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  1. Holy crap 7 hours? You must have put all your energy into that. I hope you had like a whole trough of water to keep your voice okay haha !
  2. You'll definitely find help easily here . If you like I'm gonna be playing around 3 pm GMT (british time) tomorrow and some time Tuesday if you wanna join me .
  3. Your name made me feel slightly more happy inside. Welcome buddy hope you enjoy your stay .
  4. Well welcome ! I've joined a couple but I've been 'too' active the first couple weeks but then never talked to them again. This time is becomming different though which is cool! My advice would be to join a couple games with people from the community so you can meet them . Do you like Mobas like Dota2? I'm gonna be playing some Tuesday, and even some tomorrow around 3 PM GMT (british time) if you wanted to play with me .
  5. Hey guys . I'm so doped this is a thing. Thanks AJ! You're the best . So yeah. This community is great so just wanted to wish you all good luck in the raffle . Maybe you'll be able to get a sexy ps4. I just hope that you don't ruin the ps4 with all your *mature viewing only*. .
  6. Just want to say a quick thank you to everyone involved in making the AJSA community possible . I've met a couple of people already and started playing with them and you guys are super awesome. Thanks for being cool! ~} Matt .
  7. My most your steam IDs aren't working for me guys, so sorry if you can't join tonight.
  8. Everyone, add me on steam too. If you message me at around 6:30 it'll be easier to get the game up by 7:00!
  9. Hey guys, see you all to kick ass/your ass tonight !
  10. Nice to meet you, sir!
  11. I'm so jelous of the people that have the beta keys. I haven't played a second either, but holy pants I love how it looks and I love TSGs in general. The prices for the cards (around 20 cence) is really reasonable too. I think it'll be a lot of fun without breaking the bank.. I hear that it's coming out soon too so don't worry about paying for beta keys and stuff. I do have a question though. Does anyone know how the ranking system works? Is it like Starcraft2? o.o.
  12. Awesomeeee Glad you all wanna come. We have two full teams now wooo. See you Tuesday guys
  13. Sweet . Glad you all want to do it. Is everyone okay with the time and date?
  14. Awesome so we have enough for a team . It'll be great if we can get two full teams and just go against one another casually. Just remember to have fun and it'll be great playing with you guys! Now I'm off to bed lol. Niight!
  15. Well I'm certainly no pro, I just like the game but I'll be happy to help you out .