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  1. Maurice liked a post in a topic by Lukis in PS4 unfair prices at EU!   
    Why you or I should work one full day just to buy one game? In my eyes its so wrong! 
    Sure we can pay little bit more, but not almost 100% more!
  2. Maurice liked a post in a topic by Lukis in PS4 unfair prices at EU!   
    Killzone Shadow Fall - $60 on US Store - £48 Amazon.co.uk - £53 UK Store Call of Duty Ghosts - $60 on US Store - £48 Amazon.co.uk - £55 UK Store FIFA 14 - $60 on US Store - £47 Amazon.co.uk - £63 UK Store Battlefield 4 - $60 on US Store - £47 Amazon.co.uk - £63 UK Store Need for Speed Rivals - $60 on US Store - £45 Amazon.co.uk - £63 UK Store Knack - $60 on US Store - £47 Amazon.co.uk - £53 UK Store NBA 2K14 - $60 on US Store - £55 Amazon.co.uk - £63 UK Store Lego Marvel Super Heroes - $60 on US Store - £50 Amazon.co.uk - £53 UK Store Assassin's Creed IV - $60 on US Store - £48 Amazon.co.uk - £58 UK Store How fair it is!?
    And I bet that we who got euro will pay even more!
  3. SB_NextGen liked a post in a topic by Maurice in Digital DL Costs   
    That really is ridiculous! Why would the charge so much more for a digital download which you can't even sell once your done with the game...
    If I buy the boxed version I can at least still sell it in a years time and get some of my money back! :/
    Do you guys think that there will at least be some steam-like sales where you can get cheap downloads from time to time? 
  4. Maurice liked a post in a topic by Shagger in I think PS+ is going to be a great deal   
    Yeah, the Driveclub thing is disappointing, but it's better to delay the game and get it right than release it broken and buggy. I'm not to disappointed by this because the "PS+ Edition" I highly doupt will be full game anyway.
  5. Maurice liked a post in a topic by GrammatonKlerik in Microsoft paid for smashed PS4s on Launch day.   
    Obvious troll is obvious.  
    Sony and Microsoft are corporations, not some street thugs in a turf war.  If you honestly thought MS was behind this for even a fraction of a second and you have a high school diploma (or greater), I hereby revoke thee.
    Also, lets stop the whole tough-guy rhetoric about beating somebody's ass if they saw this in person.  This happens EVERY time a new console comes out and nobody does shit, and neither would you.  I've seen videos of people getting robbed and beaten and all anybody does is take out their cell phone to record it, so lets not pretend somebody is going to face a misdemeanor charge (or more) for a guy destroying a console that was rightfully his to destroy.  As crazy as it might sound to you, if you hate DRM then by extension you should stand behind the right for him to do this.  You might not like it, you might cringe, but you still need to support his right to do so as it's HIS console to do with as he wishes.
  6. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by Maurice in PS4 first console to fully support Pornography ?   
    Let's hope they don't forget to integrate the Share-button so I can share the experience with my friends and family! 
  7. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by Maurice in PS4 first console to fully support Pornography ?   
    Let's hope they don't forget to integrate the Share-button so I can share the experience with my friends and family! 
  8. Maurice liked a post in a topic by GoodOldSmurf in Microsoft paid for smashed PS4s on Launch day.   
    theres definitly a difference between smashing a sweet console at launch where not even everyone will be able to get one (i nearly had the moneys to buy 1 during the preorders but when i was going to preorder one, i got told the preorders were disabled now at Sony's demand, we all know why)
    and because of this im gonna miss Destiny's beta (i preordered it)
    the only bright side is im likely to get a bug-less PS4 and still going to play Destiny, it royally pisses the shit out of me :V
    people smoking just ruins their body, if they would buy a cigarette pack and just stomp the whole pack on the ground when theres a cigarette shortage (lets assume i wanted to smoke some too) id definitly punch him too
    its a matter of public behavior and community respect
    these morons smashing the consoles like that are definitly doing something good making the fanboys raging but also a very bad thing that outshadows the good action completly
  9. Maurice liked a post in a topic by Harvster-01 in What does ps4 blinking red power light mean   
    Some IGN users and a few other folks online are reporting problems with their PlayStation 4 -- a mysterious, blinking red light atop the hardware. Many feared ahead of the console's launch that this "red line of death" indicated PS4's fail state, meaning the next-gen console was dead. This is not the case. Here's the deal.
    If you boot your PlayStation 4 and find yourself staring at an ominous red line, it means your PS4 is overheating. But don't fret -- it's not bricked, it hasn't melted, and it won't explode. The machine just needs time to cool down, so step away and try again later. If you have persistent issues or if your PS4 breaks for other reasons, check IGN's PS4 problems wiki page or call Sony's customer service support line at 1-800-345-SONY (1-800-345-7669).
    Some people may have also seen a picture of a ps4 inside a display box with a red light replacing the usual blue one and has been called the red light of death . This is nothing of the sort and is actualy a saftey feture to prevent your ps4 from breaking. Andif you put a console inside a cosed box with no air flow and run it for hours on end what do you think is going to happen .For the full breakdown of how PS4's hardware works, you can read the PlayStation 4 instruction manual online.
  10. Maurice liked a post in a topic by Willymac in Knack, Great, Must Play   
    Me and my buddy played the game Knack all the way through last night, and going into it I saw the poor reviews the game had gotten (1/2 stars) and my expectations was a blow through beet em up game. I expected a Skylanders type of game. What I got was a feeling I haven't had since playing the Jak and Daxter series. 
    I should probably say now that I play platforming games primarily: Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Rachet and Clank, Spyro, Mega Man X, and Sly Cooper. All great classics and games that I will show my kids. These game earned their place in the hall of fame. And now I will present the newest member: Knack!
    Knack is a creation by the Doctor made up of relics. These relics power everything. They are powerful weapons as well. The Orcs have been rising up and trying to strike down the humans, but Knack is suppose to shift the war in favor of the humans. I know what your thinking, Generic! All I can say without spoiling anything is that this game has some surprising moments that truly make you feel bad for these characters. I walk away knowing all the character names for their unique heroic moments, I cant even remember the main bad guys name from Jak 2. 
    What started off to be a cheesy game turned into a long, exciting, meaningful story.
    Now the gameplay, the meat of the game. What I believe made this game get such low reviews was that it is a platformer. Platformers were popular way back in the playstation 2 era. Now shooters and Assassins Creed like combat games are what is popular. The sweet nostalgia I get from playing a well funded, thought out, NEW platformer for a NEW console was absolutely amazing. The power ups that you get with collectibles adds dynamic and replay ability to the game. A Jak and Daxter style of combat, and a coop option makes this game a must have. I recommend playing on hard so this game doesn't turn into a standard Beat em up game. Hard gives you the frustrating fun of dying in one, rarely two hits, so yea, you will die: ALOT. This is the most enjoyable way to play the game though. Its what makes this game shoot up into my number 6 spot of platforming games. Only behind Naughty Dog's Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Mega Man X, Sly Cooper, and Spyro. Those are some formidable opponents.
    The only problem I have with the game is that the second player is just there to help, he isn't part of the story, he never gets any real ability. But this is a small problem.
    Knack is a game that you will have great fun with. It tells so many stories that gets you to cheer for so many characters. This game is a MUST PLAY for gamers of the great age of Platforming! Sony surprised me with this new character that I know look at as the face of Playstation 4, and I now give a nice salute to him too. Knack gets a 9/10 for the average gamers, but gets a 10/10 to all platform lovers. PLAY IT NOW!
  11. Quadrant_EL liked a post in a topic by Maurice in Just curious what game are people most looking forward to?   
    Watchdogs - I was going to be my launch game, so disappointed that they delayed it!
    I'm also really excited for the The Order: 1886, it looks amazing!
  12. Maurice liked a post in a topic by SlyCooperFan1 in PS4 Camera, worth buying?   
    For Driveclub, you mean how they have it in Burnout Paradise? Take down an enemy and it takes a picture of their face? Media Molecule's... Move... thing... is... weird.
  13. Maurice liked a post in a topic by Law067 in PS4 Camera, worth buying?   
    For what I have seen it will serve in Driveclub so you can see the face of your opponent if you beat him,I don't think they announced other games that use the camera, I know that Media Molecule is working something with the Move, maybe Watch Dogs will use it
    so for the moment it's mostly for streaming and the playroom (if I remember they will add regularly more content in playroom)
    I think I will buy it when a game use it correctly
  14. Maurice liked a post in a topic by CallMePuff in PS4 Camera, worth buying?   
    I bought the PS4 but I didn't buy camera since i'm also getting the Xbox one and Kinect seems a lot better to me
  15. Maurice liked a post in a topic by SlyCooperFan1 in PS4 Camera, worth buying?   
    I haven't bought a PS4 or the PlayStation Camera yet, but from what I've seen, the PlayStation Camera only fulfills the following so far:
    - Use your face to log in
    - The Playroom
    - Stream your face during a livestream (forgot about that, thanks @Law067)
    I don't think a single game has come out yet that supports the Camera. We need to wait to see how this will work out.