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  1. 1. Beyond Two Souls - This may not be the most exciting game in the world but its story was truly amazing. Props to the people at Quantic Dream. 2. The Last of Us - I don't think there has ever been a game that I have been so captivated by than The Last of Us, its story was incredible and you also felt bonds with the characters. To back this up it had awesome graphics and gameplay. All and all this was an amazing game. 3. Grand Theft Auto V - Me and my friends have had so much fun in this game, from racing tanks down the peaks of Mount Chiliad to BASE jumping off of skyscrapers. This game is super addicting. 4. Dead Rising 3 - One of the launch titles for the Xbox One, this game was just insane. The level of custimization is just over the top, and the gameplay and story is fantastic. 5. Battlefield 4 - I had to do it. I had to include the latest installment in my favorite game series of all time. This game has graphic updates from the previous game, introduced new gamemodes and guns, featured a brand new Battlelog, added Levelution, and for the first time ever, consoles can support 64 man servers.
  2. The main problem with BF4 was the god awful netcode, so I think if DICE actually takes time on Battlefront it could be amazing.
  3. So recently I just finished watching a walkthrough of Beyond Two Souls, and while a lot of people don't really like it, I personally thought it was amazing, mainly because of its interesting and imersive storyline. So I started thinking about the games I thought had the best storyline, and I decided to find out which games the rest of the gaming community had the best storylines. Below are the my personal top 5 games with the best stories: 1. Beyond Two Souls 2. The Last of Us 3. Half Life 2 4. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 5. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  4. I don't really hate CoD, that's too strong of a word, but I dislike it. I dislike it because the multiplayer has remained relatively unchanged since MW2, which isn't necassarily a bad thing, but change would nice once in a while. Another reason is the pure immaturity of over half of its fanbase, I'm not being rude at all but the major demographic of Call of Duty is ages 9-12. Now you might be saying now why is this a bad thing? But I have personally played several CoD games, starting with MW2 and ending with BO2 and I eventually returned all of them except MW2 because the multiplayer was just not enjoyable, the in-game parties were always full of little kids raging, trolling, hacking, ect.
  5. So, I have been playing the amazing in-browser FPS game Warface made by Crytech for the past few days, and I thought it would be really cool if the AJSA started supporting this game. PROS: - Free to play - Ability to play in browser, so you don't have to download - Co-Op and Multiplayer funcionality - Easy to learn - HD graphics, alot better than most F2P games - Easy to create clans and add/manage friends CONS: - Only 8v8 multiplayer, so a major downside - Co-Op is not very populated - Can be a bit pay to win, but most guns can be unlocked through playing co-op - Can sometimes crash or freeze when trying to record I really hope this game is taken into consideration as it is very fun and not a lot of people know about it, hopefully even if this doesn't get supported then it will at least get a few more people to start playing the game.
  6. Sadly, will probably never happen, it is common fact that Valve is terrified of the number 3.
  7. If I see ONE more game that has micro transactions... I will shove my keyboard into my monitor.
  8. If it works the same way as in BF3 then you will be able to play servers that have the expansion pack, but when a DLC map is loaded you will be kicked from the server.
  9. I've never actually raged... but I do occasionally get mad and just quit the game.
  10. My question is... why did no one expect this?
  11. Skyrim, Half Life 2, and The Last of Us all tie for my number one spot. I have spent the most hours in a game in Skyrim, Half Life 2 was truly revolutionary for it's time, and The Last Of Us has the best story of any game I've ever seen or played.
  12. Dawn Breaker, it reminds me of Siege of Shanghai, at sunset, covered in neon lights... how is that not cool?
  13. Change it back to the old comment system. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
  14. If you haven't figured out yet, EA is notorious for making DICE push out their titles too early, the BF3 launch was if possible worse than this one.