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    Console gaming, PC Gaming, Drawing, listening to music, Building PCs, watching youtube, Table-top Gaming, and warhamer 40k as well as Different genres for games.
  1. so true I find that the story in the game have to work by 3 things 1. The environment of the Gameplay (Sci fi or medieval) Fantasy, and the way the world is. 2. Interacting of the Characters on what is happening as you progress through. 3. The feeling of how the character/s in the game make you act. this is only my view of the stories in games, so I think everyone has a different reaction to games that they play.
  2. VGX ... work? what work I can see from them is only check the views of game magazines, & not game sites or ask the gamers' about the game.
  3. I'm sorry if you find that most of the posts are offencive for you Ender, I also know that everyone are trying they're hardest to keep it civil, and hope you understand that we are not being Harsh to anyone but trying to understand about ones own religion.
  4. This a lot to read, I'm glad that I don't have to deal with black friday but animal instincts is so not like that cause I use it to keep up my defense about my surroundings. so I think saying that they being animals is an insulted to animals, that they are just being very greedy on sale with no care for other and I also think that is what Rainversey, Judge Lazar and Divergence are saying cause how they degrade them self by being like that. Divergence, on 30 Nov 2013 - 4:50 PM, said: I got to agree with Divegence on that cause it also apart of how I think.
  5. .... Oooook Jackie.... Would you think god would inhabit a body to see how things are?
  6. Its something like that, also I did hit my head when I was little probably at 1 years old cause it was before the hurricane went through the south east of the UK in the 80. I think it least brain memory than giving your body memories of what you have done, you know like it comes second nature to you.
  7. The same also I'm in
  8. I have a Weird feel about the soul, remembering the past life cause I have no idea why but its feel like you have to wait in a queue to be reborn. Also I don't think we forget the information in are brain its more like having the information lock until you soul is release from your current body, you only get some of the information with you when you are reborn. This does feel weird for me each time I read or hear these type questions or answers, also the information in the brain I believe it can be carried over from one life to the next, and this is from my point of view, I can do thing that I have not Learnt about before so I think that the memories are store in the soul like a black box, and new memories are place in there. This is only my view of what I have experienced so no using this to start a flame war please This the longest thing I type?
  9. Quoting myself feels weird?
  10. Thank You letting me know of that and I have seen that on other forums on other site, I think they just trying to make them self the center of attention. I just choose to ignore them but only response to they comment when they are harassing someone, that course are being disrespectful to all the member on the forum by doing that.
  11. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO you don't need this or the Thermal Compound: Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver 3.5g. You don't need two 8GB of RAM, you only need the one or have 12GB max The Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB 2.5" SSD is the more for laptops you right also it over price for memory, Two Dell S2240M 60Hz 21.5" Monitor you only for when got use two screens but you only need the one. Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 Wired Gaming Keyboard is a later buy for now you need for used and the same for Razer DeathAdder 2013 Wired Optical Mouse. also get a good headset for gaming.
  12. Can I say that I don't care about the gender thats people are cause I probably be told that I'm mess up in the head, that maybe true but thats just makes me who I am no more no less. I only care about that you be you and no one lest. & if this is off topic I am truly sorry for that by my own existence is what I place it on.
  13. I call this not bull shit cause I looked at the image., it looks like you wrestling or is martial arts?
  14. I just look them up and I can't get a image of what it was about this /r/athiesm?
  15. no worries I got a Friend thats gay so no problems here for me.