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  1. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Clumsyninja in How i feel about the next gen consoles so far. [Opinion]   
    "Sigh" you are obviously a Microsoft fanboy. I play everything, and i think they all have pros, and cons including Xb1. Also you can say what you want, but i have been a part of Miiverse constantly since day 1, and it is by FAR the best community i have been a part of. FAR less trolls, racist, annoying people. Sure there are some there, but they are MUCH rarer to find on Miiverse. They are very friendly, and are always out to help people, and love making new friends. Sorry, this is my opinion, and experience after owning all 3 consoles, and i can EASILY say that Miiverse community is more mature than the XB, PC, and PS community. You haven't witnessed it because you obviously don't own a Wii-U, or a PS4 for that matter. I don't think Miiverse is perfect, but it is easily the most enjoyable community to hangout with, and talk about games, and post things on what we are doing, and helping each other out. 
    Although the Wii-U has some flaws mentioned above, but positives too. Same goes for the PS4, and Xb1 Actaully you are right about it having more exclusve line-up than the PS4 after going back and looking, my mistake , but that can change at E3 like i mentioned before. XboxOne is a great system, but please do not act like it is so superior that neither the PS4, or Wii-U stands a chance when right now it is in last place in sales. XBL and PS online are just as good. Never found the servers to be better than another. Also it doesn't matter if the Wii-U has been out longer, it has more, and better exclusives than the PS4 right now, and has more games announced for it coming soon than the XB1, and PS4, but less 3rd parties than those consoles. I was just stating a fact. (Well saying something is better is arguable, even though the 1st party Wii-U games are higher rated than anything on the Xb1, or PS4 atm, but it does have more games.)
    In terms of power, no they are not that much different.. I mean seeing games getting higher resolution on the PS4 than the Xb1 tells you something, and they still don't look that different. We won't be seeing much of a difference in graphics with these consoles, they are pretty much the same box with different games. The support for MLG means nothing.. The controllers are arguably better than one another. lol I think they are both great. i like the PS4 controller layout better, but i also like XB1 thumbsticks better. (Some people have been modding their PS4 controller, and adding XB1 thumbsticks to it.) I don't like the XB1 layout as much, and hate the clunky like bumpers compared to the PS4. PS+ offers far more discounts, and free games than XBL. This is a fact.. Also i mentioned they are pretty much getting the same 3rd party games, but PS4 seems to be getting exclusive content like with Destiny. They are pretty much the same though, i agree. 
  2. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Clumsyninja in How i feel about the next gen consoles so far. [Opinion]   
    Here is how i see it right now for next gen consoles so far.

    Best Online Service - Playstation Plus. It has tons of games on discounts, and some free games every month. For only $60 a year, i don't see anyone beating that for a while. (I know PC is free online and offeres the same thing but i am only talking about consoles.... ... Yes i know consoles are technically smaller boxed PC's, but still.) XB1 isn't bad either, alhough they do not offer the amount of discounts, and free games as PS+. Wii-U's online is slowly improving, and it is completely free, they should try bringing in more discounts and such though.... Although i can't complain since the online is free.

    Best Media Apps - Xbox Live. XboxOne offers tons of media apps, and feels like a true everything in one entertainment system.

    Best Online multiplayer - Tie between Xbox Live and Playstation online. They both have great servers, and party chat. Wii-U is lacking in online area, and needs mics, and party chat.

    Best 1st party exclusives - Wii-U. With the Wii-U being out for a year it actually does have some great exclusive out right now, such as Mario Kart 8, Wind Waker HD, NSMB + NSML, Monster Hunter Tri, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, ZombieU, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Lego City Undercover, and more. They haver a bigger line up of games announced right now than the PS4, and XB1 too with games like Zelda U, Bayonoetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros U, Xenoblade X, Yoshi's Yarn, Pushmo World, and more. This could change depending on E3, but then again Nintnedo will be announcing even more games. Wii-U's Virtual console is growing rapidly too which great.

    Most 3rd Party games - PS4. . Playstation 4 is on a role with tons of 3rd party games, and exclusive content from those games. XboxOne isn't doing to bad, and is getting most 3rd party games, although not as much exclusive content. Wii-U obviously needs help in this area.

    Most Indie support - PS4. The PS4 has been getting a good amount of indie games from the PC, and F2P games as well. It seems to be growing, but i find that all the companies are getting good indie support which is awesome. 3DS has been getting a great amount of indies that i have been playing a lot lately.

    Best hardware - PS4, although not by much.. The difference between the PS4, and XB1 is very small. Wii-U is in-between the last gen, and next gen consoles in terms of power, although Nintendo has released some of the most visually stunning games out this year.

    Best controllers - With core gaming i can't really decide between the PS4, and Xb1 controller, they are both great. However, i have fallen in love with the Wii-U gamepad.. Feels very light, and i love the awesome features integrated into the gamepad screen. Had TONS of fun playing ZombieU with the gamepad and finding all the cool ways to use it. Very innovative controller imo, although the battery life could be better. I wouldn't say the gamepad is better than the PS4, and XB1 when it comes to competitive game though.(Pro controller is good for that.) I will just leave this as a tie between all 3.

    Best Community - Wii-U. Miiverse is one of the best, most mature gaming community i have been a part of. All i see is people talking about how much they love their games, and helping each other out with problems, and giving each other tips, and such. The way it is integrated into games is fantastic too. Like playing NSMB and dying on a certain part, and having Miiverse messages pop-up with people telling you how to get past it, and to cheer you on. I have NEVER found a community so nice, and friendly before. Rarely ever see trolls, or people being so negative on it. Tons of adults, and kids playing nice, and just having fun. I wish ALL communities was like this one.

    Winner - US.

  3. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Hype vs Quality in the Video Game industry   
    Hype is a tool used by companies to make dumb people (not literally) buy games. No offense to anyone, but let's look at facts. I will use Watch Dogs as an example to more effectively show my points.
    Look at our recently released game that by many people was called, "Better than GTA" and now they are crying and want to kill Ubisoft because they pre-ordered it because they expected it to be better than GTA 5, but it's not even near to GTA...I'm talking about Watch Dogs.
    Graphics are not nearly as good as they were shown. Textures on high look like crap...DemonsColt showed me a picture of it and honestly BF3 had better texture resolution at medium than Watch Doges has at high. So far the only game that didn't disappoint with the graphics hype is BF4...that game truly has stunning graphics like it was shown...or at least very close. Watch Dogs so far in reviews is not nearly showing good results as I expected. Yes, they say gameplay is fine, but all the next gen physics and graphics...forget about it. Car driving is arcadey like in Sleeping Dogs and the destruction...Well, if they ever invented cars where you can ram a wall at 200kmph and not even get your windshield broken...I WANT THAT CAR...because that's what destruction in Watch Dogs is like atm...worst thing is you will get your car scratched if you ram at someone...and maybe crack your front window.
    The hacking looks fun, my friend is playing the game atm and he says AI is really really good, the atmosphere in the city is really good, NPCs do tons of things like listening to music, if you go to suburbs you can find people rapping, free styling...in alleyways people make out or kick a ball against a wall. Sometimes the AI fails, but overall he says it's great. The combat is a lot harder than he expected, the NPCs actually try to flank you and they take lots of cover instead of kamikaze at you.
    I'm not making a Watch Dogs review, but that's what hype is. Hype is overrated. Trailers are overrated. You have to be smart. Honestly, I don't feel sorry for people who preorder games and then get disappointed. How hard is it to wait few days for reviews and see it and buy the game later. Most people use excuses like, "Yeah but with preorder you get cool stuff." Well, is an extra gun really worth your $60? I wonder...
    But that's the point, companies use that as advantage. "Preorder our game and you get a cookie in your box" and everyone is like, "OMG OMG OMG cookies."
    Well, here is an example...I will use Watch Dogs as an example of hype and create a picture for you to better understand difference between HYPE and FINAL PRODUCT (QUALITY)
    Left picture - Expectations and hype
    Right picture - Reality

    I haven't heard so many bad news when it comes to gameplay, but graphics and physics-wise it didn't do good. I didn't hear too many good things about the story either, but I will judge the whole game by myself when I play it. So far I'm just saying that hype was the victor here and not the quality.
    Hype is going to be a tool to for companies to bring in people for a lot longer and the only way to beat hype is by simply being smart and wait. If we gamers keep on buying unfinished and hyped games, companies will laugh behind our backs, hold and scan our money and will keep on releasing more hyped products and the circle will go on forever.
    Sadly, quality rarely wins...and when it does, it's not even like it should have been still, but we decide to let it slip through our fingers and say, "Well, it could have been worse."
    Companies will use that as a chance to release more dumb crap that us gamers will be happy with.
    Hype wins and we keep feeding it.
    Welcome to reality guys...I think many of us should use $60 and buy some more brain cells instead so that we can actually THINK before buying something. Those $60 will be worth and hype might die out at least by a bit.
    Also I just re-read through more posts and I have to say that hype is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is in most cases today. Hype is really good if the game turns out good, however if they make a hype for a game that is not nearly as good as it is shown and it happened for many games...then hype is no good at all.
    That's all I have to say on this topic for now.
    btw: I'm not bashing Watch Dogs, but many say that it was just way too overhyped...and from what I've seen it has, but I still think it's a good game at least in gameplay. I don't care about graphics anyways. I was just using it as an example of hype since it's the newest game to be released that everyone was hyped about and now I'm reading reviews and people aren't that happy about the game.
  4. Variloh liked a post in a topic by BloodshotFenrir in Hype vs Quality in the Video Game industry   
    Hype can be both good and bad, it can be good in the fact that it gets you pumped and excited for the game and Companies realise a large percentage of gamers, "believe the hype" and take advantage, satisfying our gamer thirst and making us say "I want that fucking game NOW!" e.g. Watchdogs, Titanfall, etc. That's good, if you're the business(and some consumers). But it can be bad, as it creates this notion that this game is going to be the second coming of Jesus and the best thing since sliced bread(or crumpets as they are surprisingly delicious, especially Warburtons, put it in a toaster, slap some butter on them, oh yeah!... Sorry I went off track there, back to what I was talking about ). 
    An example based on personal experience, The Last of Us, great game, enjoyed it... not as much as I hoped though(but still great), you see back in the good ol' days of early 2013, me still falling for the hype in games. The Last of Us after hearing every person imaginable say the game is "10/10, you're a douchebag if you rate this any lower than that!", so I went into the game, with all this hype cushioning me, to blow my balls off quicker than a gang bang in a minefield. I played it, and felt, disappointed, it kind of plagued me that disappointment and made me stop playing the game after nearly finishing it, of course it wasn't the games fault(or was it?) it was for 1. My fault for "believing the hype" and setting this impossible standard, but 2. The hype comes from the mix of Majority of the PS playerbase hyping it everywhere I went and marketing reinforcing that, making it so that if I said I was a little disappointed or saying "it's great, just not as great as you're all making it out to be", I would be burned to the stake for Heresy, in turn making it so I would be called out for "hating it" because it's popular,(Fanboys and Fangirls, how I loathe thee) makes it difficult to discuss it with people when that notion gets reinforced helluva lot.
    Crap example I know, but it's an example nonetheless(maybe I could've worded it better though...). Anyway what I should say is The Last of Us is a "Quality Game"(that British slang tho'), but the hype for it, overshadowed it's quality too much and made it sound "too fantastic", disappointing me a bit. But let's look at three others, Bioshock Infinite, GTA 5(mainly the Online), and Aliens: Colonial Marine(The worst offender). These games are good for this Hype Vs Quality, Bioshock Infinite, hyped, not as bad as Aliens or GTA V, but hyped, It's fantastic, but the hype did make it sound a bit better than it was. But the Two to focus on are Aliens and GTA V, Aliens was hyped to be the "definitive Aliens experience", the hype made it sound contender for game of the year, but the game was just terrible, the only redeeming factor being the fan service and multiplayer to some extent, with only the most die-hard Alien fans willing to defend it. Then you have GTA V, hyped a crap ton, it's single player experience actually lived up to it(a few snags here and there, no game is perfect)... the Online however did not, the hype I would say was even higher than the single player, and horribly disappointed(seems to be my word of the Day), making a lot of people stop playing it and staying on the singleplayer or not touching the game really(until Heists are added, call my cynical but I think they're going to be disappointing as well).
    I think I should stop, to be honest I'm better at being verbal than writing text, lot harder to get my point across(for me anyway). Thanks if you read this, hopefully that didn't offend anyone(the Gang bang joke) and if I didn't make sense, I tried at the very least (I don't think discussions are my strongest thing)
  5. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Hype vs Quality in the Video Game industry   
    Always too many games being released and too many old ones for me to play for me to ever feel hype about anything anymore. I don't even pay attention to when games are releasing anymore and rarely watch trailers.
    Surprised so many older gamers still get hyped for things, you'd think they would learn at some point. No one would stop talking about Titanfall, a few days after release no one cares anymore, from the reviews Watchdogs has been getting that looks like it will end up the same way. Now we have developers lying about how their game looks or plays and have fake gameplay footage for games like Aliens. I think a lot of my friends being Fallout 1 and 2 fans learned to never be hyped about anything once Fallout 3 came out, and the rest learned when Aliens came out.
    Bethesda didn't make New Vegas.
  6. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Recoveryanonymous in Hype vs Quality in the Video Game industry   
    I personally think Watchdogs and Destiny are in the same boat as Titanfall as far as hype goes. I hope those two games are good, but I can't shake that nudging feeling that they won't be the second coming of Jesus either.
  7. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Variloh in Angry Army, can you help me with my twitch and talk show?   
    Hello Angry Army.
    Some of you may know me by now, im Variloh, and i have a twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/variloh .
    I helped cast and stream the previous AJSA dota 2 tourny. I also set up some pre/post shows where we interviewed and talked to the team members and such, these were very well recieved and it was a absolute honor to be a part of the tourny.
    Im doing a masters in Software engineering in Spain, pretty much quit my job and came here to:
    1- Acquire more game dev skills and
    2- Start working on my very own twitch channel
    Im trying to do something a little different with the later. I obviously stream many games but more then that im working on a couple live talk shows. The first one is already up. I post gaming topics every monday on the AJSA general discussion forum and then go live every Thursday at 10:00 pm GMT+1 to do live interviews and debates, in which absolutely anyone can join in via skype and participate in.
    This weeks discussion can be seen here http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/17888-are-console-exclusives-good-for-the-gaming-industry/
    The show is similar in format to "The Daily show with Jon Stewart" an "Real Time with Bill Maher".
    It would mean the world to me if you all would come on and give me some feedback, and if you like the content, maybe a follow.
    Thank you whatever you decide for taking the time to read this post.
    Julio "Variloh" Fernandez
  8. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Seph in Very strong language video angriest girl gamer on xbox 360 made by video games   
    To clarify the situation here. Race does not equal nationality. Bashing someone based on your nationality is just as bad as race though. 
  9. Variloh liked a post in a topic by fridgeracer in The Preorder Culture   
    well what's your point? the OP made the thread to gain some feedback and responses on the topic himself so that he can perform his live show series called gamer mind on twitch tomorrow - which invites AJSA members to watch and discuss on it.
    if you are implying he doesn't have the right to ask about it on here, respectfully i disagree. i understand that things might get repeated but you know... this is a democracy and he does have freedom of speech. if he want's to talk about a talked about subject, unless he trolls or bashes someone in the thread, he can and no mod has right to say otherwise.
  10. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Glaice in The Preorder Culture   
    I think the preordering culture has grown more than it should have, I meant every single AAA game I see has some preorder nonsense with Bonus X/Y/Z that doesn't come around for others ever or much later for all for a price. It needs to relax because it's just getting ridiculous.
  11. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Null in The Preorder Culture   
    I don't think pre-ordering as a concept negatively effects gaming.  When you originally had pre-orders all you pre-ordered was the game.  The whole point of pre-ordering was to get your copy of the game and that was it.  Then you started getting pre-order incentives, like the Wind Waker.  Where for pre-ordering, at sticker price mind you, you got The Wind Waker as well as Ocarina of Time and Master Quest.  That is a great pre-order bonus and rewards fans of the past franchise.  It's when pre-order incentives became sliced off bits of gameplay here and there for different retailers that things have taken a dark turn.  Pre-order the game from gamestop and you get this little sliver, but you miss out on the amazon pre-order bonus.  Don't worry you'll eventually be able to get as DLC.  This is what's hurting the industry, but really gamers only have themselves to blame for pre-ordering games that are not part of a franchise that has proven itself time and again.  I mean, there are more bad parts of the Alien franchise than good who actually expected anything from Aliens:  Colonial Marines.
  12. Variloh liked a post in a topic by fridgeracer in The Preorder Culture   
    this is one i don't agree with. i don't think pre ordering hurts the gaming industry. i think it just gives people a means to be ready for the game they desperately want to play the second the release date and time has passed and the game is on general sale, whether it be digital or physical copy.
    games that come with perks, enticing you to pre order, and only getting those perks IF you pre order, are generally bullshit games anyway and shouldn't be praised in my opinion. ESO did it, it sucks. watch dogs is doing it now, and i bet that will suck - but we will see.
    not all are guilty though, GTA5 is a fantastic game but even that abused the pre ordering with it's special edition physical copy except you still chose whether you wanted to pay more for that or pay the standard RRP price for the standard game, where some of the things you got in the special edition could be acquired in the basic game anyway. games that abuse it are ones that give you those perks ONLY IF you pre order and there's only 1 version to pre order, i.e. if you pre order you WILL get all this stuff, and if you don't pre order, you won't get anything.
    however this doesn't mean in my opinion that the general process of pre ordering is bad for the industry.
    some publishers abuse it with what i just said, others simply do it to allow you to get it and get playing first - whether that be online for you to gain an advantage over people who start playing hours later after coming home from work... or whether it's a single player game and you just cannot wait and want your pixels... it's not a bad thing.
    we just need to be cautious of the games that abuse it and the games that are being decent about it.
  13. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in The Preorder Culture   
    I think once we started to see multiple different versions of games coming out, different exclusive content depending on what country you live in or where you buy from (Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, etc), and once developers have started lying about how their game plays or how their game looks in interviews and fake trailer footage (Aliens and Watchdogs) that this has become a real problem.
  14. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Oreyn in The Preorder Culture   
    Every time I hear about pre-ordering, there's some sort of "special bonus gift" that you can only get with the pre-order. I don't recall it being that way. I think over time it just became expected or standard to give something extra for pre ordered games.
    I don't really see it hurting anything unless it's some overpowered gear that can be used against other players. Because then not only do they have a head start getting the hang of the game, learning the maps and spawns, but they have equipment that will overpower anything else. It's gonna become "you need gear equal to this in order to participate" which is, well, bad planning.
    If it's a new skin or something that's on a similar level, then more power to you. Something nice to look at, maybe get someone to say "oh, where did you get that? Ah, well that's cool."
    I can see it as bad with "Well why can't they just give it to everyone? It's already in the game!" but then it's not a gift for the extra money given in a pre-order.
    So yeah, those are my thoughts.
  15. fridgeracer liked a post in a topic by Variloh in Do we REALLY want originality in the videogame industry?   
    Hi, I usually dont reply to these but lets go ahead and respond, tho it will only lead to you saying something else as productive.
    Yes, I plan to talk about this on my stream (tonight at 10 pm gmt+1 on www.twitch.tv/variloh thx for the excuse to plug ) why? because i care about these topics and think we should, as a community, talk about them. Do you HAVE TO tune in and watch? no, you dont, if you just wanna talk about the topic here, thats completely fine.Is it wrong for me to promote my show, for anyone who wants to dialogue about it further? no, its not. Will i continue to do this? well yeah, seeming as every time i post one of these a ton of people respond, so maybe the topics are clicking.
    Now as for you having no interest and nothing to add to the discusion but aparently "breaking it", i would suggest maybe to put that negative energy to work for you. Do i care about it being aimed towards me? no, not really, comes with the business, but i think you could get more use out of your time, maybe in something that DOES intrest you
  16. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Gone too in Do we REALLY want originality in the videogame industry?   
    Hey buddy, usually when you have no interest in a thread you don't post.
  17. Variloh liked a post in a topic by fridgeracer in Do we REALLY want originality in the videogame industry?   
    looks like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
  18. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Do we REALLY want originality in the videogame industry?   
    Since he said fundamentally change the industry, I'm pretty sure he means the change from 2d to 3d artstyle not a game supporting 3D TVs. I think we've all experienced 2d and 3d style video games.
    When it comes to platformers, fighting games, beat em ups, and RPGs I'd always rather it be in 2d.
  19. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Qnz917 in Do we REALLY want originality in the videogame industry?   
    I would love for more originality over the copy and paste approach
  20. Variloh liked a post in a topic by fridgeracer in Are Videogames good, bad or inconsequential for the world?   
    inconsequential for most of the world. in the middle east, oceania, and the west, video games are a culture experienced by gamers basically behind closed doors. the only place gamers will mix among other gamers on their culture is the internet or in game stores, or at a convention like E3, pax, and that's pretty much it.
    it's easy to understand as well. there's millions of gamers all around the world, but, how many exactly? i doubt there is 1 billion gamers in the world. we haven't gotten to that level. we are in the millions, possibly hundreds of millions, but there's 6 something billion people around the world. we are a very very small minority of people that embrace the gaming culture, compared to other cultures around the world.
    like i said though, that's for most of the world. go to countries like china, japan, and south korea, almost everyone is a gamer. nearly the whole population of korea and japan are heavily addicted and passionate gamers. in china, it's the major city populations with heavily invested video gamers. it certainly is a small percentage compared to their overall country's population, but it's still big and dwarfs the population pockets of gamers around the rest of the world.
    when i say inconsequential for most of the world, what i mean is, in asia it's a major part of their "overall" culture. it gets talked about, analysed on the news even, and plays a major role in life for those people. for us, most of our populations care about other things, gaming is a minority thing that people talk about overall. you certainly won't turn on sky news in the UK or CNN in america to hear them talking about some team beating another team on a DOTA 2 tournament or starcraft 2, but you will hear them talk about the asshole in charge of the country, tax rises for pensions, and which football team beat who and what score. no gaming over here. that's what i mean, basically. most people who are not in asia / oceania do not care about video games and it doesn't play a major part in our culture and doesn't influence as much. but on the other side of the world, it does.
    yet still... on a global perspective with every country put together, no, gaming is inconsequential for the world. it's consequential for asia / oceania, but not many others.
  21. Variloh liked a post in a topic by mrfool in Are Videogames good, bad or inconsequential for the world?   
    Just have this guy as a co-host Var, won't need any more guests...ever!
  22. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Gone too in Are Videogames good, bad or inconsequential for the world?   
    Was the Renaissance humanism in theater good? Was the cinematographer invention that led to modern movies good? I believe Pong and it's descendants hold up to those in a very meaningful way.

    Games(non electronic) have been around since before society as Johan Huizinga puts masterfully in his work Homo Ludens, and they have a very important function in society and psychological development, in fact many of the modern society's aspects can be considered large-scale complex games with set rules and everything. Gaming is a very interesting phenomena in the way that it's more complex involving multiple forms of art to compose a single media form, it's a step up from movies in complexity by including interactivity.

    Gaming is a powerful tool for teaching and many articles/papers and monographs have been made on the subject. Age of Empires and Total War got an entire generation interested in History. Warcraft 2 got me into Strategy games and hell my Major's monograph is a research on the history of the Starcraft Esports circuit and the history of strategy games*.

    It's a bit off-topic but RPG(real tabletop RPG) is a thing I got in due to gaming, it also heavily influenced me. With RPG I've read a lot of books and developed an entire host of skills. It also often incentivizes you to study for historical games.

    That's actually a great point, I owe a great deal of my cosmopolitan worldview to gaming from a young age. Well eventually going into HIstory as well but that's also a result from gaming anyway. Games like Age of Empires, Red Alert and Total War made History far more interesting than the classes ever could. Many of my colleagues are quite provincial if not borderline nationalistic so I say gaming has changed my life quite a bit for all intents and purposes. I'm not sure how I'd turn out if I hadn't been a gamer or learned English with games.
    By that logic, so will reading too much, eating too much or watching movies too much. All things considered healthy, the very popular stigma that overnerding will kill you is quite fallacious in my opinion when overdoing anything can be just as harmful to an individual.

      Those are powerful forces within society for better or worse, it's quite simplistic to say it's "just entertainment." especially when all these forms of media are conveying messages sometimes even "hidden" messages about lifestyles, political orientation, culture and everything else. It's no coincidence that Radio was adopted by politicians early in the XXth century, TV followed suit and well there's a billion heavily political books like "The Capital" or "Mein Kampf", innocent looking tv shows like Simpsons or Futurama have been making political and social commentary for years now.

    Even gaming has political agendas here and there albeit a medium that's still considered young and sometimes "for children" by society at large it's no coincidence you fight for the free world in every Call of Duty campaign or that America's Army and the Chinese cod-based rip-off exist. I don't like getting paranoid or checking every reference ever made and don't really think entertainers are on the payroll of some illuminati-like group like some weirdos would say but it's not just entertainment when it's molding society one way or another and every form of media is.

    *To clarify, I don't mean computer games exactly but how strategy games came from Chess which was modified in the 19th century to create the Prussian Wargames and then appropriated by the civil market to create boardgames and eventually electronic strategy games all with a history of design elements and what-not.
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    Hi all Variloh here,
    As some may know, my show "Gamer mind" will be off this week do to vacation on my part, but the question must and will be asked! the show resumes on its normal schedual next week (Thursday May 8 10:00pm GMT+1) and if you wanna participate, drop me a tweet at @variloh or message me via forum messages. You may also message me via twitch: www.twitch.tv/variloh if you enjoy these go over and drop a follow to know when i go live!
    Now that im done with the shameless self promotion, lets get down to the question at hand: Are Videogames good, bad or inconsequential for the world?
    The question is meant to address if videogames have a impact on the world in a deep way, not just economical or as a hobby a group of people take up, but in the sense that it effects how the world thinks, acts and aproaches day to day experience. Do the existence of videogames change how the world acts? Has videogames afffected morality? has it changed a large group of peoples views of the world? Give your opinions down bellow! 
    PS: i post this in the general discussion since i want all members of the AJSA from diffrent games to participate, as well as the discusion topic is pretty open and is not about my channel, which is why i post it here and NOT on the user created section (plus it DOES say discuss "anything and everything" here    )
  24. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Orpo in Are Videogames good, bad or inconsequential for the world?   
    They're a media, they can influence the world in both ways, bad or good.
    Videogames are not so different from books, music, movies and television.
  25. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Null in Are Videogames good, bad or inconsequential for the world?   
    Video games have the potential to cause change in a large group of people much like literature (Uncle Tom's Cabin and Common Sense) and film (Jaws and Star Wars) has.  I don't think a single game has had any sort of impact that I would say "changed the world", but the impact of gaming, as a whole, on globalization is easily apparent and can easily be said to have changed the world.  How many people who are part of AJSA have gaming and the internet, of course, to thank for meeting people they would have otherwise not met.  They exchange ideas that echo their different backgrounds and cultures.  This got really hammy and cheesy at the end I apologize.