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  1. i kinda like that joe is taking a break he has been working hard to bring out new videos and he should have a break even the Good Mythical Morning guys take a break every year why can't joe do the same i for one can wait for new videos because i know that as soon as he does come back his videos will be back to there great self
  2. I Would Say If You Have An Xbox One Try Forza Horizon 2 or 3 but stay away from The NFS games as so far they are about as fun as playing mindjack mixed with sonic free riders
  3. My Xbox Live Gamertag is Quick n Brite I Am Looking For Friends to play games with i have Borderlands the Hansome Collection, The Crew, Destiny, Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls and sunset overdrive i will be getting destiny the taken king soon, and the crew wild run but for now i do not have them yet
  4. Well That All Depends On If You Want Plain Ol' Run And Gun In A Small Map (COD) Or Run And Gun With Jets Tanks Motorcycles Helicoptors And Boats In Huge Multiplayer Maps (Battlefield) me i play Battlefield As I Just Get Bored With COD
  5. I For One Will Not Buy An Xbox One As There Is Nothing Stopping Microsoft From Putting The DRM Back In There Xbox One As A Patch As If They Could Turn Off The DRM With A Patch They Very Well Could Put It Back In Patches And You Would Not Know It Till It Was To Late And After Don Mattick Told The Gamers You Will Like It Or Go Play Games Somewhere Else And That Jerk Major Nelson Treated Joe Like Trash I Will Buy A PS4 And Be Done With Microsoft