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  1. Ign just posted a video about a possible Mass Effect trilogy leak on ps4 did anyone play these games and would you buy them again on ps4? If it's true I would definatly buy it
  2. So let's have a few predictions do you think that there's going to be a gta v for ps4 if so when and what do you think will be changed if not just the vamped up graphics , I definatly think there will be as it will push more copy's of the game and console What do you think ?
  3. I'm sure if the army made a big enough push and it could be done , spread the word
  4. It's really annoying like it's supposed to be ''NEXT GEN'' and we get a point and click adventure game....
  5. Add me on psn roddY_boi_ so we can group up as the angry army !!!
  6. I don't really mid what faction I'm In , I just can't wait to play it June is so far away though
  7. Aldmeri dominion and if you pre order you can be any race any faction
  8. anything in the Elder Scrolls series after morrowind ,The mmo is coming out soon to
  9. sent an add )
  10. this game looks amazinnnn
  11. Cool tell him to send me an add
  12. roddY_boi_ add me
  13. I agree the sub format is so stupid but im hoping it goes free to play by the end of the year , the only reason im commiting to it is my love for the elder scrolls
  14. Seeing as I don't have a gaming computer I won't be playing eso with the majority of AJSA members but is there any ps4 gamers that are going to get eso that I can team up with and take over cyrodill Leave your psn user names and il add you