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  1. Kind of odd that you have madden and don't have fifa.
  2. Star Wars 1313...oh wait. I seriously wish Naughty Dog would've picked it up, they could have done so much with it.
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking to get the platinum for FIFA 14 for PS4. I still need two more trophies, these are Bros Gonna Bro and Best Friends Forever (descriptions below). I was wondering if any of you could help me out. If you can, list your PSN name and time and date that you can play (include timezone). Best Friends Forever: Finish a season in Online Friendlies (Note: This could go very quickly because I could just forfeit all of the matches) Bros Gonna Bro: Start a Co-op season with a Friend (Note: We just need to play one match which we could forfeit)
  4. Umm, does it show with anyone else that there are 30+ million members, Psykosis, why is that there?
  5. I'm trying to install the new star citizen patch, however it says "Unable to load Metafile". I click repair, but then it freezes at a full repair bar. Any fixes?
  6. So yeah, right now where does the AJSA stand on this cool looking project?
  7. What ever happened to the sports room
  8. Any1 wanna do some pinkslips, highest player I'd be able to give is IF 85 Benatia, seeing as I run a cheap squad. My PSN ID can be found to the left, however we ought to chat in the Control Room 2, if you see me there give me a holler, if you're seeing this post on line the 15th, don't even bother, not trying to be mean, just have a short attention span.
  9. I remember for Star Wars The Old Republic (I was really excited for it) this one clan was out like a year before release. At that time it reached 100 members and it was rushing. However 6 months before release the leader became too stressed and he dropped the clan. That's the problem with rushing, it ain't right. Then I joined a more internal clan that really only opened up like a few weeks before release. It was amazing and they remained strong until the massive collapse of that game. They might still be around, but man we tore it up at launch.
  10. You're right, I've only been in one multi-gaming clan so far, but they stuck to sci fi mmos and there were specific sub-clans for every game and in those sub-clans they were primarily made up of hardcore gamers. They wouldn't recruit to the bigger governing body like the AJSA does, but only to the subclans and through those they had access to the bigger governing body. I agree with you that the hype has died down, but do you think that the AJSA will continue in a downward spiral?
  11. I know what you mean, first off, might I begin by commending your Profile Pic, you'll never walk alone, second off (in response to your previous posts) I said I was going to collect data from multiple dates. Third off, I know that a lot of people don't have TS, but in the case of PS2, there's rarely more than 30 people on even though 436 said they'd play it regularly. These numbers are just out of this world and I'm not blaming any one person. I'd just like to play with someone from this community for once, I'd like for there to be more big events instead of just small things. I know for a fact in war thunder that we have events friday, saturday and sunday and rarely anyone shows up even though plenty of people said they'd play it regularly. One addition to someone who consistently plays is Drogoran, he often plays. I don't know about LoL or Dota because I don't play those games. So I'm trying to bash anyone and I know a lot of people have Uni midterms (or finals) too, but still I'd just like for there to be more people. There doesn't even have to be events, I'd just like to play with more people.
  12. I said I wasn't trying to be mean to anyone, I just wanted to shed light on a problem, it's fine if you don't always play, but still to have 436 people say they'll play it regularly and then only find like around 1 person in TS and 10 people in-game, that's a little bit strange
  13. So many people voted for games to come to pass, but nobody plays them, here are some data tables to show you: Number of People on TS for the game (5:51 P.M., 2/15/2014 EST): Battlefield 4: 4 Planetside 2: 3 League of Legends: 4 Dota 2: 13 War Thunder: 1 Warframe: 5 SWTOR: 0 Guild Wars 2: 1 Number of People who said they'd play the game regularly: Battlefield 4: (No Poll) Planetside 2: 436 League of Legends: (No Poll) Dota 2: (No Poll) War Thunder: 136 Warframe: 218 SWTOR: 205 Guild Wars 2: 425 Now there were polls for games such as CS:GO, however these weren't official channels in TS, so I did not include them. Contributing factors to the extremity of these figures might be the time, that a lot of people are not playing at 5:58 on a Saturday evening of 12:58 in morning (GMT). Another factor might be the age of the polls, some polls were put up in November and it seemed like a great idea in November, but now it is not. I will take more data from different times at different dates to (sort of) eliminate the factor of date and time. I'm not criticizing anyone or trying annoy or embarrass anyone. I'm trying to give light on a problem within the community. This might not be a problem to a bunch of people, but I would personally like to participate in an active community. Now, I don't want to leave and if the general opinion is fine with this data, then fine then, things will continue. However, if a significant number find these numbers disheartening, then the council ought to do something. Edit: More data from 2/16/2014 1:04 Battlefield 4 on TS: 2 Planetside 2 on TS: 2 League of Legends on TS: 6 Dota 2 on TS: 9 War Thunder on TS: 2 Warframe on TS: 5 SWTOR on TS: 1 Guild Wars 2 on TS: 1 I see what you guys mean for in-game players, but even in those there are still very few people. Consistently I see in Planetside 2 only between 10-30 people, even though over 400 said they'd be playing regularly. I don't play any of the other games except for War Thunder and there the clan was closed off a while ago so I can't even check that. I also saw a post saying that a lot of people didn't join the outfit because of a few people who really annoyed them. This is completely understandable, again I'm not trying to bash anyone. That's still not playing for the AJSA. I must've then misunderstood what the vote was saying because I thought it meant to be playing it regularly, with the AJSA. I just want to play games with a few people, is that really so much to ask.
  14. I applied to the formal organization on the website, just wondering if anyone could take a peek at my application and (hopefully) accept me. I'm the same on there as here, Mantis.