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About DallyRUN

  • Birthday 05/27/1998

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    Gaming(duh), hunting, running, wanting to game design, socializing, and playing games with other people.
  1. I was the Imperial Guard always in all the games that they were in,once in a while space marines,but mostly the Imperial Guard
  2. I thought it had a decent campaign but to me it was just the usual cliche campaign. The multiplayer was improved in my opinion because now theirs bonuses whenever you rank up and then theirs challenges like the war games which is pretty fun.
  3. Another classic RTS game why because of its fun gameplay and story well mostly the gameplay because it was so fun. THQs greatest RTS creates, before their demise to bankruptcy, this game brought you to the most badass soldiers in the galaxy the Space Marines and the Blood Ravens the deadliest soldiers soldiers unmatched by anyone except the Chaos Marines who will do anything to destroy the whole galaxy. This was awesome you and the commander of these badass space marines(in the first game but I'll say later) you the protecter of the galaxy the one who'll destroy this deadly enemy. Now this game was also awesome for the factions which can be customised in the multiplayer. The factions: the Imperial Guard , Space Marines,Chaos, Orcs, and etc whoever is in the game. Each faction had their own distinct units which have their own distinctive feature in their buildings units and tech. It was a great RTS that made Command and Conquer look like a baby with only three factions which had the same, it had fun gameplay, but it didn't match on how the units have great detail on how they execute others and how the gameplay is done.
  4. Another classic game from Lucas Arts in its glory days of Star Wars games, it's a RTS game during the rebellion era of the Star Wars timeline, where you can choose to be the Evil Empire or the Rebellion (Could be bounty hunters if you get the DLC for it) choose your side conquer the galaxy for peace and prosperity and rule it with greatness or conquer it with a iron fist and fear.
  5. I created a Heist Crew on GTA 5 to get ready for when the Heists arrive,and I'm wondering if anyone would like to join the RussianMobsters USSR
  6. When I saw that they canceled the project for that game I was pretty sad because that MMO actually looked pretty fun.
  7. It's a fun complicated space strategy game that's crazy from the awesome space battles to and invasion of a planet, you'll have to do favors missions for other empires to gain favor and to gain good relations, deal in the black market to benefit or destroy yourself, defend against pirates or enemies, this is the Sins of the Solar Empires.
  8. What items should I buy when I join a DOTA 2 game?
  9. I've just got the game and I'm wondering if anyone got any tips on starting out
  10. Hello I'm DallyRUN I've just joined the AJSA, and I joined this gaming community because I think I might find a supportive and helpful gaming community that I can have fun playing games with when I'm bored, to help me get better on certain games or maybe help someone on certain games, and maybe meet some cool people to talk to.
  11. You've got to do a community game of this