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  1. Muddy-Chan liked a post in a topic by Variloh in Thank you AJSA Dota 2 Guild   
    Hello guys,
    Variloh here.
    I just wanted to say thank you to all of the people who have said kind things about my pre shows and post shows in the last AJSA Dota 2 Tourny. It was your positive feedback that kept me going in this tourny in times i was considering shutting the whole thing down. getting to talk to you guys and giveing back to a comunity that has helped me get my start on my twitch channel has been the highlight of my experience as a AJSA member. This guild may not be the biggest one in the AJSA but the amount of character and overall "badassery" in this guild is incredible. I expect big things to come and will continue to entertain you, may it be in our out of the tournys, for as long as you guys want me around. This guild has the potential to be big not just in the AJSA but in Dota 2 in general.
    Thank you guys for makeing me feel apreciated and makeing me want to improve the interview segments (which i have been doing these past weeks, setting up a new show that airs on thursday 10 pm CET) as well as drawing up better questions for whenever i am needed again.
    Continue being made of awesome and sprinkled in Epic.
    Julio "Variloh" Fernandez
  2. Variloh liked a post in a topic by mrfool in Angry Army, can you help me with my twitch and talk show?   
    Really enjoyed your streams so far Variloh and they only keep getting better with the more followers you get.

    Can't wait for the Show tonight where I'll no doubt be on to chat with you and Derwisj.
    Keep it up man!
  3. Variloh liked a post in a topic by IrishRogue in Are console exclusives good for the gaming industry?   
    I think console exclusives are a good thing to have as they do give inhouse studios the task of showing why a particular console is good and show what kind of games/mechanics/features/etc. one can expect from the console. Also, games like Bayonetta only have a sequel because Nintendo was willing to make it so as long as it was console exclusive, thus giving a game a good number of people loved another chance to be in the spotlight. Plus it's kind of cool to think what consoles can do with their own characters, like how companies like Disney, Warner Bros., Hannah Barbara and the like have been able to create products where in their entire roster of characters interact with each other and work together/do things with one another. The best example of this being Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series (although I really wish Sony would reconsider giving PSABR another shot and fix all the problems that game had).
  4. mrfool liked a post in a topic by Variloh in Angry Army, can you help me with my twitch and talk show?   
    Hello Angry Army.
    Some of you may know me by now, im Variloh, and i have a twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/variloh .
    I helped cast and stream the previous AJSA dota 2 tourny. I also set up some pre/post shows where we interviewed and talked to the team members and such, these were very well recieved and it was a absolute honor to be a part of the tourny.
    Im doing a masters in Software engineering in Spain, pretty much quit my job and came here to:
    1- Acquire more game dev skills and
    2- Start working on my very own twitch channel
    Im trying to do something a little different with the later. I obviously stream many games but more then that im working on a couple live talk shows. The first one is already up. I post gaming topics every monday on the AJSA general discussion forum and then go live every Thursday at 10:00 pm GMT+1 to do live interviews and debates, in which absolutely anyone can join in via skype and participate in.
    This weeks discussion can be seen here http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/17888-are-console-exclusives-good-for-the-gaming-industry/
    The show is similar in format to "The Daily show with Jon Stewart" an "Real Time with Bill Maher".
    It would mean the world to me if you all would come on and give me some feedback, and if you like the content, maybe a follow.
    Thank you whatever you decide for taking the time to read this post.
    Julio "Variloh" Fernandez
  5. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Mexiguy in Are console exclusives good for the gaming industry?   
    I don't mind console manufacturers and their partner studios developing games exclusive for their own console, what I'm not okay with is with manufacturers paying large sums of money to studios so they release only on their console, giving the middle finger to everybody else.
  6. mrfool liked a post in a topic by Variloh in Variloh's Latest Stream : 17/04/2014   
    Hello all i just saw this and would like to comment in response.
    I do appreciate your input when it comes to the online "manners" conversation and would of liked to hear them in an interview.
    As per the "being present" i post the topics about the talk show in the "general discussion" section every Monday and do the show every Thursday. I encourage you to take a look at the most recent one: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/17888-are-console-exclusives-good-for-the-gaming-industry/   
    This project is a separate  project from my Dota 2 affairs. The.The current show "Gamer Mind" which debates Video Game topics is about "Video Games" not just Dota 2. I participated in the AJSA Dota 2 Tourny as a caster and hosting the preshows and post shows, I did this with the intention of getting to know the audience and talking to the community. Ive made many friends, Mr Fool being one of them, i didnt ask him to post this, he did this because he belives in my channel. In my Channel btw i promote AJSA regularly, and keep in mind, my twitch is seperate from AJSA, i am NOT a AJSA streamer, im an independent streamer who loves this community and participate in any way i can.
    "To be present" i believe goes beyond being on team speak, and i regularly read and post topics on the forums. I talk to a big portion of AJSA Dota 2 community (as i was a part of the tourny) and promote the AJSA to my non AJSA followers. I believe this is more valuable then being on team speak. (Tho i will be on it soon)
    Im sorry you feel this way, the "point" is to see if you find it entertaining. I dont post it on DOTA 2 forums because, granted, the show has nothng to do with dota 2. I do, however, have the "Dota 2 Bard" segments which make a return after there pilot season i encourage you to check it out. Once again, Mr Fool posted this as a friend to help me out....Tho frankly speaking, his post is VALID as, ifyou would of seen the show, all the guests are popular AJSA Dota 2 guild members, Dofr, Charlie, himself and more. 
  7. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Recoveryanonymous in Are console exclusives good for the gaming industry?   
    I would say no. The fact that I can't move over to PC exclusive and have my Halos too must benefit Microsoft because it gets to hold its hostage with a very high ransom, but it also sort of hinders consumer options if a franchise you love is tied to a singular console.
    I may just be bitter about saying goodbye to Halo though.
  8. Variloh liked a post in a topic by EQ501 in Do games still foment friendship?   
    Antisocial as in people are alone while playing, yes.
    I've found out while trying to find local co-op games(trying to host a gamer gathering of sorts), that the local co-op thing is pretty much dead.
    If you accept skyping or texting via ingame as social then people are very social.
    If you mean people having a beer and chilling about making jokes and playing the occasional game(you know, being social), then no, that part is pretty dead unless you own a wii and like those games.
  9. Variloh liked a post in a topic by IrishRogue in Do games still foment friendship?   
    I think gaming as a whole can still bring people to socialize with one another. An example being this club I participate on my college campus called the Pokémon Trainer's Union (PTU for short). It's a group were everyone get's together to just chill out, discuss Pokémon or non-Pokémon related subjects, battle/trade with each other, etc. Plus there's an Electronic Gaming League on campus that allows students and members to play in the gaming lab and I've been able to meet and chat with people through that as well. So while online interaction is a bigger thing now-a-days I wouldn't say social interaction with others is going away anytime soon for the gaming community.
  10. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Emphase in Do games still foment friendship?   
    It really depends on the person. Personally I'm more into single player games and that's not really a very great platform for making friends. However, when I played World of Warcraft, I made a bunch of friends. With many of whom I still stay in touch on a daily basis and still want to meet, even though I first spoke to them nearly six years ago and even after we had a breakout of sorts during the period of playing wow (guildmaster just didn't like people leaving her guild for another for better progress, but that makes sense). But about a year later we made up. Also managed to get a short term girlfriend via wow, but that was rather short-lived as I just always had to make a point about something in the game that I knew about which resulted in a lot of arguing. Needless to say, we're friends now even though she lives in Canada now.
    Other than that can't think of any occasions when I would've made friend through gaming, but that's mostly due to the fact that I just don't play online games very much and when I do, I tend to solo whatever I can and use only the bare minimum of communication. I'm just not good with people. I don't even have many friends outside of gaming. But the few I have I hold very dear with my best friend being as close as family in my mind. Mind you, he's the one who got me into wow in the first place and also introduced to my guild and those great friends I still have now.
  11. Variloh liked a post in a topic by ' in Do games still foment friendship?   
    Hasn't video games brought us all here together in the first place? Through Angry Joe and the like?
    Thats my answer at least.
  12. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by Variloh in Do games still foment friendship?   
    Hello all, Variloh here
    After the successful primer of my new show on my twitch channel, i bring you the second topic to discuss here on the AJSA. Remember, if you would like to discuss your opinions live on the show you make message me here or via twitch. 
    Ive been around gaming all my life and there has always been a certain stigma: Games makes people antisocial. Every gamer has ad least heard this at one point or another (specially 90's children) however it, to me seemed when i was younger to be the exact oposite. Pokemon Yellow began a beautyfull friendship/kinship with my cousin that survives until today, Paper Mario was the topic of conversation that first brought me together with one of my first best friends, a relationship that survives today. I could name many more. However, these examples (golden Eye, Mario Kart, zelda, resident evil, Pokemon, etc)  All have a distict difrence from todays online oriented multiplayer experience: Direct Contact. So the question for you guys is: Does todays videogame landscape still bring people together? or are we more separate then ever despite the world fitting in our pockets? 
    I will discuss your answers live at 10:00 pm GMT+1 on my channel www.twitch.tv/variloh this Thursday on "Gamer Mind", feel free to drop by or just leave your comments here.
    To see last weeks Gamer Mind go to http://www.twitch.tv/variloh/b/518716671
    To see last weeks forum discusion (Still going!) check out http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/17159-what-does-it-mean-to-be-a-real-gamer/page-4
    PS: i post this in the general discussion since i want all members of the AJSA from diffrent games to participate, as well as the discusion topic is pretty open and is not about my channel, which is why i post it here and NOT on the user created section (plus it DOES sy discuss "anything and everything" here   )
  13. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Eleglas in What does it mean to be a "real" gamer?   
    CAUTION: Includes some basic psychological observations.
    Many would have you believe that to be a "real" gamer you must have no social life outside of gaming, but this isn't true. I would call anyone who is socially and economically stable enough but still wants to spend their off-time playing games for the most part a "real" gamer. Those who spend all their time locked into a virtual world and therefore foregoing all social and economical responsibilities I would call an "addict". This isn't a single case though, every form of entertainment has it's addicts, hell you can even get those addicted to doing the most mundane office work.
    Myself, I'm between the two. I'm not an addict, but nor am I the most socially stable person. More often than not I spend my nights in a game, however I recognise that this isn't the ideal situation and am constantly trying to break out of that habit. It just so happens I'm unemployed and regardless of my constant job hunting I cannot land a permanent job that works around my college time table; living in the countryside doesn't help either. What keeps me from becoming an addict however is my ability to remove myself from a game. I've known people who once they start playing they won't stop all day and barely sleep.
    Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with thoroughly enjoying a game (hell I can't wait to get back on ESO after a week in Italy). But games are much more immersive than other forms of entertainment and I feel a certain psychological state of mind is really required to keep yourself from becoming an addict. Phlegmatists I feel would be the best personality type to be called a "real" gamer without so much threat of becoming addicted.
  14. Variloh liked a post in a topic by MrDerwisj in Variloh's Latest Stream   
    Had good fun participating and I hope my ramblings and sidetracking weren't too bad ^^
    Would be very cool if a lot of people watch this, I'm deffo coming back on variloh's show if he wants me, was great fun.



    Feel free to use it in his chat for future episodes.
  15. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in What does it mean to be a "real" gamer?   
    They do serve a purpose, finding people who have similar interests or that are more knowledgeable about the hobby of gaming, the same as in any other hobby or field. Having some kind of dislike for people in a certain group or saying that people aren't a real gamer because they don't play one type of game is someone putting people down for no reason. Just acknowledging that people with different levels of dedication to the hobby exist isn't doing that.
  16. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Recoveryanonymous in What does it mean to be a "real" gamer?   
    A gamer is someone who is passionate about one game or another - doesn't really matter which one I guess. Someone who only plays Angry Birds could be a gamer if they cared enough to consider themselves one.
    My point is that it's less about credibility or "earning" that title as if it was some sort of mantra and more of an issue of how you identify yourself - a burden that lies with solely with the individual.
  17. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in What does it mean to be a "real" gamer?   
    Totally agree.
    A gamer is a person passionate to video games and all things related. It means you LOVE to play video games. Now, I wouldn't say someone who plays 10min a day or a little more and only few times a week is a gamer...I would say that's just someone who likes to play from time to time just because they are bored.
    In my opinion, a gamer is a person who plays NOT only because he is bored, but because he fully enjoys it. You can divide gamers in casual, hardcore and such, but in the end, they are all gamers.
    My friend once told me I'm not a real gamer because I play more singleplayer than multiplayer games and I've seen tons of other people say this, mostly hardcore MP players. That is not true, it's just stupid...it's like some kind of MP fanboy crap.
    I personally prefer playing with gamers who play different kinds of video games rather than someone who sticks to one MP game for 2 or more years and just keeps on going like that forever, but he is stil a gamer.
    I enjoy playing SP games, new and older and at the same time I enjoy playing MP. I like to stick to one MP game and get better at it while having fun. When I get bored of it, I move to another.
    Not anyone can call themselves a gamer, however if you love it and have passion for playing, I will consider you a gamer. Simple as that.
  18. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Gone too in What does it mean to be a "real" gamer?   
    Gamers are people involved in gamer culture, usually nerds who frequent forums keep up with the news, buy a few games once in a while and is overall inserted in the culture. You don't have to be a gamer to enjoy a game or two, some can argue semantics and state that anyone who plays a game is a gamer but that's not how the term has been used for a while now and the word casual has been created to define the type of person who usually plays mobile games once in a while or just one or two games. 

    There's nothing wrong with not being a gamer and a person who's not a gamer can appreciate games all the same even if they're not going to get every reference to Monkey Island or know the entire history of the Warcraft franchise. Ultimately there's no requirement or real way to define a gamer other than a broad definition but it's usually easy to spot who's into gaming and would discuss the subject endlessly on a forum and who just plays some games to chill out from time to time.

    It's like music you see, some people like music and get involved in the culture surrounding whatever they listen to, others just appreciate it and yet others casually listen to whaterver's on the radio. As a personal example, I happen to like Goth rock a lot but I'm definitely not Goth.

      I know some 40 year olds who play cod twice a month and some guys who play fifa once every blue moon, they're definitely not gamers in the sense the word has acquired. They don't read destructoid/escapist/ign/whatever, don't watch totalbiscuit/angryjoe/whoever don't go to gaming forums and have no interest in other games or gaming culture as a whole.

    The casual gamer is not pejorative or at least it shouldn't be so there's really no harm in using it. The casual gamer has a different approach entirely. My mother has pacman in her android, she's not a gamer.

    Lastly, no we're not special people but we can name more than 20 games have hundreds of them on our Steam accounts and that makes us more invested in the hobby. By your definition of "anyone who play a game is a gamer."  anyone who has ever done something briefly or from time to time is an experienced hobbyist in that field. I've sailed for a year with my father when I was 11, definitely not a sailor and I wouldn't say I was even then. It's ultimately subjective of course but the modern guise of the term has surely changed.
  19. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in What does it mean to be a "real" gamer?   
    No hobby or occupation is special but there are still different ways to refer to people given their level of experience with something.
  20. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in What does it mean to be a "real" gamer?   
    I'd say anyone with an interest in video games who plays different games and genres and takes at least a slight interest in what goes on in the industry.
    I'd consider someone being a real or hardcore gamer the same thing as someone being more along the lines of a movie buff, not just someone who has just played a game at one point in their life. I wouldn't consider someone a real gamer if all they played is Farmville (and I've never seen anyone who only played Farmville call themself a gamer) just like I wouldn't consider someone who made scrambled eggs one time a chef or how I wouldn't consider someone a fan of movies or books if all they did was watch/read the same one or two things over and over again.
    It would be like someone who plays catch with a baseball mitt every once in a while being called a baseball player but they know nothing else of baseball, have never played it, and have never seen a game played. It would be the same thing if someone was just playing one game, knew nothing of different genres, knew nothing of the industry, etc it wouldn't make sense to consider them a real or hardcore gamer. If you are posting about games on a forum or looking for opinions or information you're going to want the people with some actual experience in the hobby.
  21. Variloh liked a post in a topic by mrfool in AJSA Tournament no2 FEEDBACK   
    For Variloh's Stream time, that's 10pm GMT+1. Just thought I'd mention.

    But some very valid points put across from a neutral (Variloh's) perspective. I'm looking into maybe getting you a bigger face in the guild Var, because I personally think it would help the community out so much.

    You could even do shows on "What's Happening This Week in the AJSA!" if Craig and other Commanders on the forums were alright with it.
  22. Variloh liked a post in a topic by mrfool in Informational platform, feedback received, thread v.1, GO!   
    We're only getting bigger and better!
    Also it's great to see more people giving their time to help out the Community, wether it be through streaming, coaching or anything else. This is something I can get behind
  23. Variloh liked a post in a topic by Muddy-Chan in AJSA Tournament no2 FEEDBACK   
    I actually saw the text  before I saw who wrote it, and I swear to god I thought it was Sundaecat
    In all seriousness, you do raise some valid points. Basically, the organisation of this entire thing needs to be just better. 
  24. IjWolverineSIoH liked a post in a topic by Variloh in What does it mean to be a "real" gamer?   
    Hi all variloh here. 
    So as some of you may know i just finished casting/streaming the AJSA Dota 2 tourny. During this time i introduced some "pre and post show" segments that included me doing interviews to the team captains and participants; these segments were wildly popular. As some of you may also remember, i have posted "debate topics" here on the forums and streamed monologues regarding this on my channel. The interview segments were a test run, as i wanted to try a new format. Now i bring back the debate ideas with a twist: insted of just posting your answer here, i would like to have a set number of guests come on the show and give there insites, in the process, promoting what game they play and there guild here on the AJSA. The Dota  2 interview segments helped bring people together in that guild and i wish to do the same on a more comunity wide effect. 
    So the first topic is: What does it mean to be a "true" gamer? (both the meaning that has been adapted today and what it SHOULD be, how this definition has changed over the years and so on)
    its a topic ive seen before here on the forums that has given wildly diffrent answers and opinons, and i think is a topic which is more influential today then ever. 
    The show will air on my twitch channel on www.twitch.tv/variloh on thursdat at 10:00 pm CET. Those who want to come on can contact me via steam: variloh or you can leave your opinons here as i will read them
    PS: i post this in the general discussion since i want all members of the AJSA from diffrent games to participate, as well as the discusion topic is pretty open and is not about my channel, which is why i post it here and NOT on the user created section (plus it DOES sy discuss "anything and everything" here )
  25. Variloh liked a post in a topic by ' in Thank you AJSA Dota 2 Guild   
    At first I thought this was going to be some kind of rant or something. What a pleasant surprise