging Variloh's behavior and comments we'll just make it all worse. If we want to defuse situations, we should be picky about our words.

    And Variloh.... man.... relájate.

    If Joe doesn't make a vid about it, it's his choice.

    TB did. Joe Sterling did. You did.

    Pushing the issue just makes you look pushy.

    yeah i figured it out when another mod finally told me the thread was deleted and my post was moved to another thread. it also happend cause it was moved to a subcategory for what ive been able to see. What you just did, the answer, thats what mods should do, 100 % agree. 

    The problem could of been avoided if that answer was given the first time i asked. 

    The only thing i resent is having an idea tacked on to me. Anyone who knows me knows i stand to my guns and am direct about things, i dont weasel around, my vids are proof. if i thought there was a conspiracy, id say it straight up. Heck i made a vid about joe and posted it in his community! I expressed myself wrong and was not my intention to imply anything (i have already said this tho). Believe me, if i thought there was a conspiracy, and had proof, there would be either a forum post directly stating it or a vid xD . 

    Now back to topic: Regarding the "pushing joe" part, i dont need him to make a vid, as you said thats his choice. I do believe he should ad least say "i will not get involved with #GamerGate because X" or something. not save it for a controversies vid. Thats just my opinion as ive said and defended, its a big issue and its clearly important to his own comunity (look at GG thread, its the biggest one around! bigger then the ones he himself posted in i believe!(rules and such)) 

  7. You can keep talking about this GamersGate bollocks if you want but you won't discuss the idea that members of the AJSA staff are trying to manipulate forum views, posts and topics for some form of unknown agenda. If the topic was displaying 0 views I don't have a clue why and expect I won't find an answer. It's just one of those things. I want to consider this resolved, if you disagree you can send me a PM.

    I did not discuss the idea that anyone was manipulating anything. Stop putting words into my mouth and read what i wrote, and its not an "if" i posted the pic. i have no problem moving this discusion to a pm but i will not allow plp to put words into my mouth. 

  8. Alright I don't speak for Variloh, but I just want to say that I personally appreciate that the AJSA has allowed discussion of GamerGate to continue for as long as it has when sites like reddit and even 4chan have backed off it. But please don't end the entire conversation on GamerGate because of one person. That thread has managed to remain on point and civil.

    Thank you.

    Who is this one person you speak of? and i agree, this discussion NEEDS to happen, this is not some political thing, its about gaming, anyone who says otherwise needs to do research. 

    Back on topic: 

    I came to AJSA to discuss this because among the sea of anger, this was an oasis. This community represents fighting against all that is wrong, i have had great debates on Gamer Mind with members of this community and is why i always stop here first. II enjoy debating all plp, those who agree, disagree or are neutral. I also believe joe is not above criticisms and even tho he may never see ours posts or our videos, maybe the message will get to him. Hell, in my opinion he is an example of  "stand u for what you believe in". regarding joe and GamerGate i strongly believe he is a leader in the gaming world, a voice, and the fact this community has rallyed so many cool plp proves that. He can make a difference if he really wants to.  

  9. @Variloh  Honestly dude I don't see why you need another person's opinion to feel as though things are alright in the neighborhood. If he doesn't want to talk about the bullshit, then he doesn't want to talk about it. I think it's pretty damn obvious the guy knows and has heard about it already. However if he feels whatever he's feels as to why he hasn't said anything yet is entirely up to him. All you're doing is stirring up bullshit, and being a gossiping hen. Are you doing all this bullshit for the views? Also if you were trying to get that YouTube video of yours views by posting that here, then you posted in the wrong forum. This ridiculous post of yours in which you posted that long winded video should be in Community Content, not here.

    At this point, id suggest you think your posts through. Im clearly not here to get views, my posts have proven this as well as my body of work in the AJSA. You are free to believe as you wish and we can debate why you belive what you believe regarding joe commenting on #GamerGate civilly, as recovery and me were doing. Im going to do this, once so listen up.:

    At this point you comments have turned into attacks and i feel you are crossing the line into disrespect. At the suggestion of another mod i will address you civily. 

    Your first accusation, i addressed in the previous post (which you ignored, since it has this little thing called "evidence") . that was your first mistake.

    Secondly, regarding this : Are you doing all this bullshit for the views? Also if you were trying to get that YouTube video of yours views by posting that here, then you posted in the wrong forum. This ridiculous post of yours in which you posted that long winded video should be in Community Content, not here.

    My original post, the last half reads as follows:

    The forum has been made with two purposes:

    1- To get this video to Joe

    2- For anyone who wants to chime in on the message to freely do so. 

    I also know that since joe is all for free speach, and will defend even Sarkeesians right to voice her opinion by "fighting anyone on the street" that this forum post wont be locked or moved. 

    a) I originally posted this in the "General Description" in a new form post, this forum, as reads the description is ment to "discuss anything and everything". 

    B) this forum is ment to create discusion regarding #GamerGate and Joe, as the debate initially started. A mod deleted my forum and put this post in a preexsisting forum, were debate went fine, until you and legolas took what i said badly, and insted of doing you job, you mocked me and asked for an apology.

    and this: "All you're doing is stirring up bullshit" i would thank you to address me respectfully.  if you disagree with my views i will gladly debate you.

    For all this Mr Redjakk, i ask you to apologize to me, unless mods are above the rules? 

  10. In which case, I can see why you said what you did. Thank you for clearing that up.



    I agree that Joe shouldn't be obligated to talk about it if he doesn't want to. It'll probably be in his controversies list which is enough.



    The thing is that many people out there do want him to take a hard stance for one side or the other. Totalbiscuit is at least more of a pundit and speaks on topics like this quite frequently. The price of neutrality is a high one, ask Geralt. It's not easy and I frankly don't blame him. Nor do I believe he has a moral obligation in this situation; he's an unrelated third party who doesn't typically cover news stories. He didn't touch on the Anita Sarkeesian thing outside of his controversies video. I could be wrong but I don't recall Angry Joe talking about the Watchdogs controversy at length either. Granted GamerGate is a bigger deal, so I don't think it's ridiculous to ask Angry Joe to talk about it, just maybe not to expect it.

    I expressed how i believe this sort of sentiment is not accurate in my video. in a shorter format: this is not "outside news" this is gaming news, more important then the Xbox1 controversy (which he covered extensively in real time) the tomb raider, the bayoneta, etc controversies, the YOUTUBE CONTROVERSIES, hell, this idea that "hes just a reviewer this is outside his jurisdiction" is simply false and needs to be accepted as such. Hell, he made a Gaming community, hes not just a guy who does reviews anymore.  does this mean he HAS TO cover this? no, it does not, but its very much understandable why he is expected to. IMO he should, at the very least give full disclosure as to WHY he refuses to cover it, and if you look at my video, he does not seem very "neutral" in his initial tweets. With great power comes great responsibility, and there is a fine line between neutrality and pure silence, silence give those who want to silence the movement credibility. And giving your opinion is never a bad thing, i agree and disagree with #GG, there is no "two sides" to this. For all this and more, i strongly belive he has a moral obligation to lead the gaming community with his voice, he is one of the few with a megaphone, it is a slap in the face to those of us who dont have one to refuse to use it. 

  11. Damn!



    I'll just rehash what I said in another thread.

    Joe won't say anything (as he said, he doesn't know much, and I won't blame him for not wanting to know) because he doesn't want to take sides. His best course of action is playing the neutral party. He takes a side or a certain stance and boom. He just made an enemy out of the SJWs that'll some how shut him down, or he just made an enemy out of the unfavorable part of the gamer community and they'll post hentai all over of the forums.


    Either way, he's better off not touching it. If he does, he'll probably state his opinion in the most neutral way possible. Like he did with Anita in his Top 10 controversies.

    Speaking of which, I'm still waiting on a darn Tera clan, Joe. Thought you liked Tera!

    Thats unacceptable to me, as its more politics then actually caring about gaming. totalbiscuit has taken a side. And quiet frankly, if you watch the video his initial stance is not "neutral". He then backpedals of course. Thing is, i believe in my own personal opinion that joe is not some politician or is not in it souly for cash and fame, hes a leader in the gaming community, we trust him, to reduce #GamerGate to a simple controversy and to be politically correct to not get anyone mad is, to me, to betray that trust. He does not have to support, or go against. I would just like to hear his thoughts, I dont agree with a lot of things that are being assosiated with #GG, look at my feminism vid for proof.  This isint a little boo boo, its a huge debacle. To me, hes got a moral responsibility. I said all this in more detail and better presented in the video. 

  12. stumble_meme_vol1.png

    Did you actually happen to back out of this topic and look at the views? It's currently at 794 views and nothing was done on our end... Can we get a sorry?


    No you cant, but you can give me a sorry, read below


    I'm in a gamersgate thread, one where someone thinks we are trying to hide a thread and its view count (when that is both obviously not true and not even possible), and one with 1mirg who was just telling people that Anita is writing and helping with the making of Ghostbusters 3 because he doesn't know how twitter works.

    First off i did not intend to say that anyone was covering anything up, perhapes i should of said "is this some intentional mechanisim placed in the forums for some reason im unaware of?". Since considering that vid has more views then any ive made, thats kind of impossible. There seems  to be an error in the forum not a mod, you see if you would of taken 5 mins to investigate the first time i asked you would of found it, insted of well, showing your true colors  with "Now I know that you guys like your poorly thought out conspiracy theories but since I always enjoyed research and actual evidence, here" 

    the evidence, pictures taken today and on the day i made the post are in the following link. Advice for the future: insted of posting things like what you posted, perhaps contact me directly if you felt offended, i think my history in the AJSA kinda proves who i am and how i operate and saying things with no proof ryme or reason isint my modus operandi

    " https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxeCZWLoFWz9NzdrekhzSDRtS1E&usp=sharing

  13. That's why I wrote "mostly".

    I understand the sentiment, and share some of it, but even as we might expect something out from Joe, we can't really do anything beyond what you've just done: ask him to speak up.

    If he does, it will be when he deems fit and in his terms. We can't just coerce a reply out from him. Or anyone at any rate.

    Now, the interesting part..... you rose to the challenge and grabbed the bull by the horns (you should have heard the expression by now ;) ).

    Many now-famous youtube channels were birthed by small crises.

    Have you thought about your involvement in this whole thing? Ain't that awesome enough?

    We can wait for a reply while you ponder it, pal.

    Regarding joe, its true noone can coerce an answer out of him and nobody is doing that. If it has come off that way i apologize. I do believe however everyone is accountable for there actions or inactions. If he chose not to respond in any way, when his controversies vid roles around, people should remember that he had a chance to make a difference and refused to do so. Nobody is bulletproof not even our Joe, and our responsibility as his community and his fans to let him know when we believe there is something he should/should not do. 

    As per my role in this, let me give full disclosure, ive told this story multiple times but lets get it in writing. Over a year ago, 2013, i quit a lucrative job in the telecomunications industry, one that promised a career rather then a jump job. Its the job you find in ur late 20's that you dont leave and i was 23 at the time. I did so because it didnt fulfil me, (im one of those) and i decided to follow my dreams. I made a website, a webcomic, two youtube shows (a third one called GNN (games news network) thats a fake/comedy news cast is coming) and my own indie games (in dev tho you can play a prototype for free on my webpage, shameless plug: gamescraftart.weebly.com) . So yes, i wish i can make a career out of all this. That being said, the prospect of my work being taken in to account is thrilling and makes the 10-14 hour work days worth it. However when it comes to #GamerGate and my letter to joe, its about something more. I love this industry, everything about it, and it being attack is like being under attack myself. Gaming has made me who i am, 9/10 friends ive made and kept contact with over the years is thx to gaming. So when i tell joe the things i said in the video, thats not scripted, its not writen down in advance. It something im saying not as Variloh but as Julio Fernandez. So yes, it is thrilling that some plp are listening to me, but in this particular case, its beside the point. Thanks for the nice comment tho :)

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  14. QFT

    Joe deals mostly with reviewing games and surveillance of Corporate Commander's forces, not journalism and gaming culture in general.

    It would be nice for him to set his opinion on it all, but it's not what I expect from him.



    I don't feel as though he should be obligated to talk about it if he doesn't feel the need since he doesn't generally cover news stories. If it doesn't make the number 1 spot on his top ten controversies list though, I don't know what would.

    Joe does not only deal with reviews. His thoughts being documented on the whole Xbox 1 fiasco prove this. He has spoken out on other issues before and this is not simply a "controversial issue" its gone far beyond that. Its not fair but its the downside of popularity: he has a moral responsibility. By simply ignoring this he says much more then if he were to come out and say it. Also, his tweets i point out in the video are very indicative on his state of mind at the time. Gaming youtubers have a responsibility to the gaming community and joe has always been a critical thinker, to excuse him in the same way pewdiepie and tobuscus get excused is simply disingenuous. Weather we agree, disagree or dont care about #GamerGate the entire gaming community is, by the day, becoming more under attack. I would think joe, who allegedly stands up to shitty practices in the gaming community would stand up for....gamers, would say, something. With fame and power comes responsibility and a moral obligation to consumers. In Totalbiscuits words "I care about the consumer". We need people like him now because people listen to him, it sucks, its unfair, but he is not just another gamer. he cant stay idle. And as i said, to just give it a 10 min mention in his top 10 video would be to do it a disservice, hell, if hes "just about reviews" why does he even do a top ten controversies video? If hes onlt about reviews, why form a huge gaming community? 

  15. Hi all.

    First off, this open letter has been very well recieved and many people from the army have told me it deserves a separate topic. Tho sending it to him on twitter is a course of action i have taken, i belive having it here on his own community is the best way. I believe the video is respectful and made with the most genuine of ways.

    The forum has been made with two purposes:

    1- To get this video to Joe

    2- For anyone who wants to chime in on the message to freely do so. 

    I also know that since joe is all for free speach, and will defend even Sarkeesians right to voice her opinion by "fighting anyone on the street" that this forum post wont be locked or moved. 

    Thank you for your time

  16. Uh, there's LOTS of material in there!

    Pay is low everywhere. Economy is crappy.

    Review scoring is a site policy. If anyone wants to get free from it, there's youtube where every reviewer makes up his/her own scales.

    If your writeup is a copy, it's really plagiarism. You shouldn't be paid for it.

    Early Access.... if they are charging for it, you can criticize it.

    Ad revenue is crappy because adblockers, and that's opening a completely different can of worms..... dead, rotting, gooey worms......

    Valve...... if you can't get a straight answer, stop promoting them.


    I wasn't sure if they were talking about issues of games journalism or of the mexican school system :lol:

    You both bring up some great points and early access is definitly going to be a art of one of this weeks videos, stay tunned!

  17. Remember to record the live events and keep backups if you already don't (and backups of backups).


    Thanks for the sub man! yeah the live events will also go to the youtube page!



    When gaming became effected by political crap.


    We as gamers are effected by it so we should if we care enough speak about them, but mind you I wouldn't call this a political matter. it's regarding games journalism.

    Games are effected. But the show isint about games journalism its about all topics that affect gaming