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  1. Mantis liked a post in a topic by Conor in Best game?   
    Top Five IMO
    Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag inFAMOUS SECOND SON Killzone Shadowfall Watch Dogs Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros Tactical Espionage Operations
  2. Mantis liked a post in a topic by Gone in Where is everyone   
    This has been mentioned a few times but some of us don't use teamspeak at all.
    We have other things going on while we game and either can't or don't want to be sat on chat channels. 
    Another thing that's been brought up is some games being played have EU and NA servers. The "official" AJSA groups are on NA servers but a lot of EU folk get terrible ping and can't play on NA servers and the rest of us that don't get bad ping are asleep during NA's prime time. When most events are happening it's about 2am GMT and i'm in the land of fluffy pink bunnies and fairies at that time of the morning.
    Another thing that was mentioned by a few of us. I'll use Planetside 2 as an example. We're already established in other outfits and on other servers. We've already gone through the learning curves and getting to know the people we game with and we don;t want to start over. So some of us haven't joined the AJSA outfit.
    Plus I only play on EU servers anyway so it doesn't matter.
    Point is, not everyone uses teamspeak, we have a lot of different time zones and some of us that play the games listed are already established in other guilds/servers/clans/outfits and aren't starting over.
    But mainly it's a Teamspeak thing. The Teamspeak server has gained a bit of a reputation for having loud, gobby idiots on it. A few people have mentioned in other threads they stopped going on altogether due to certain people on there. Others just don't want to use it at all.
    Using Teamspeak as a point of reference won't tell you anything about a games population.
  3. Mantis liked a post in a topic by Nya` in Where is everyone   
    Multi-gaming communities never work, this is just a cold hard fact and has been since online gaming came into existence. There is too much going on and they are always overly ambitious, there is never enough people to properly maintain it and they slack off, people force themselves to play games they don't actually care about and lose interest quickly, these communities are made up of 99% casual gamers who don't stick to a game so there is zero chance of longevity in what they do and the communities stagnate due to lack of consistency and effort.
    This place is no different and is already basically dead in the water, the hype left a while ago and so did everyone else... Don't even try, you're wasting your time...

  4. Mantis liked a post in a topic by Gone in Where is everyone   
    That events calendar is absolutely useless.
    It's Joe's Twitch calendar, there are no actual game events up there for the community.
    Things get mentioned on sub forums some folk don't even know exist (I recently found out about the Dark Souls sub forum thanks to a thread on General) or on Teamspeak that some people don't use.
    If people want games to be populated and have things going on regularly then that game needs people willing to take the lead and not rely on the council (who, no offence meant here, but I never see doing anything besides the odd Twitch stream). After that we need a calendar that has a use for US not just for Twitch. A place where people can pick a date and get something going because that calendar up there is as much use as a nudist colony in Antarctica.
    But people that play will have to take the initiative to do anything.
    This may rub a few people up the wrong way but the "hierarchy" here is meaningless. The council and commanders I never see getting involved apart from one solitary thread where a couple of us criticised what was said during their ESO "review" thing. The fact I can name 3 council members but not one single commander is a major issue.
    The "game officers" ... I have no words .... I know one .. Ysnar .. who gets involved on a regular basis. The rest of them? Not a damn clue who they are.
    Those are the people that SHOULD be trying to get things going but have failed so miserably it's like watching Accrington Stanley trying to win the FA cup. 
    People need to stop waiting for things to happen and try it on their own if they want to see games get any sort of population from here.
  5. Mantis liked a post in a topic by Icazael in Hey, could I get into the organization   
    Hey Mantis,
    In the following thread our future Wing Commander Mortraven said this regarding signups
      So if you applied you'll be accepted whenever they're done with preparing the organization. 
  6. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by Mantis in Any one playing Blacklight Retribution ?   
    I do, it's an absolute joke on ps4 though, I rek with a standard, but on pc it's actually kinda tough so I'm in
  7. Mantis liked a post in a topic by EQ501 in None supported game rooms   
    I disagree.
    Public channel should be used for random chatting and such.
    Various game channels should be used for gaming.
    If you want to co-op some game with your ajsa friends or play any unsupported game.
    You shouldnt have to resort to skype or steam chat, when your "clan" has a Teamspeak server
  8. Conor liked a post in a topic by Mantis in PS4: Game of the Year 2013   
    I know there aren't that many football/soccer fans and I would say AC4, but relative to Fifa on the 7th gen, fifa 14 on next gen is absolutely amazing, whereas the difference for ac4 is not as distinct
  9. Mantis liked a post in a topic by TheCrazedTortes in STAR WARS: Attack Squadrons (*Not Out Yet)   
    to be honest it seems they are going for a World of Warplanes kind of look, just in the star wars universe with the whole customized your fighter and earn parts/weapons for it. Also because it is in closed beta im sure they are keeping the player limit low to make sure that each small adjustment doesn't bring down the game or even just to make sure the game runs smoothly with 16 players first. Then once it goes live to an open beta im pretty sure they will bump up the player limit.
    also i do not mind at all having to wait for this game. if they want to take their time actually putting effort into this then please by all means DO NOT PULL a EA on this and rush it to give a half assed game.
  10. Drevis liked a post in a topic by Mantis in COUNTER STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE - VOTE PASSED   
    I thank all of you, I have a feeling this community is going to be great with great players such as yourselves
  11. Drevis liked a post in a topic by Mantis in COUNTER STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE - VOTE PASSED   
    I thank all of you, I have a feeling this community is going to be great with great players such as yourselves
  12. Mantis liked a post in a topic by Croaker in COUNTER STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE - VOTE PASSED   
    I own all the CS's and I would gladly play all with ya, and maybe we could do events or something where we head back to some of the older ones, but just to say as Gen did
    the Microtransactions give you absolutely no benefit in game unless looking at your pretty gun makes your hormones rise and you go on a crazy killing spree coz of it
    other then that it is completely cosmetic, and it really isnt forced down your throat
  13. Mantis liked a post in a topic by Ancient in COUNTER STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE - VOTE PASSED   
    If you want to enjoy the game more i suggest playing competative with a team that uses mic comunication, its VERY intense.The more comunication the more fun
    Keep training, playing, and keep your cool in close range combat, find out how the map works,BE TACTICLE, work on your reflexes and you'll get good, snatch some kills, all you need is a team just like when you played the old game, And automatically you will enjoy it more believe me!
  14. Mantis liked a post in a topic by GenYus in COUNTER STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE - VOTE PASSED   
    I feel that you might misunderstood some of the posts made earlier, the micro transactions cant give you any advantages its only cosmetics. Only skins for guns.
    the only time you'll be paying for something is if you choose to pay for the Operations day which give you access to some new maps and to be fair all the money goes to the community to stimulate Map makers.
    you cant compare cs source mods to Go yet. The game is still pretty young in the CS franchise. but Yes I agree the mods support is lacking but maybe valve will give the modders some room to remake some of the mods you enjoy. They are making updates weekly and adding more stuff and more flexibility to the game. For once the dev's are listening to the community and thats good news for all of us.
    As for giving you some tips, To get the hang of the game Id suggest playing some deathmatch VS bots to get the feeling of the guns and then go into some casual servers. Whenever you're starting to get constant kills and you feel you can hold your own then you can go try the Matchmaking.
    I know how you feel about the game I've been a Source player from 2004 to still today. I was reluctant to Cs go at first, I thought it was a Cod clone. So I bought it in the winter sales for 5$ and I feel it was the best investment I made so far. Even source I paid full Half life 2 price back then.
    So in other words you just gotta play,play some more and play again.
    Goodluck ! 
  15. Mantis liked a post in a topic by Tons0fun in Counter Strike Source **[Ineligible, Superceded by CS:GO]**   
    As CSS has been superceded by CS:GO this is unlikely to happen, though I appreciate your passion. I still play old school Day of Defeat from time to time.
  16. GenYus liked a post in a topic by Mantis in COUNTER STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE - VOTE PASSED   
    I am an avid fan of Counter Strike every since 1.6 and I currently primarily play source. I've been trying to get the hang of GO, but I just can't. I would really like to play with you guys, but I just can't get the hang of it. I despise micro transactions and anything that moderately resembles Pay to Win. I moderately enjoyed GO when it first came out, but now I don't quite like it. Anyone have any tips for someone like me to enjoy the game more. 
  17. Drevis liked a post in a topic by Mantis in Counter Strike: Global Offensive **[Poll Added]**   
    I also prefer the modding on source, it's fine that you guys have a GO team and I've been trying to get the hang of it, but I just can't, so I prefer source and I'll stick with it, if there doesn't end up being a source team so be it, the last thing I want is for there not to be a GO team, anyway best of luck to you guys, I just hope they'll go back to their roots for the next counter strike, Source just feels different