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About IppoBusta

  • Birthday 04/11/1990

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    I like action, fighting, League of Legends, FPS, and Platform games. I mostly like the simple things in life. Beer, girls, video games, and some good smokes.
  1. tomoko And Yuu

    From the album anime girls

    The girls are getting bigger, don't you agree?
  2. sakuraa 600x909

    From the album anime girls

    God, did it got hot in here or what?!
  3. Fun in the sun with Hinata

    From the album anime girls

    Nice, idk the name of the artist who made this art, so thanks any way random artist.
  4. HOTD (2)

    From the album anime girls

    God I miss these Ladies.
  5. hinnn

    From the album anime girls

    Sexy Hinata, with her cute face.
  6. hinata hyuga By sasukelider

    From the album anime girls

    Hinata looks alright in Juri's outfit, but lets be honest Juri wore it better.

    © sasukelider

  7. hina

    From the album anime girls

    The girls of Konaha are having some good fun.
  8. From the album anime girls

    Ino does look hot in that two piece.

    © darkalx

  9. From the album anime girls

    Awesome show so check it out if you like FLCL, Gurren Lagan, and wacky anime that is totally meant for 18+.
  10. Astrea and Ikaros

    From the album anime girls

    Both Are cybernetic Angels. Astrea the blonde is best at close range fighting with her sword and shield, when it comes down to it she is best in the battle field of hand to hand combat. Too bad she is a clutts in her daily life. Ikaros, the bow of destruction is long ranged battle tank that has a inter dimension battle star. She lacks one thing and one thing only, emotion.
  11. Tomoko Kuroki

    From the album anime girls

    Tomoko Kuroki, a antisocial kid who goes through rough situations which will make you feel sad about her and you will laugh at how she handles the situation. Watamote is a good show if you're into the whole slice of life anime.
  12. Chaos

    From the album anime girls

    Chaos, one of the few cybernetic angels that causes mass destruction for fun. Her emotions are as crazy as hell it self. She is slowly learning how to feel and act with her emotions.