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  1. This probably falls under the category of so bad its good.
  2. RPG's for most of my life however i have started getting int MOBA's recently.
  3. Dragon age origins so i can play Dragon age 2 and be caught up in time for Inquisition Wolfenstein the New Order Mass Effect 2 through 3 (for like the tenth time). Darksiders Call of Duty Ghost Multiplayer (its like video game junk food, you know it's bad but you don't care). Bravely Default, Pokemon X, and Ocarina of Time on 3DS
  4. Sid Meier's Pirates! 2 Darksiders 3 Star Wars Republic Commando 2 Jade Empire 2
  5. God of war III So after killing the gods Kratos decides to take his own life and releases the power of hope he received from pandoras box into the world. Athena gets all mad and goes off to do ... something, we hear Kratos' last breath and the screen fades to black. Then after the credits we come back to were we saw him lying on the ground except that he's gone. with no explanation (other than a trail of blood) as to where he is or how he left. Most likely they were teasing ANOTHER sequel, but its been a long time since GOW III so i think that even they don't know what they were trying to do with that ending.
  6. Deciding if i wanna mid, top, jungle or bot and with who in League of Legends.
  7. Soul crushingly hard, SUPER vague (but interesting once you look into it) story. but most of all an UNBELIEVABLE sense of accomplishment. hope that helps.
  8. Mike the helicopter pilot from Resident Evil 4 So much of that game was just trying to stay alive, and then Mike shows up to give you covering fire wile you kick some infected ass! Such a fun sequence..... then he gets blown up. That was honestly harder for me to sit through than when luis dies.
  9. Classy as hell! or
  10. So its that wonderful time of year again when the gaming industry converges in Los Angeles for three days to reveal and show off there next big games. With that in mind i was wondering what games the angry army is looking forward to hearing about or what earth shattering announcements you would love to hear. For me i hope Bioware shows us something from the next mass effect (i refuse to call it ME 4). Some gameplay for Battlefront 3 would be really cool to. I would also like if sony announced a price cut for the PS4 but that seems unlikely. Also let me get it out of the way for all of you........... Half Life 3 confirmed.
  11. Hello fellow angry army members! After a rather long period of unemployment i finally have a job which means i can start saving up for a nice gaming PC. My main question to you all is... Should i also use it as a web browsing PC or should i reserve it exclusively for gaming? Are there any draw backs to performance from using it for multitasking? Potential first time PC gamer here so any input would be welcome.
  12. God of War Ascension, its like they just ran out of ideas after the third one.
  13. In the name of all that is holy don't anyone fuck this up! Cant remember the last time i played a really awesome star wars game, (probably KOTOR) but i really hope this turns out well. fingers crossed!
  14. Minecraft. played it and its alot of fun but i think people get carried away with how amazing it is.
  15. i'm the same way, people here say its just like legos but i'm more concerned with making sure parts are compatible or can even handle gaming in the first place. I have no clue what a duo quad core is or what the benefits of over clocking are, basically i'm EXTREMELY uncomfortable that ill screw something up and waist ALOT of money.