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  1. I backed during the original campaign on Indiegogo and urged them to take the game to Kickstarter because I wanted to see it get the reception it deserved. Not sure if they already had the same plan in the works, but I'm very glad the developers have been rewarded for their efforts. It would have been a shame if a game like this, with so much invested in its story and lore, went out with only just enough to meet its original goal.
  2. Oh dear ... I love you for bringing this to my attention but ... I thought I'd already spent enough money on this game oh what the hell, a little more won't hurt. Bought the Experiment of Death box, since I was tempted to buy it so many times in the past for the Wet Nurse model, but having already put down so much up front during the Kickstarter (for me at least) I decided not to, at this price it was well worth grabbing though.
  3. I love Batou from Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, I know he can come off as pretentious, but he seems like such a tender person, with his genuine love for his dog, nostalgia (the old cars and music), and longing for the major. He spends as much time being sombre and reflective as he does cocky and forward, and I really like that side of him. Don't know how many people will know her, but I also liked Shizuku from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster), she was alternately very cold and distant, and very warm and tender (a bit like Batou).
  4. My eyes watered during the first and second episodes of Mushishi (sooooo beautiful), as well as during Voices of a Distant Star, 5cm Per Second and parts of Wandering Son. I can't remember if Whisper of the Heart also got me, but it's worth a mention either way, as is Berserk, which got close to dragging tears out of me when Griffith was tempted to become Femto with the illusion of what his life would otherwise be. I Haven't seen Clannad yet, but I expect to be reduced to mush ;_;
  5. Brand - a great counter to tanky teams (Cho, Shen, Nasus, Renekton, Leona etc.) with Liandry's and his passive, just ban a few of his mobile counters, like Gragas, Fizz and Zed, and he's a solid pick. Veigar - get a little mana regen - Doran's Ring makes for a good start - to compliment his passive and level his W for wave clear, farm until mid game if you have a tough lane opponent, if not level Q and try to stack it when possible, initiate or disrupt teamfights with cage mid game, fun times. Against the right lane opponent and enemy team comp he's a good pick / counter-pick. Chase teams (with a Volibear, Nasus, Shyvanna, Zac, Sivir, GP, Jayce, Elise, Vayne, Jinx, Eve etc.) don't like his stun as it stops all or most of the team dead in their tracks (I used to pick Ziggs and Viktor for anti-chase, Veigar is just as good). Rengar - broken if he gets fed.
  6. I started playing Infinite Crisis again after seeing the Mecha Wonder Woman spotlight and I love the newer champions. If they can bolt down the performance issues - lag, framerate etc. - I will have no issue buying a founder's pack based on how things are going. The game is super fun, but between my own shoddy connection at the moment (keep disconnecting on League, Infinite Crisis seems more stable but can become choppy), server-side lag, hung queues and uneven teams it can be a bit of a pain at times. Still well-worth persevering through however, and I'm glad to be in the beta, hope others feel the same way because it's been a blast. My favourite heroes at the moment are Atomic Green Lantern, Arcane Green Lantern, Atomic Wonder Woman (though she might need to be toned down a bit) and Cyborg. Looking forward to trying Catwoman and Mecha Wonder Woman next and still hoping for Raven to come out one of these days (Nightmare Raven will be sweet).
  7. Yeah, sorry Cuddleswag but I think the same as Demon Joe, my suspicion is that Superman is being saved for the official launch of the game (since he has a big name and obvious pull it makes sense), so unless the demand for him gets too big for Turbine to ignore I wouldn't expect Superman too soon. As for Mecha Wonder Woman, I'm glad we finally have a mecha champion, and she's right up my alley - high damage glass cannon with a little mobility - I'm hoping she is indeed very fragile so that she has an obvious weakness to counter her huge AOE damage. The fact that she can build attack damage, power damage or a combination of the two should give her good build diversity, which also means she won't be a known quantity out of the gate every match. Either way, she got me back to playing the game and I've really been enjoying it, so like pretty much everyone else, I'm loving her.
  8. I find it very hard to say who should be nerfed, because I fight the same champions with ridiculous frequency, while almost never seeing the other 50% of the roster. Still, if I had to venture: * Renekton - I know he drops off hard mid game and can be outscaled, but his ability to bully auto attackers and survive ganks early is pretty insane. * Nidalee - even if you do catch her you're by no means guaranteed a kill. She's just too mobile and hard to pin down 90% of the time (Vi is the only answer I have for her), at the same time she can deter aggression and litter the jungle with her absolutely wretched traps. * Fiddlesticks - I've picked up Fiddle support lately, and that fear is near game breaking. Needs to be reduced to 2 seconds in my opinion. * Vi - again, maybe. When I play her I usually demolish the enemy team and achieve what I set out to do, but at the same time I'm never that worried when I'm against her ... either way I think her initiation potential and CC is a little too much when combined with her damage. Maybe. There are some other annoying and hard to deal with champions outside of those four (Teemo, Darius, Elise top, Singed), but they're they main ones I have a problem with at the moment.
  9. Been playing a little while, I enjoy it but most of my friends are on LoL, which I'm much more experienced on, so I'm struggling to find the time / energy to grind for merit points and really learn the ins and outs of the game. All in all my experience has been a positive one though. Hero-wise I enjoy Poison Ivy, Green Lantern and Cyborg. Always looking forward to seeing who comes out next (as others have said, being established characters makes it interesting and different), also glad they broke the mould recently by bringing out Harley Quinn and Catwoman, rather than another Batman or Joker. Hope Raven comes out one day.
  10. I grew up playing Sega consoles (master system, mega drive and dreamcast), so I didn't give Zelda a chance until I got a Gamecube. I really didn't enjoy Wind Waker all that match the first time round, but playing it again - as my nephew watches and occasionally tries to play himself - I have to admit to being pleasantly surpised, I'm really enjoying the puzzles and figuring out what I have to do in each room, especially after years of shooters. I haven't played any of the other Zelda games, but have the Collector's Edition and Twilight Princess laying around, looking forward to finally giving them a go. How do the handheld releases stack up?