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    Generally what you would expect for a gaming based website. So Games and Movies are what take up most of my time.
  1. I'm in the EU side of things and I wouldn't say I'm too shabby at the game. Count me in.
  2. Maybe because we haven't got a channel to sit in yet lol
  3. Just re-installed it today, man it has aged well. If we could get something up for it that would be sweet for sure, its got my vote.
  4. There is nothing like that of Planetside in terms of organisation, you would have to keep track of your members on an external source as there are no in game ways to do it. The only thing that exists in game is the ability to command your troops sadly.
  5. Hey folks, I'd like to suggest that we take part in Red Orchestra 2, as a game it offers great cooperation and teamwork as well as a competitive scene for us to take part in. It may not appeal to everyone because of its incredible realistic approach to combat but for those who put time in, I would say it is one of the most imersive WW2 shooters out there. So just to lay out some pros and cons for easy reading: Pro's: Up to 64 player multiplayer battlesHighly Realistic ballistics, weaponry and damage. Team structures in place with a Platoon leader position to lead the side and squad leaders to direct individual groups.Tanks are available Large maps allowing for various tactics and strategiesVariety of classes allowing squad members to become specialised and unlock weapon add-onsClass progression, rewarding dedication with passive bonuses and uniform upgrades.Competitive ladder.Con's Patience is required, running and gunning has no power here.May be graphically demanding for some systems ?Realism brings with it difficulty which not all may be able to get used to.One shot one kill is common place, But only where it is reasonable (vital organs and arteries, that could not be treated on the field) Hopefully this sparks some of your interest, I think as a unit we could achieve great things hopefully you agree
  6. From my experience of the game, its a great concept but its a little poorly explained and I didn't understand alot of what to do. Could just be me though lol, If we were to get on in force though that could be pretty good as the base building and guild aspects are great.
  7. C&C Generals was my first I believe, still a fine game to this day.
  8. Ahh I was hoping i'd see a thread about this. Love this game and if any of you guys fancy a match, we should perhaps put something together ? a good ol space war.
  9. Been playing 1 for a good while, I find it amazing with Blitzkrieg.
  10. Well just gonna put this out there, if anyone would like some tips on how to play a bit better or wants someone to play with. Please hit me up id be more than happy to help you out
  11. Is this one of older flash games ? As in instead of a interactive battle you group up variations of units and send them against an enemy position then wait x amount of time before they return ? :S
  12. Rise of Nations could also do with a reboot, Nothing added but some nice up to date graphics as opposed to the sprites
  13. So, with Star Citizen and all these ships that you can get via backing. I'm assuming that through in game progression or crafting you could construct these ships too right ? or are they premium ships that would require micro purchase ? Hope it doesn't sound dumb, I don't know a whole lot about the release.
  14. Just wondering whether or not anyone still plays this old title, I know its sequel has only recently been released but personally I love the original. So anyone still play the vanilla or perhaps Blitz mod ? Would be really awesome to play again.
  15. For the Red and Black !