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Everything posted by Maurice

  1. Have you tried calling the stores up, asking them what they expect concerning demand and how much stock they are going to have? Maybe they can even reserve one for you so you don't have to worry too much about standing in line for hours..
  2. I agree.. :/ Maybe at some point there will be a sneaky businessman who offers to cheaply import games from the US..
  3. I don't really know but for example Gamestop offers to trade your PS3/Xbox360 Version of COD for a next gen version for a relatively reasonable price - so I can imagine that a lot of people did that! Also I guess that CoD simply has a huge fanbase compared to most other launch titles...
  4. It is really unfair but I guess that they adapt their pricing to the local income and price levels... however I don't get why the prices for downloads are so much higher than for buying the boxed game at a retailer.. :/ I also have to pay 69,99€ (~95$) in Germany per Game.
  5. I found the final verdict relatively harsh. According to Joe the game has amazing graphics, very innovative elements (new guns, owl etc.) and a few spectacular levels but then on the other hand a boring storyline with repetitive levels and some weaknesses in gameplay - I would have expected a 7/10 for that rather than a slight above average 6/10..
  6. That really is ridiculous! Why would the charge so much more for a digital download which you can't even sell once your done with the game... If I buy the boxed version I can at least still sell it in a years time and get some of my money back! :/ Do you guys think that there will at least be some steam-like sales where you can get cheap downloads from time to time?
  7. I personally prefer BF4, it has a much more war-like-atmosphere as you have all out warfare with verhicles resulting in lots of epic moments and experiences. Many of my friends play CoD and I feel like it is more skills-based and I would say that the pace is much higher as the maps are smaller. That's in terms of multiplayer of course, I heard that the singleplayer campaign of both games is terrible!
  8. Agreed! I also consider it a positive sign if they delay the game rather than pushing a bugy mess out the door *cough* BF4 *cough* - still would have loved to have it upon release!
  9. I do like trophies and achievements as they increase the inventive to replay a game in order to gain certain trophies / unlock achievements you didn't get in the first place! But other than that I am not a person who always strives to get every trophy possible..
  10. PS+ is, without doubt, great value for money. It just annoys me that it is required to play online... don't get me wrong, I would have bought PS+ anyways, but now I feel like I don't really have a choice if I still want to enjoy multiplayer gaming! :/ I'm also a bit disappointed that they couldn't publish Driveclub in time to be available on PS+ for launch.
  11. I would assume that it simply means that Sony constrains the maximum number of PS4 for each retailer/distributor as they want to spread all their units evenly across all retailers. I wouldn't think that they deliberatly constrain their own production (it's not like the price is going up if they do). Now I am a bit afraid about my preorder.. even though I have a guaranteed delivery before christmas.. :/
  12. Hmm.. I've only seen some gameplay on youtube so far and for me it doesn't look too great and a bit repetitive. What makes the game so special?
  13. Hey everyone, I'm new in this forum and just wanted to ask if you guys bought the camera with the PS4? Is it worth the money? What games (already launched or announced) are supporting or even require the camera? I feel like it is mostly a gimmick that won't have much impact on the every day gaming experience... Cheers, Maurice
  14. I am not yet finished with the DLC (so please don't spoil the ending for me!) but I do enjoy it! It has the same mysterious, alien atmosphere of Bioshock Infinite and you get absolutely caught up in the game. It is not one of those DLC that are just thrown out there to make money, it actually adds to the game and is sufficiently different from the main game. Even though I can't tell how much longer it takes to the ending I already feel that it was worth the money..
  15. Nah, I don't feel the need to share my gameplay with friends so I don't plan on ever pressing the share button (but maybe that's because I'm a terrible gamer and I would only embarrass myself if anyone would see me playing )
  16. Seriously, this kid got issues. It's not like he has any reason other than wanting to be cool and getting attention. "Look losers, I already have the thing you all want so badly, but because I'm badass I'm going to destroy it in front of your eyes" - Could you be any more of a scumbag? I wouldn't think that MS paid him though.. I mean, why would they?
  17. Well that sounds rather strange... if workers at Foxconn did indeed deliberately manipulate the manifacturing process then we would expect way more than 0.4% of defects. Also what would they gain except potentially losing their job? Wouldn't it make more sense to protest against working conditions in public instead of secretly sabotaging your clients products?
  18. Let's hope they don't forget to integrate the Share-button so I can share the experience with my friends and family!
  19. You might also want to consider what consoles your friends are getting if you plan on playing multiplayer online with them. I personally went with the PS4, mainly because it is cheaper and the games I find most interesting will be released for both consoles anyways.
  20. The fact that the world is not fixed but made up of thousands of small items that could be moved around, stolen or fus-ro-dahd in the air!
  21. That sounds terrible.. has Sony already published a statement concerning the problems? Are they replacing the consoles fast enough? Even though I would assume that most people who get a working console won't publish a review on Amazon only a few days after getting it (so the percentage of broken consoles might actually be pretty low) it is still daunting to see how many 1-star reviews there are.. :/ I do generally agree with you, but then again I've never heard of PCs or Laptops (or cars or any other advanced technology) failing in great numbers immediately after being bought. Maybe Sony tried a bit too hard to keep costs low..
  22. It does look really promising... even though I feel like they haven't changed much in the gameplay over the last few ACs (except the amazing ship-gameplay), so it might get a bit boring at some point despite the new setting and theme..
  23. Does anyone know if Knack offers a offline co-op mode? I'm thinking about buying it as a "family-game".. even though beating up enemies in linear levels doesn't sound like too much fun!
  24. Well, I guess as long as it is only 5$ per month and they back it up with lots of free games etc. it's not to bad.. on the other hand I'm worried that if nobody protests they might someday charge even more for multiplayer - a service that should be free as we've already paid for it by buying the game! Let's hope they'll give us great service for our money...
  25. thanks for all the answers guys, I suppose I'll still be waiting if there are any more interesting games coming out that utilize the camera in an interesting way... it would be cool if they used it for Watchdogs!