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    Favorite MMO-was Star Wars Galaxies/will be Star Citizen Favorite FPS-BF3/BF4
    Favorite Strategy-Company of Heroes
    Favorite Action-Tomb Raider/Arkham City
    Favorite RPG-Witcher 2/ Mass Effect 1-2-3
  1. PLease guys if you want to be up to date with the inner workings of the guild log into Teamspeak...even if you dont have mic it is so much easier than you not being in the channel.
  2. Already got my alarm set..... and wife notified she was not happy but this isn't about her !
  3. Rgr Widow.....let me edit my first post so people dont get confused..because if they are like me...they don't read past first few posts.
  4. depends....check.....mountain dew...check......hot pockets.....check
  5. Just want to make sure that NA (North American) players will be playing on Widow PvP server for the AJSA? Last I heard this was the case...
  6. I usually don't bother playing 2 MMO's at the same time....but Wildstar and Archeage both look like ones I will be playing....don't know when Archeage is coming out but Wildstar will be availible for the people that preordered May 31st. Looks like Arch is in Alpha so im thinking Fall release.
  7. Witcher 2 I cannot believe this AAA title is only 3 bucks on steam...Pick it up
  8. AION is a very well done true F2P mmo..with no pay wall and no missing content.....I loved it for the first few years it was out but it is grindy. But for a full complete MMO game that is also Free to PLay def jump into it. I will be playing Wildstar on the 31st of May and I cannot wait.
  9. Spellslinger dps + a heal=win settler with mailbox = win Architect trade-skill = win me playing 12 hours a day = win..... wife says loss
  10. They announced on LIVE STREAM..that it was pushed back to 4pm east coast ...1pm west coast
  11. Here is the link on the forums...not up until this time though **NOTE for US SERVERs*** http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/news/player-and-guild-name-registration-is-live/en/reserve-name/ Looks like every one crashed the website.....trying to get in...still not up as of....2:27pm east coast(US)
  12. The best videos I have found online for Wildstar gameplay is buy a guy named FEVIR just youtube his name and subscribe.....those of you still on the fence about wildstar his videos may help... Also I would like to know what you guys think about Elder Scrolls Online this far after launch...I have buddies that play and I see them playing other games on steam rather than ESO....Just want to know if that has been the story for the most part for the average player..thanks guys
  13. I got my hands on the beta this weekend for Wildstar and I have to say... I really liked it...When you first start the game it is nothing revolutionary...It was the basic grind of every other mmo, However when I hit level 14 things opened up.. Housing-I got my house and I was so impressed with the variety I could do..I guarantee you this...there will be no one with the same setup you have with the same decor inside and out... arranged the way you have it. I see planks and boards making your 1 story house into 6 Floors of awesome with hours of tweaking. PvP- Although I only did 3 Battlegrounds (all Waikiki temple) I had fun with the 2 vs 1 and 1 vs 1 encounters that are to be had there...I consider myself a very good twitch player with WASD and 1-6 keys (plus mouse buttons) but I was taken back with the level of skill of some of the players I faced. If you are good at reading surroundings and are not blinded with bloodlust you will do well in Battlegrounds Questing- The questing system was different than I thought it was...not in the way they go about it..but how they are tracked. I found myself losing track of what quest I was on because it auto arranges in numerical order the quest line depending the area you are in.. The closest quest will auto arrange to top of list. Nothing I couldn't get used to though. Grouping- Grouping was easy enough to do if you find the right players, however I found keeping track of group mates once they get out of sight or off minimap was a hassle. They need some kind of waypoint monitor system that is toggle able that you can keep track of where they are. They have a locate system for group members but you have to right click member name>group>locate and that is 3 steps too many for me...and I found that it wasn't working 100% of the time when I wanted to use it. They also need a system to tell you if you're group mate is on the same quest as you and how far along they are in it. Combat- I found this very rewarding..once I unlocked moves I was very excited to see how they worked and in what situations they worked the most efficient. For those of you that don't know combat they have a limited action toolbar..meaning that you can only have 8 action moves available at any time...There are a total of 30+ including Assault/Support/Utility abilities and it is up to you which ones suit your play style..The good news is you can arrange them as many times as you want to find just the right moves that fit your style..plus they have a point tier system in these moves... SO for example say you use an ability more than another..you can slot ability points into that move to make it stronger and out of a 8 tier system there are bonuses for the 4th and for the 8th that make that move stronger...very cool idea. AMP system- This is an ingenious idea that I found myself tinkering with a lot. As you level past lvl 5 you get 1 amp point to use on a variety of moves with a tier system of its own. I play a dps class so I went with crit and crit hit severity for my first 6 points in that tree. There are 3 main trees Assault/Support/Utility but they also allow you to put points into Hybrid trees that are in between 2 of the main tree..SO for example between the Assault tree and Support tree there is a tree called Hybrid A/S (Hybrid Assault/support) and the points used in them differ for every amp point you use. It confusing but it provides so much variety that no 2 people are going to be speced the same both in their abilities and in their Amp bonus stats. There is a website with a calculator that you can mess with to get a better understanding of the rambling I just wrote. http://ws-base.com/ Just click on the class you want to mess around with and have fun. I hope this 700+ word essay has shed more light on those of you wondering what this game is like and I have already pre ordered it based on this beta weekend...take care and hope to see you guys in the world of Nexus.